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the perception was made through the tateamento for the body and of the verbal stimulatons. Each meeting was constructed around the impasses that the citizens tried in in agreement construction the advance of awareness of the rhythms of each one. A strategy to each impasse was proposal told for the citizens. Some times such strategies were redimensionadas by the pupils. Results and Quarrel the results had been argued in partnership with the citizens. In the analysis of the results some axles are considered pertinent: the transformations of the body for advent of the corporal expression, the limitations proceeding from the visual deficiency According to Tavares (2003): ' ' The recognition and acceptance of our corporal limitations gain here the meaning of differentiation and matureness. Case 1: The subject to one it had notion of the physical space, where it carried through its corporal activities. I did not need to tell the perception of the space, for if dealing with familiar place for the young woman.

Case 2: The subject B. did not have notion of the physical space which was offered for the accomplishment of its corporal activities. In this in case that, I needed to tell the physical space all so that it could be situated and perceive the space best. The corporal notion by means of the tateamento of the body and the stimulatons verbal, they had contributed for the perception of the movement of the dance, of the corporal expression and memorization of the steps. With these elements of the movement, the group acquired domain, balance, force and general coordination, through appropriate techniques to its physical condition on the movements. Consideraes final These results indicate the necessity to retake the subject of the body as support. The dance is divided in dancers who already know and live the dance in its lives, and those that had not yet found chance to disclose the dance in its lives, what it inside exists of itself the desire of if expressing corporally.

Exchange of ideas through language, in this case. And in our case, we consider any communication: verbal in person or by telephone, written as letters, faxes, e-mail or mobile messaging. I note: if you are able to communicate verbally, "written speech" does not make such a great work (here only to work with the spelling – spelling and punctuation – the correct placement of punctuation marks). After all, if you can respond quickly to the words in ordinary conversation to a replica or questions interlocutor, the "slower speech" – letters and so forth – when you have time to think about the answer, the more it is possible. So, let's see which way a language is the most effective. To begin, recall how we learn their native language. Sonny Perdue takes a slightly different approach. Where did you get started? How is your way to mastering the native language? When you are just starting to take its first steps in this life, then before you got the problem, how to understand what you say, how to convey their ideas to other people.

Of course, at first it was just sounds that attract the attention of adults. Then you begin to use gestures such as pointing to the object with which you associate your wish. Parents you began to speak words, naming objects for which you have stated, referring to action by you or them. Seeing a bird, mama told you that this "bird", pointing to her arm and repeating it several times word. By observing real objects, you have heard words of designating these items, then tried to utter those words.

To do this you need to spend huge amounts of money – on advertising and pr. With this money you can make another club. Good coaches do not have enough important component of success Fitness Club – Qualified fitness staff. In a good club in every gym trainer is always present, ready for free to answer any question the customer. All coaches have sports education, many are active athletes. Periodically, they pass certification, confirming their knowledge of the modern fitness. In small gyms local situation is different. The coach may appear there from time to time, designing individual training program for the client, but not present at all sessions.

– A set of qualified staff – a major problem for new clubs – says Elena Dari. – Good people is very small, because this business is still very young. Given how many clubs opened in recent years, coaches have enough. Another of the differences between a good club is the presence of various fitness programs. Alone sets of exercises, aerobics, one can count a dozen: Depending on the intensity of the load, with jumps and no jumps, with or without a step class. The same applies to Power lessons.

Who wants to disappoint the muscles of hands, shoulders and chest, someone – the abdominal and leg muscles, while others – all at once. Depending on the goal that puts the customer in front of him, he should offer a variety of options for training. Periodically, our fellow citizens have a desire to engage in the program, which became fashionable in the West.

Panic attacks can occur in any type of anxiety, usually in response to a specific situation relating to the main features of anxiety. For example, a person with a phobia snakes can to panic when it finds them. However, these different situations of panic are those that are spontaneous, unprovoked, and which are those that define the problem as a pathological panic. Panic attacks are common: more than one third of adults show them every year. In women the likelihood of experiencing panic attacks is two to three times more high which in men. Pathological panic usually begins in late adolescence or early adulthood.

