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Modifying habits and beliefs is a task for the brave, the force of habit seeks to impose at all times and usually we do not perceive it, that’s the hardest part, because the single identification of the strength of our beliefs is not so obvious for the majority of people. One of the great secrets of mental programming is that it typically generates an area of mobility, this you can be called our area of security, while we keep performing actions within those boundaries then everything happens without major difficulties, in reality this area every day is extended, but it is so slow that it becomes little perceptible growth, just as a person does it, is only noticeable when compared over a longer period. The great disadvantage of slow growth is that you can go to places that we don’t want, also dare to expect circumstances that probably never arrive, this requirement becomes unbearable for a person who aspires to much larger than goals right now is experiencing, the acceptance is the first step to have a life full of satisfactions. It is emphasize that each merchandise has a different price, WINS life has a price and it is necessary to pay for it then have the right to the entrance to a different world, the question we must ask ourselves is this do are really willing / ACE to pay the price of change? If the answer is yes then it is necessary to know the terrain where we are getting into. Take a look at, do you think that the excuses arise? They arise mainly for two reasons: 1. our fear of internal change and 2. Our lack of determination in what we’re doing, salvageable of the two previous points is that both fall under our responsibility, the first from an unconscious point of view and the second from the conscious actions.

They recommend that the so-called specialists to plan and carry out the tourist use of the cultural and natural heritage receive training adapted to the multidisciplinary nature of the problem and, since its inception, to participate in programming and realization of plans of development and tourism equipment; They solemnly declare that its action is intended to respect and protection of authenticity and diversity of cultural values, both in the countries and regions in developing and industrialized, since the fate of the cultural heritage of humanity is really identical with the prospect of likely development and expansion of tourism. Original author and source of the article.

The largest challenge for all Mexicans is put in our minds the principles and values against corruption. Ideally, people avoid entirely the corruption, which can be difficult for temptation but not impossible. Simply to accept the consequences of their actions; imposing sanctions must be fair; abide by and respect the salaries of everyone; perform the procedures necessary and required by law; be aware of what corruption implies and causes as well as any other problem and be willing to leave aside corruption. Today corruption is seen as something normal and natural, and although they are against or certain people don’t like them, actually never done something about, or at least not something that works. All of this strengthens little ethical values such as dishonesty, deceit, disloyalty, among others. As a researcher, the subjective part of the issue is that it should not be so much dishonesty among people, so much selfishness, I think that it is, selfishness, because only they seek the personal wealth regardless of consequences or implying corruption. All as a society we must give prominence to the problem and not leave it as something natural or passenger since it implies and causes many economic problems, in addition to the ethical.

To give you an objective approach, would leave out the emotions and see corruption as a comprehensive problem. Corruption in the practice sees the selfishness of the human since you only see their interests and doesn’t care about the consequences that may cause to the corrupt. In terms of theory, corruption is seen as a benefit for individuals where two parties are seen to corrupt, benefiting: who calls the service and who pays it. The purpose of who corrupted, as I said before, is an illegal profit either monetary or in service and not is the only Government, but also of citizens in general. It has to do with selfishness, dishonesty, comfort, among other factors and values.

Corruption exists universally and member countries of the OECD have taken steps to combat international corruption mainly participating in programs to generate takes consciousness about international efforts against corruption. To impose tougher sanctions who corrupted, it would be a good action to take to reduce corruption, as well as the measures mentioned above in the ideal type. Also create awareness and strengthen values contrary to those who favor corruption can be a good action to take. If only, both the Government and the citizenry, had consciousness and realized the consequences and what cause to corrupt, if the bureaucracy realized what causes, if you have honesty values more solids, corruption would decrease. Corruption has become habit which makes it more difficult its eradication. All citizens know that corruption is a negative action for all, however, his actions seem otherwise; It has become so everyday and natural, than people who offered the bribe they come to ask, even compel, which is even worse. People who see it as a good thing and not realize what encompasses can even be found. As to corruption, you could say that they all have the same thinking, although it is not so, because they are in agreement or not with corrupt, at one time or another they do so for different situations. Very few people that do not corrupt and you are would be which really differ with what corruption is. They have similar ideas or differ, people flock to corruption in a natural way as a means of comfort, agility and own enrichment.

Money The official currency is the Pound Sterling, and is equal to 1.17a, or $ 1.69. Sleeping in London is said to look for accommodation in London is fun, and a network of shelters members of the Youth Hostels Association, YHA Hostel Association. They are a very economical alternative for budget travelers who want a nice and neat place to sleep. Ian Sinclair oftentimes addresses this issue. Other alternatives are: Acasia Hostel, the Clink Hostel, The Walrus and the Generator Hostel London, all with excellent standards of care, comfort and low prices. Most hostels are open all year, and London is usually always full of travelers, it is appropriate to seek accommodation in advance.

Tours An alternative is the London Free List, which will tell you to see and do in London for less than 3 pounds. Visiting the city on foot is an alternative, but almost impossible. The art galleries and museums are endless. The story is something that can be lived without having to be reading a book. Peaceful neighborhoods, cafes and bookstores do not let the visitor come and go without savoring the moist and shiny London. But London is so vast that compulsorily have to get on the metro, and the truth, not very easy to navigate. Care. No young leaves London without having seen and felt his famous and exciting nightlife, nor its delicious food.

