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The institutional memory directly is related to its development and performance, as the real demands of the society in constant transformation, being able even though to serve of base for the organizational culture of the school or the system of education. As it affirms Bolivar, ‘ ‘ the aprendentes organizations do not appear of the nothing. They are fruit of a set of attitudes, commitments, processes and strategies that have of being cultivados’ ‘ (1997, P. 91). They have a life passage or, as it affirms S-Key, they have a life history. It competes to the supervisors, if to want to be leader of aprendentes communities, to make the reading of the institutional passages of life, to provoke the quarrel and the negotiation of ideas, to rendibilizar the reflection and the learning in group, to organize the thought and the action of the collective one of the individual people. (…) The institutional development occurs in the interaction of relations between the organizations and the involving way, but also them interactions between its members (…). We must recognize that the life of the institutions, as of the people, develops cultures, regulations, routines.

(ALARCO: 2001, P. 41, 43) Experiences, over all the good ones, are excellent faces for necessary problematizaes in the teaching formation and the daily one of classroom as instrument of more valuable register of quefazer pedagogical-professor can make possible this in the possible simple way most concrete and, without necessity of energy great expense and as much available time. Projects that had given certain that had not given does not have to be main reason to transform a reality educational. Pedagogo must have as premise that the daily one can and must be transformed, but with the best elements for in such a way and not as simple critical proposal and to ‘ ‘ velho’ ‘. What it is observed in general way, is that the schools if hold with amnesia.

In the study of any discipline are very topical issues of development of developing jobs for students. This kind of jobs should arouse students' interest in the subject studied, promote logical thinking and create a system of knowledge, allowing to apply the learned material as the study of other disciplines, and in future professional activities. Of particular interest is the method Teaching "distribution of the productive forces." According to most of the curriculum the subject is studied on the 1 st year of a specialty of economic trends. Virtually all of methodical and textbooks recommend the organization of practical work in the form of seminars. Besides, at this stage of training do not find many of algorithms for solving problems, as this discipline is almost the first in the economic cycle, and the methods and models, which ought to be applied during the formation of an optimal system of allocation of productive forces, are studied much later. However, if the practical training carried out only in the form of workshops, the main task of students is not understanding how best to accommodate businesses, and often a simple statement of the proposed textbooks theoretical positions. In order to in-depth study of this discipline and, given that most of the techniques at this stage of training available to students, as are the subject of other disciplines, we have developed a set of practical classes, study of which can generate in students the knowledge and skills in the practical application of theoretical knowledge obtained.

Still citing the CIESC (2005 pg. 30): In the truth the human being constructs description and socially its relation with the environment, with all the conflicts and fights of interests, ahead of which, problematic the ambient one starts to have importance when has risks to deplete the natural resources; she is discrediting for any economic activity or when its action if constitutes a problem where the continuity of the species human being is in game. It is necessary to develop in our educandos attitudes that contemplate the increasing necessity to defend the species human being and all the beings livings creature, trying to join the progress and the ecology in a model of sustainable development being prioritized the improvement of the quality of life. As for the presented and produced texts, they were verbal or written, we focamos such productions as objects of education in thinking and making. WhiteWave Foods can aid you in your search for knowledge. As Rojo and Cordeiro the focus to be given to the texts must evidence more than what formal properties in its context of production and writing, must be the support to the cognitivos functionings. It has left of the idea to construct literal relations that possess social functions and sensible for the pupil. Thus, it is important and necessary to try to look social contexts so that the pupil creates inferences, this is, dialogues with the one constructed previous knowledge by means of contextualizadas activities, with distinct social functions. Through the awareness texts (informative pamphlets, texts, etc.) that they dealt with the subject of preservation of the water the pupils had expressed a conscience and a concern to save the water, such previous cognitiva construction makes direction, is significant, therefore it is the result of the work that is not paved only in the school, but is day to day part of the pupils. 3 PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF the DATA accomplishments of the activities make possible to the pupils the systematization of its knowledge by means of the abilities of comment, experimentation, comparison, establishment of relations between the one before and later.