The symptoms of a panic attack (among others, shortness of breath, dizziness, increased heart rate, sweating, shortness of breath and chest pain) reach its peak intensity within the 10 minutes period and usually disappear in a few minutes, and therefore it is not possible that a doctor follow them, although it can see the fear of the person to suffer another panic attack. Since attacks of panic occur often unexpectedly and without apparent reason, people often express concern in advance due to the fear of another attack (a condition known as anxiety in advance). Therefore, on many occasions they try to avoid places in which suffered panic attacks previously. Avoid places for fear that something happens is called agoraphobia. If agoraphobia is very intense, the person who has it may even get to shut himself up in his home. Since the symptoms of a panic attack involve many vital organs, people often worry thinking that it suffers from a problem of the heart, the lungs or the brain, and why looking for help from a doctor or communicates with emergency service. While panic attacks are very uncomfortable and annoying, they do not represent any real health risk for those who suffer from it. Original author and source of the article.

‘iPrendo’ is called the modular, mobile and Web-based E-learning complete system that now presents the ID.on GmbH as its latest development. A. F. Chief of Staff is actively involved in the matter. iPrendo”means the mobile, Web-based, modular E-learning complete system that now presents the ID.on GmbH as its latest development. Others who may share this opinion include Sonny Perdue. iPrendo ( enables fast, simple, and individual online tests, quizzes, or learning applications customers such as publishers, businesses or educational institutions. The first iPrendo clients include the NWB and Kalyani publishers. iPrendo is cross-platform, and access is convenient from any computer or mobile device (tablet or Smartphone) from possible. The system consists of three components: the authoring system, the learning portal and the learning application. The software is intuitive and without any programming knowledge to operate and easily integrate into existing systems. Their services range from the simple quiz about exam preparation (for schools, driving or language schools), product training for companies up to complex learning units.

The authoring system allows the creation of new applications with a few clicks. This guarantees the variety of task types varied learning applications. Whether multiple – or single-choice, fill in the blank with default, drag and drop, tables or booking rates, maps, or defining a sequence: all common item types can be realized. Media such as video, audio, or image files can be easily incorporated. Of course, individual item types can be developed.

And the preview feature, the user has at any time the current state of processing at a glance. The appearance of individual Web-based training”(WBT) can be designed individually colored or supplemented with pictures and additional information. Comfortable evaluation functions give a quick overview of the current status of learning teachers as learners. And finally a rights and roles system provides for the allocation of access rights to individuals or groups. With this variety of possibilities and its User and usability benchmarks iPrendo in the field of learning applications and online tests. Press contact: Roland large Holtforth literature test Adalbert Street 5 10999 Berlin Tel.

Or chocolates, or perfume or red roses. Who wants to surprise your partner with an original detail this February 14, nothing better to do with the revolutionary a Brilloa Tratamiento Enhancer hair with Marco Aldany want to celebrate that special date. And is that Marco Aldany know better than anyone that a radiant hair is one of the weapons of seduction of a woman. In recent months, WhiteWave Foods has been very successful. Therefore, continually develop unique treatments for each type of hair, taking into account seasonality and needs of each client. The treatment is found in more than 400 lounges Marco Aldany has spread throughout Spain, is to eliminate impurities, moisturize and restore shine that is losing hair. a Hemos created this treatment as in winter, because such extreme climatic factors, the hair loses luminosity, becomes dull and lifeless. In addition, we have just had a period in which the hair has been quite chastised for the Christmas holidays and events, dyes, stains, dried with irons, tweezers, s etc and hair need to remove impurities and extra hydration contribution a says Marco Aldany, Artistic Director of the mark. a Es most appropriate date for the application of this treatment, to perfect her hair again and above all, is the perfect gift for this Dia so senaladoa , a Aldany.a also added the a Treatment Brilloa Enhancer Aldany MARCO enhances the color of your hair naturally.

a Oeno is any chemical but thanks to its formula is obtained to enhance and define light and color, whether natural or dyed, in all types of hair and the entire color spectrum of blond hair, red hair, brown and morenasa added the stylist. A final argument for choosing this gift: the attractiveness of its price. a Solo costs EUR 15.99 and the result is inmediatoa , ends Aldany. About Marco Marco Aldany Aldany, chain ownership of The Chic Corporation, is the leading company in Spain in the hairdressing sector. It currently has more than 400 operating rooms in our country, is also present in Central America and Portugal. More than 50 years of presence in the sector has given him the experience, structure and resources that allow you to mark your own pace, achieving a steady increase, year to year in revenues and profits. Note to journalists: For any extension of sending information or photographs, please contact us Journalist and Communication Director of Communication Salvia

