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Every person who has got any favorite hobby is constantly striving to find teammates. And not only for this, to feel not alone, but also so that the joy of preferred classes in was able to share someone who really understands these issues. And often personal gain passion that will not share any of loved ones. In this case, the search for allies is particularly important to feel really happy. This is especially true in situations where the favorite subjects related to the periodic activation. By the way, if you – a football fan. When looming game favorite football team, the whole world is brighter and more attractive, because that shortly football.

In such a case, multiple fans, before leaving the game, always go to a football forum to discuss- a future event. And for a long time until the desired match on the football portal is undergoing its most furious battle, because everyone has a chance to express their own opinions, to try to predict the outcome of the fight and the like. Besides, who until then had not felt the adrenalin rush, never realize that he felt people watching the game the most beloved football team. A waiting game – it's not a lot less fun. Naturally, if it really share with anyone from those who truly can understand the extent to which certain players are strong, and moreover how right or wrong in a sports trainer in creating tactics game.

Soon the football World Cup and difficult to even imagine what achievements await our players. Consider future matches, the likely opponents and game development favorite athletes – great fun. Because for a lot of fans, especially those who, due to various reasons unable to attend the game, the most enticing may be a variety of sports bars, where the direct transfer of matches, and football forum site. However, not just as global events like the World Cup, but even friendlies, without thinking about the championship of Russia has consistently provoked enormous interest among fans. It is not got no discussion, no sharing own thoughts on this account. Moreover, we all know that many fans and in addition, make bets to win a particular football team. And in order to identify the leaders in this aspect, the reasonable consult with his buddies. This does not mean that the bet on the first-born to – in fact the probability of winning at sports betting is greater when he won the black horse. It's just the kind of game. It is not suggested gift a great man, that is entirely our life – solid game.

Guadalajara, besides being the capital of one of the most important states of Mexico, Jalisco, is recognized as the second largest city in the country and get countless visitors every year, becoming one of the most tourist cities of the Republic. Logically, having one of the largest populations of Mexico has in it the main icons of art, culture and Mexican traditions, including artisans, and more. Because of the large number of travelers who arrive to these Mexican lands housing supply growing steadily incorporating more and more alternatives to meet the diverse needs of tourists and business travelers arriving in the city. With this in mind, I advise you to book in advance your stay and thus access where you can enjoy the best service, comfort and attention to a price more than suitable for your pocket. One of the most interesting attractions in Guadalajara offers tourism are the tours and tours to see the wonderful architecture in this city, mainly made up of historical and religious civil constructions. Special mention should be impressive Hospice Cabanas, where you can admire the talented mural artist Jose Clemente Orozco, making a point to visit for the thousands of tourists who choose Guadalajara vacation. The outdoor rides also have their place in Guadalajara: I recommend getting a map of the region and take a tour through the main parks and natural areas found in the vicinity of the city.

Among the most important sites are the Bosque La Primavera, which stands as the lung of the city and the Metropolitan Park, a large natural area where visitors can practice activities such as ecotourism and camping. The culture, tradition and history are present in Guadalajara in countless places, from museums, traditional festivals and tours of the main craft shops, All this and more offers this unique city of Mexico. Those who wish to know more about the history of the region and the country may take a stroll through the historical center, famous for its imposing towers, erected as symbols of the city. We also recommend taking the time to discover the Teatro Degollado, where he held major local performing arts. To give closure to this brief overview of the options offered Guadalajara tourism there are two places of great cultural and historical value in the city: one of them is the Museum of Archaeology of Western Mexico, where you have the opportunity to discover the pre-Hispanic history of the cultures of western Mexico, while the other is the City Museum, which invites you to discover the historical, artistic, ethnographic and city of this beautiful city.

In this in case that, a metallic plate on the grates to facilitate the circulation, but only in a stretch was placed access Da Ponte. The opera is inside of the park of the quarries, duly adapted, with bathrooms, vacant, telephones and tactile floor of signalling. In some stretches the tactile floor arrives to be exaggerated, creating unnecessary tracks, being that it has difference enters the texture of pisos and lawn that can easily fulfill the guide work to be tracked by the cane of the deficient appearance. The Tangu Park is all in Inter-stopped floor, what it facilitates in the locomotion of the chair. The access to the mirante is not only possible, that if of only for stairs. A problem found in all the visited places was the absence of bank to wait the tourist bus in the exclusive points.

The buses can delay until half hour to arrive and many people have difficulty to wait of foot during as much time. The NBR9050 recommends to foresee an area of rest to each 50m for pisos with up to 3% of inclination, or to each 30m for pisos of 3% 5% of inclination. Of one the city of Curitiba forms generality and its main tourist points contemplate the minimum necessities of accessibility, although imperfections to be able to be observed in a more rigorous evaluation. One important quality is the streets of the center, always with lowers in the passages or passages raised in level with the strolls, although some places still to use the Portuguese mosaic, that is a floor of difficult circulation. The strolls in the quarters more moved away from the center have band of access and gramadas band of service, what it leaves the city permevel and the free circulation in the center. 14 4.

CONCLUSION Alone if will be able to speak in an inclusive society when the diversity human being will be understood, thus guaranteeing a life with total autonomy for the people with deficiency. The value of the equality corresponds to the dignity, that is, to have the rights in relation to the basic necessities, as complementary health, education, habitation, work and activities as the leisure and the tourism. Brazil possesss one of the richest legislaes of the world, also with regard to the accessibility. What it lacks is fiscalization on the part of the governing and conscience on the part of the citizens. It is not enough to have a legislation, if it is not taken care of due to governmental or social interest. Each citizen who composes the necessary society to leave of looking at exactly only for itself, and to look at for all, enxergando the great existing diversity. To the times she is not necessary nor to look at around, therefore any person is subjects to be in a situation of reduced mobility, either for the advanced age, pregnancy, illness, accident, etc. Unhappyly, the majority of the people does not have this vision, where the principles of the universal drawing are a necessity of all. Everything depends on the culture and the education of the people who go to construct the city. It is important always to leave of the beginning of the inclusion and not of the segregation, therefore if a stroll or public square is accessible to a foot

The coastal region of the province of Girona is the Costa Brava, that occupies 214 km of the territory. It must his name (" Brava"), to rough and steep the landscape, on the other hand beautiful and wild. Until the arrival of the economy of the tourism, many of the localities of the coastal region were small towns of fishermen of houses whitewashed and narrow side streets. It was the culture (the traditions, the character of the inhabitants ) and the beauty of this virgin region which attracted many intellectuals and painters, like Dal, Chagall, Picasso or Rusiol. Kitchen of " sea and montaa" in the Costa Brava the gastronomy of the Costa Brava is deeply ingrained to Earth products: fish and seafood of the coast; the level one contributes to the fruits and products of the field and the kitchen garden, the meat and the cheeses of the farms of the region. This kitchen is called sea and mountain. Part of the success of this kitchen is that it uses products of the region for his plates: the seafood (mainly the prawns) of Palams, the rice of Pals, etc. Some of the typical products that they emphasize more, as much by the use of native raw materials like by one long experience in the elaboration, are: butifarra sweet; the artisan doughnuts; requesn surrounded in a rag and the fresh cheese, ideal to prepare excellent salads and desserts, the sofritos; the minces of garlic and parsley; the garlic sauce Old enclave of fishermen turned into beach: Tamariu Tamariu is an organization of population or Spanish district pertaining to the municipality of Palafrugell (the beach of Tamariu in particular).

Costa Brava is located in the heat of, in the middle of a bay. The beach is formed mainly by sand of heavy grain and gravel of ortosa. Tamariu is divided in three beaches.