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The guided meditation is a technique in which a voice is used to guide the process towards a State of deep relaxation. The voice can be yours, or someone else. Some people find it easier to relax and relieve stress if they are guided by another voice. The voice should be soft, slow pace, and the use of simple, nice words and ideas. The practice of any type of meditation regularly is like exercising regularly. How much more practise it, easier you will be entering a meditative state.

Guided meditation: how to start? To make a guided meditation session more effective in achieving your goals, there are several important components that you must take into account: delete all the sensory inputs outside. Choose a place that is entirely in silence, or where soft slow, instrumental music can be played at a very low volume. Wear comfortable clothing and close your eyes so you not distracted. If your you’ll lead your own meditation, begins with a broad intention but simple, to rest or to be more aware of my inner self. Inhaled and exhaled slowly, listen to your breathing and be aware that you’re alive. If you feel confusion or resistance as you progress through your meditation, it’s focus on achieving a State of comfort and relaxation.

You don’t push for the final results. Rather than focus on whether you’re doing it the right way, simply relax and enjoy the experience. The final results will appear alone. Feel and express gratitude with greater intensity. Train yourself to find calm and joy. Many times as you can until it becomes a part your everyday regular meditation practice. Guided meditation: do your guides or you guides? As mentioned previously, meditation can be guided through your own voice or through another person. There are many exercises of guided meditation where you just dedicate yourself to listen to. Which method is better? Entirely depends on you and your comfort. If you do your own guided meditation will have the benefit of flexibility and adaptation to the time of your life that you’re going.

There you can include statements that you are necessary and other. If you use a meditation guided by another person accounts with the tranquility that you leave yourself guide, without having to be thinking on what say you in every moment. If you’ve never tried a guided meditation, on this site: you can download a free audio test. You can vary the techniques until you find one that is right for you, or incorporate a variety of techniques into your regular routine. Trust your own inner Guide to find which technique is best for you. Guided meditation will change his life forever. The more practice your meditation, more you are going to begin to understand, and you put more in tune with your inner self. From there, the possibilities of growth and lighting are endless. If you want to learn more about meditation, visit our website where you will find or all you need to know about meditation and the Silva method.

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