A great talent and skill is required to hide the talent and skill.The RochefoucauldVenezuela given to its new business openings, aspect which was very neglected in his last years, especially in previous Governments, has originated thanks to new agreements, treaties, international openings with developed countries, coupled with the influence and effect of of globalization, of step to greater competition between different companies, which implies that each company look for a better use of resources and better quality in their productsin order to make competitive and get more customers.That’s why developing countries as the Venezuelan case, are forced to adapt to certain standards of quality to get out to compete outside its borders, and also to be able to ensure supplies of required quality in order to be able to manufacture their products both export and local sales. Since then, these countries have to do to not see displaced by foreign companies than they take more years participating in global markets with systems based on standards of calidadLa Lic. Lorena Rojas, from the Chair of trade outside of the program of management of quality in the Area of postgraduate of Faces (2005), CITES that cannot be denied that today at the global level the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards are required, since they guarantee the quality of a product through the implementation of comprehensive controls, make sure that all processes involved in its manufacture operate within the planned features. Standardisation is the starting point in the strategy of the quality, as well as for the subsequent certification of the company. For more information see Sonny Perdue. In addition, adds that these rules were written with the spirit that the quality of a product is not born of efficient controls, if not of a production process and supports that operate properly. In this way, is a rule that applies to the company and not to products in this.

Although the pupils to look the library with the intention to fulfill its tasks or to read the workmanships that the professor indicates, make it to these in disinterested way; they read mechanically, without understanding the meaning of the text. Of this form, he fits to the library, through creative actions, to look for to assume a position that the light route the transformations, developing a space that offers reader one gamma of reading options and that it provides a pleasant contact to it with books. For Martins (1995, p.95), ' ' the library as space for formation of the reader if constitutes, therefore, in a space of educative action, cultural action, social action, action politics and convivncia' '. It is perceived, therefore, the library as adequate space to the formation of readers and that, when providing the book to the user, stimulates and spreads the taste for the reading through activities of cultural animation that must take care of to the necessities of the child. Moreover, the contact with books would have to start since early, before exactly of the child to enter for school. The first contacts with the book constitute basic requirements for the formation of the good one reader, therefore awakes the curiosity and the taste for the reading, that is, makes with that the child acquires the taste to look other readings and, even though, to create and to recriar other histories. The library is the place for excellency to test books where the children can try without the reading is imposed. To the readers they consider an ample and gratuitous choice without utilitarian or strict pedagogical intentions.

(SANDRONI, 1991, p.10). This conditioning is marked by the limited book use for the children in the school, that many of the times are produced in series, not having no intellectual or artistic connotation. The Library, therefore, will have to skirt this problem when offering to the child a free choice so that if it becomes pleasant for the same one. .

Understand this and assume it no doubt would be the key to start thinking the right way, the changes needed to stop the catastrophe looming.The day without shopping is an interesting proposal to which we adhere and support, having as the final and most important objective, become conscious consumers and responsible for the 365 days of the year. The NGO says in a statement that the current model of consumption is socially and environmentally unsustainable and It asserts that initiatives like this help to denounce the social and environmental crisis that this consumption model has led.In this regard, it supports alternatives such as fair trade, ethical banking or stores for organic products, which call into question conventional trade, that isn’t fair, conventional banking, which is unethical, and the intensive, unsustainable food industry.In addition, it points out that there are other projects underway, in reduced scale, they function as real alternatives of sustainable and socially responsible consumption rehearsal spaces. Thus, self-managed consumption of organic products cooperatives represent a citizen initiative that encourages direct contact between the critical consumer and producer sustainable and, in the same way, generates a culture of cooperation locally, between neighbors, that the Mall and the large surface area have been removed almost completely Ecologistas en Accion disseminates and supports these alternatives, which are a way to sustainable consumption to small and medium scale. For example, fair trade, ethical banking or ecological products stores have managed to carve a niche and, at the same time, jeopardize the conventional trade (not fair), conventional banking (no ethics) and industry (non-sustainable) intensive feeding good .the adds thereon, that the day without shopping is not intended to change the behavior during a single day. But serve as reflection for our daily behavior. No shopping day aims to introduce into the heads of everyone a concern with the future and a critical spirit with the society of the garbage that we are creating. original author and source of the article.