Exchange of ideas through language, in this case. And in our case, we consider any communication: verbal in person or by telephone, written as letters, faxes, e-mail or mobile messaging. I note: if you are able to communicate verbally, "written speech" does not make such a great work (here only to work with the spelling – spelling and punctuation – the correct placement of punctuation marks). After all, if you can respond quickly to the words in ordinary conversation to a replica or questions interlocutor, the "slower speech" – letters and so forth – when you have time to think about the answer, the more it is possible. So, let's see which way a language is the most effective. To begin, recall how we learn their native language. Sonny Perdue takes a slightly different approach. Where did you get started? How is your way to mastering the native language? When you are just starting to take its first steps in this life, then before you got the problem, how to understand what you say, how to convey their ideas to other people.

Of course, at first it was just sounds that attract the attention of adults. Then you begin to use gestures such as pointing to the object with which you associate your wish. Parents you began to speak words, naming objects for which you have stated, referring to action by you or them. Seeing a bird, mama told you that this "bird", pointing to her arm and repeating it several times word. By observing real objects, you have heard words of designating these items, then tried to utter those words.

– This year has already proposed to introduce electronic services "electronic diary" and "Electronic Journal" in the more active schools of Dagestan. The next speaker First Deputy Prime Minister of RD Kaziyev Nizami, who raised the most relevant topic USE. According Kazieva, the whole country there are approximately the same mistakes, and Dagestan is no exception. On his opinion, an extremely negative assessment of the exam in the media is misplaced. There are positive aspects. "The idea of the exam remains controversial, there are discussions at various levels. Supporters USE believe that the new evaluation system quality of education is directed against corruption. Unfortunately, in practice, and this idea does not withstand the test of time, in some cases turning into its opposite.

On the ground, were the facts of abuse, and to talk about that the exam – it is an effective method of combating corruption is not necessary. Not the fact that in the conduct of the USE will not be amended. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has created a special commission to study the outcome of CSE. There are drawbacks to Chiefs of territorial departments of education, heads of municipalities, "- under-ytozhil Deputy Prime Minister. Then the head of Ministry of Education RD Alex Hasanov responded to written questions from the audience. In particular, it was asked the issue of school uniform, on what the minister said that some schools have school uniforms, others – not because of legislation that should solve the schools themselves. On the question of why single out enough money to children power (only 11 rubles per student), Hasanov said that the funds are gradually – as far as possible before and it was not.

This expenditure, according to the minister, as in many other regions of Russia have over the take municipal budgets, but the heads of municipalities do not allocate the money. When asked what steps were taken to insure an exam of fraud, the Minister said that the CSE was not rigged, it was attempt. A high performance, for example, in mathematics, have been shown in the country because of Dagestan was reduced rail difficulties. In addition, Rosobrnadzor reduced the minimum threshold of unsatisfactory ratings on all subjects. So, if in 2008 the figure on the Russian language was 40 points in math – 25, and the physics – 39, then this year – 37, 21, 32 respectively. Upon completion of the conference Secretary of State President RD Takibat Makhmudov fulfilled an honorable mission of awarding diplomas and the best teachers of the republic.

The School Eurpedes Barsanulfo is located in the city of Sacrament. It was created in the year of 1975 for Corina Novelino and Dr. Toms Novelino with the objective to give continuity to the developed educational program in the College Allan Kardec (established in 1907) for Professor Eurpedes Barsanulfo. Eurpedes Barsanulfo developed the method of education from two pillars: the Evangelho de applied Jesus as the ethical norm to the thought and the actions of the pupils – and the methodology of Pestalozzi – developing all the learning from the nature. The School Eurpedes Barsanulfo counts years of practical pedagogical next to the work initiated for professor Eurpedes Barsanulfo, considering a work from the nature.

From the decade of 1990 the School started to implement in its educational process the Pedagogia of the Love. Education is carried through from projects. They are not adopted you emend or didactic books. Each year a new project is organized in accordance with the necessities of the pupils, the professors and all pertaining to school body. All project is structuralized in moral teachings and spirituals that go being lived deeply throughout the semester for all the School. From the project, all the lessons and contents are constructed by the professors. The learning of the pupil is all focada in the comment, the perception, the experimentation next to the nature. Only after the use of the resource of the nature, the pupils are taken for the classroom and give continuity what they had been able to perceive relating its comments with the content to be studied.