And do not forget to cruise down the Thames, there are discount passes and unforgettable. Remember: You can not smoke in enclosed spaces or public, look at the warnings not to be punished, nor are they sold alcohol to under 18 years. The number of medical emergencies is 999. In communications and the Internet do not worry, if you have to take medication to consult you before, because in England there are many drugs banned in other parts of the world are free consumption. Nicolas is a traveler and freelance writer who, having passed most of the world, now writes for HostelBookers on his trip to England, is housed in a variety of hostels England, a very affordable option in the country.

Geofagus krassilabris (lvinogolovy) – Geophagus crassilabris Geofagus krassilabris (Lvinogolovy) – Geophagus crassilabris (Satanoperca crassilabris) – a beautiful fish of the family tsihlovyh ilitsihlid (Cihlidae). Perfectly joined in the composition of our aquarium. Under natural conditions Lvinogolovy Geofagus found in the waters of Central America (Panama). The maximum length that can reach Geofagus, 25 centimeters, but in the aquarium, usually not exceeding 20 cm Steer mostly in the lower and middle layers of water. Body greenish-brown with a blue tint on the scales, is extended in length, is relatively high, the sides are flattened. At the head of the male fat build-up in the form of red bumps. Dorsal fin long, caudal fin with a straight-edged. The back is olive, side yellowish, greenish or reddish, with multiple ordered golden or silver spots, the lower part of body lighter.

Sometimes on the side there are 7.8 dark transverse bands. Fins color body with light blue or greenish spots and dashes. In lvinogolovogo Geofagusa very large and expressive eyes. At the top of the root of the caudal fin there is a slight difference in the dark pyatno.Polovye feebly, sex can be determined only during the spawning season, male spermaduct sharp-end, small size, the female, by contrast, is very large and blunt end yaytseklad.Geophagus crassilabris – quite peaceful fish, and well get along with other non-territorial rybami.Geofagus krassilabris rather shy fish when they see danger immediately hides behind rocks and snags. Range: populate Guyana and the northern part of the basin r.Amazonka, waters of Panama. Rezmnozhenie: Ripen Geofagusy krassilabrisy on attaining the age of 8 – 10 months. Spawning may occur in general, and in the spawning tank.

Soil is best to choose from melenkogo sand and flat rocks on which the pair will spawn. Eggs may hatch as male and female, for this Geofagusy use their mouth. In the mouth spawn Geofagusy take a day an hour after spawning. Eggs together with the stone also can be transferred to incubator, and samomtoyatelno grow, but it is fraught with the fact that the fish may lose the ability to raise offspring. During gestation of offspring of parents do not feed the fish, because the food they can swallow the eggs and larvae. After 8-10 days the fry for the first time in throwing his mouth parents. Content in Alushta aquarium: favorable temperature for the content Geofagusa krassilabrisa ranges from 24-26 degrees Celsius. dH = 0-22, pH = 6.5-7.5. Necessary compulsory aeration, filtration, and the substitution of approximately 25-30% of water per week. By eating Lvinogolovy Geofagus not quite fastidious, best diet up to half of the live food, and half of the feed. From living a good fit bloodworm, tubifex and koretra, mixed – semolina, ovsyankab TetrMin. You can include in the general aquarium, it is better to fish do not form the territory. Soil in the aquarium is necessary to choose from medium-sized sand with sclerophyllous plants with a shorter stem and protected from digging stones required shelters, as well as shingles, as the fish rather shy. The volume of the aquarium should not be less than 150 liters.

The Acropolis of Athens is a place where one can not visit, being Afinah.Posetit Acropolis can be as a tour, or independently, only need to consider a visit. As one of the highest points in Athens Acropolis deprived of every shelter from the sun and in summer months it is best to visit the Acropolis or the early morning or late vecherom.Ulitsy around the Acropolis are a pedestrian zone with lots of restaurants and cafe, so Climbing to the Acropolis, not difficult since in any of these places you can relax over a cup of good kofe.Vhodom the Acropolis are famous propylene (the term propylene in the ancient Greek language meant the entrance to the Temple), which were built in the 5 th century bc architect Mnisiklom. On the left side of propylene in antiquity was Pinakothek, which exhibited paintings by famous artists, and the right side is a small and graceful temple Nike, which was erected to commemorate the victory of Greece over Persiey.Glavnym structure of the Acropolis is the Parthenon (Temple of Athena Parfen), which, like other structure was built strategist, Pericles as a symbol of power Afin.Arhitektorami Parthenon were Iktin and Kalekratis, but work was performed under the supervision of the great Phidias, who was responsible for the overall 'decoration' .Samym sacred temple of ancient Athens was considered Erechtheion – Temple dedicated to several gods, and the first kings Afin.Na place Erechtheion occurred the famous dispute between Poseidon and Athena for the right to possession of the city. The gods offered the Athenians different gifts. Poseidon source of water, and Athena olive tree. The Athenians chose the olive, but not to offend Poseidon temple dedicated to him a part of Erechtheion. Another part is devoted to , one of the first kings Afin.Na the southern slope of the Acropolis is a few theaters.

Theatre Herod of Attica was built in 161, and is a fine example of Roman architecture in Athens. He is in good condition and serves as a venue for summer theater festivaley.Teatr Dionysus – the birthplace world theater. It is in the Theater of Dionysus to apply the first tragedies and comedies of Sophocles, Aeschylus and Aristogana. The current theater made its appearance after the reconstruction of the Romans in the second century ad. Its decoration are friezes with scenes from the life of legend Dionisa.Akropol open from 8 am to 6:30 pm. The entrance ticket costs 12 euros, but on this ticket, you can also visit the Agora and the Temple of Zeus.