Monthly archive of February, 2013

How many to the ambient impacts in relation to the disordered growth of the activities we have the three main item that they suffer directly with this disequilibrium. Fauna – the impacts in relation to the fauna not yet well are known, but an increase of the species is known that an alteration how much to the species number exists, having most tolerant the presence of the man, a reduction to most sensible. Ground – the main impacts caused to the ground are: the compacting and the reduction of the capacity of water retention for the ground, thus modifying the capacity to support vegetal and animal the life of the environment, followed for the erosion. Vegetation – the caused impacts take the local extinguishing of plants for mechanical shock directly and indirectly caused by the compacting of the ground, the erosion leave in way displayed to the roots them plants compromising its sustentation and becoming – vulnerable a contamination of its roots for plagues, beyond the alterations that occur in the environment. So that it has an excellent growth in the tourist activities with the lesser possible alteration in its half is necessary that if it gets an elaborated planning with crucial bases in the disgnostic well, taking care of to all the necessities gifts in one determined local one, thus will have a possible minimizao in relation to the ambient negative impacts. The tourist planning must be conciliated the similar segments of the way and must work of form integrated with the public power and population autctone so that it gets the intended result. According to Beni (2006, pag 53), this integration also it considers sets as the ambient relations that involve subssistemas ecological, social, economic and cultural; the structural organization of the community and the operational actions that involve the market. One analyzes that the negative impacts of the Tourism on the half-environment are superior to the positive impacts, such as, sonorous pollution, solid garbage and residues, fragile ecosystem degradation, loss of biodiversity, compacting of ground resultant of the pisoteamento in mass, loss of the native vegetal covering and the ground, aceleramento of erosive processes, escape of the native fauna, etc.