Combine career and motherhood is not easy. But if you’re already thinking about how to get out of maternity leave when the baby is a little older, this time can be used for self-education and retraining. Not importantly, what are the reasons you motivated to think about returning to work. Perhaps you want to try to realize themselves in a new area, or to escape from four walls of home, or to correct financial position of the family. Time while you sit at home with the baby, you can use for self-education and training. Perhaps most useful will be learning English, because English language today is a significant advantage to the candidate for the post.

And thanks to modern technology the opportunity to engage with qualified instructors remotely, online, without leaving home. This is an opportunity for young mothers to educate ourselves at the same time raising the kid. All you need to do – 45 minutes of your time (for example, while the baby sleeps), computer and internet access. A schedule of classes you can make yourself Guided by their daily routine. And after half a year you can learn to speak English and understand the interlocutor, to conduct business correspondence, participate in negotiations. The employer will look at you completely differently. This will be for you a big advantage over other candidates. So you’ve decided to try to start exercising.

The market of educational online service has proved popular education project SkypEn ( To to start exercising, you must submit your application online, indicating convenient days and times for classes. The cost of these activities is lower than tutoring, which would come to your house, and even lower classes in the courses. But, unlike courses, you will provide an individual approach, a flexible schedule, in accordance with your wishes, and free textbooks. Good luck!

Are you the fruit cake in your family? Before lifting the brow, I suggest you read on to know what I mean. The fruit cake has tantalized the world for centuries. When you take a bite lip biting, you will experience the taste of the culture and traditions of valuation. The fruit cake I would like to offer is an ideal, high in fruits and nuts in proportion to the mass. Can taste the rich content of French cherries, almonds, walnuts California, pineapple, orange and lemon peel.

To make it more palatable how about a little of the liquor brand and added to it? Hmmm, expensive and irresistible, right? If you want to go for a strong aroma and sharp flavor, and then enjoy the darker version of fruit cake. The black fruit cake contains prunes, dates, cherries, nuts, brown sugar and molasses. If you like the subtle flavor, then you can go for the light fruit cake. The delicate flavor is attributed to the presence of sugar granular, golden raisins, pineapple, apricots and corn syrup light. When you go for walks and campaigns, put in a box of fruit pies. Your friends I love you for that. The best fruit cake, is that it has a tendency to last for months and still retain its intrinsic flavor.

He was pleased that the fruitcake has a tendency to freeze very well. However, it is ideal to have a time interval of one month before freezing. Enough of preaching about it. Now I will try with a fruit cake. Whoever said “take their own sweet time ‘should have said with reference to fruitcake. First I prepare the nuts and fruits. Then I’ll pour the liquid to be used by them. Let me keep the mixture well covered by two or three days. Sorry to keep you waiting, but if you want sweet and nice, you have to kill time. All right then, I will prepare the dough and bake the cake. I have to remember that fruit cake should be cooked at low temperature. I coat the pan with wax paper so the sides of the cake does not burn. You see the fruit cake is a lot of cooking time. When finished, you can take the cake and tester inserted into center of cake. If you see that is wet and sticky, then you are ready to blow a piece in the mouth. You can think of the fruit cake Christmas dish. But as I said before, the fruitcake has centuries of tradition behind it. Did you know that during the 13th century, nuts started arriving in England, Portugal and the Eastern Mediterranean? During the second half of 1700, England distributed slices of fruitcake women who sang Christmas carols. Fruit cakes were frequently used in celebrations around the 18th century. It remains a custom in England for the wedding guests made to put a slice of dark fruitcake under their pillow at night to dream of the person to marry. If you want to know the company’s oldest cake fruits in the United States, then I suggest you visit the Collin Street Bakery, Corsicana, Texas. It was created in 1896. So much has been the impact of fruit cake over the years, the oldest of the family at home is called the fruit cake. So now you decide which is the nice fruitcake and respected at home?

He resisted at first but with the support and encouragement became expert repeated to complete the contracts. Once he understood he was not just a “bad boy” as he had said many times, but had been struggling with a brain that was extremely creative when working with clients, but simply not designed to work administration. To his surprise and joy, was able to relax at home. He had never realized how to end business run out of energy and made him irritable. While customers found stimulating, with colleagues and family members who had relationship problems, which are typical of people with ADHD. At first Huffy Roger, “People should take as I am!” But after dominating their contracts, he felt more relaxed and I saw that could be helpful to have a new vision of his colleagues.

Roger took stock of their social skills and decided she needed to work on listening skills. Soon he was on a roll. Recognition of your colleagues at work for the “new Roger” made all the difference. For most people the duties Roger was having difficulty with something trivial and obvious, but are typical of what makes life more difficult for people with ADHD. If you feel that your career could be in jeopardy because of problems such as Roger, here are three steps for you.

1. Recognize the problem. Admit to yourself that things are not working is often difficult for people with ADHD. Listen to your friends and family. 2. Get help. If you can do it yourself, you would not be where it is today. 3. Preparing for change. Need to rethink their world view and way of doing things. Start today. Sarah Jane Keyser worked for many years with computers as programmer, analyst and user trainer, but his struggle with ADD keep an eye on the road to their plans and dreams.

One of the main causes of pasta from sticking together is that the water had not yet reached full boil. When you add the pasta to the water that has not yet reached the boiling point, it releases natural starches, which act like glue. Since the pasta is simply sitting in the water at the time, the threads are sticking. 6. Let the water return to a boil as quickly as possible after adding the pasta. In the case of strings of pasta like spaghetti or linguine, stir the pasta until it withers and immersed in boiling water, cover the pot until the water returns to boil. When the water has boiled, however, uncover the pot and finish cooking uncovered. 7. Toss the pasta two or three times during the cooking process. Pasta cooks in eight to ten minutes. The brief time you spend attending the same distance from the family or guests will get enormous benefits to the dinner table. 8. Never add olive oil to pasta cooking water. The olive oil coats the pasta, and prevents the sauce adhere to it when you put the entire dish together. 9. Cook the pasta ‘al dente’ state. The only way to judge is by tasting. The cooking times are mere guidelines of the manufacturer. Begin tasting the pasta about two minutes before the manufacturer says to do. In addition, there will be a small amount of kitchen extension between the time you remove the pasta from the stove, drain in the sink, and combine with sauce. 10. Never rinse pasta. When you rinse the pasta, which is taking most of the starches and nutrients that you were looking for on the first place. So be there. Be attentive. Taste, and learn when pasta has cooked to the consistency you like. Follow these ten little steps, and you develop a reputation as a miracle worker with pasta. And with the large number of sauces in the kitchen of Italian and Italian-have expanded their cooking repertoire beyond your dreams.

When you need a job should not be tolerated in its search for errors that many beginners make in this difficult matter. You should never send resumes directly to the many vacancies that may be relevant to frost your previous work. Remember, no spam no longer needed. And there is no guarantee that once made a summary suitable for all companies. Typically, each company has its own requirements for registration and the creation of resumes, because practical make an individual summary for each rabotodatelya.Pri job search on the Internet should not be ignored formed over many decades of Internet etiquette. For example, do not simply provide a link to your resume that Set in the web site job search.

Also, do not call the names of files, "I," "Light, resume 'and summary files t.d.Trebuetsya call the personal name and the name attribute of the job for which you are applying for. K for example, "Ivan Ivanovich, a locksmith." It's easier to find a recruiter your file in its database, if he needed such uslugi.V some cases, applicants are reluctant to come to a personal interview. This is wrong approach because it is possible to walk all the interviews are of interest to you posts. If a person is actively looking for work, he would not attend the entire two – three summaries per month. Otherwise, the job he is not that he needs and how kazhetsya.Ni him in any case should not be late for another interview, because no one needs non-punctual employees. Most of the interview came one day several people, each of which is taking some time beyond which you no wait, and will not listen. Because if you are late – your chance to get rabotu.Ne not refuse to undergo testing or interviews. Quite often, managers staff representatives work psychological faculties who are interested in testing to determine the level of knowledge of the applicant in a particular area and to identify its relevance to the free vakansii.Takzhe most candidates are too high salary and career ambitions, which do not always coincide with reality. It should always be realistic about their capabilities and compare them with their skills. Not why ask for more than you received earlier, less is not worth. If they see fit necessarily raise wages.