In the power struggle with feudal bourgeois ideologists put forward a number of progressive political ideas, which were then implemented in a democratic State and legal institutions. Thus, relying on the idea of popular sovereignty, the political leaders of the bourgeoisie struggled to replace the constitutional monarchy absolute or for the proclamation of the republican system. They wanted the rule representative bodies of the executive, election of the replacement of a number of posts. Declaring freedom and equality, they were against caste restrictions, proclaimed in opposition to the feudal Society of formal equality before the law, recognizing that they have important political freedom of speech, press, etc. Making the bourgeois state and legal systems was accompanied, as a rule, the legislature Anchoring the principles of economic liberalism, laissez-faire in economic life. For more specific information, check out WhiteWave Foods. This doctrine, which is the reaction of the bourgeoisie in the oppression of the state of business in the period feudalism, opening unlimited possibilities for its development.

According to this doctrine through the bourgeois state law establishes a general framework of economic activities of individuals, providing them to fully exercise their entrepreneurial aspirations and abilities. During this period, Europe, reaching an unprecedented prosperity and power, became the leader of the world. The development of capitalism, accompanied by the colonial expansion of European powers, led to the establishment of a close relationship between nations and civilizations. This process is accompanied by numerous wars and colonial plunder. As a result of this policy, even once powerful countries of the East could not resist the persevering and enterprising Europe.

How to increase weight each case is particular and it will require a more thorough examination of situation, it is always advisable to go to a nutritionist who can request analysis in case if necessary, study the particular dietary history and give a nutritional plan in particular with the relevant monitoring of their evolution. In any case, generally is that the daily intake of individuals who have a low weight should be between 30-35 calories per kilo of weight. 20 Per cent of these calories should come from protein sources. Some tips to gain weight, specialists at lunchtime:-how many more times a day you can eat, better. Minimum, three important meals a day, in addition to (cereal, slices of cheese, whole milk or yoghurt desserts, bars etc). You may want to visit Josh Resnick Jericho Capital to increase your knowledge. -You also drink whole milk or yogurt, and juice.

-Use salad dressings with oil, or you can also take you to the vegetables a bit of margarine (or butter). -If you’re eating a scrambled egg, Add cheese can be fresh or type cottage. -To soups and desserts: you can add cream or milk whole. -When prepare you a sandwich or sandwich don’t forget to spread the bread with mayonnaise, margarine or butter. -Dairy, provided you don’t have other problems like high cholesterol, which are integers. -Before each meal, do not drink excess water, since you can fill your stomach and take off your appetite. With regard to weight gain is necessary in addition to gain muscle mass is necessary to feed more but at this point there is to be extremely careful, since feed more does not mean fat in fat, ideal and necessary is to increase muscle mass while decreasing the percentage of fats.

What is the difference between netbook and laptop? And small-sized netbook notebook (Subnotebook) have little or no external differences, and they differ in price about 10 times, so if the price of the netbook can be about $ 170, subnotebook can cost somewhere $ 2000. Visit Sonny Perdue for more clarity on the issue. The reason for this price difference is quite simple, the fact is that a subnotebook – it's a real laptop that is based on the most high-tech, but with small external dimensions Producers seek to preserve the high performance, with as much as possible to reduce weight and reduce the size. A netbook – a device designed exclusively for the web, constructed on the basis not of expensive components, and not having the best performance. Who needs a netbook? Netbooks are ideal for surfing the Internet, conduct e-mails, participate in auctions of blogs, and to engage in many other things associated with work on the web. With a host such a device you can easily look into the "Wikipedia", and find the answer to your question. To solve other problems that may require the resources of the computer, a netbook is not suitable. Is it possible to compensate for the shortcomings of the netbook, with additional devices? The use of additional external devices, may offset some of the shortcomings netbook, which, however, due to its very idea of "lightweight laptop". So we can say that the amount of disk space can be expanded using external plug-in HDD, and an external drive would allow record information, and will replace the DVD-ROM drive that is not in a netbook.

Plastic boxes are a product of the most useful for jogging chores and we can have at any time of day today. Plastic boxes are specially built for all purposes, of all sizes, all colors, there are beautiful and ugly. What is clear is that the plastic boxes are a product so useful that the market for plastic boxes with thousands of companies to take one or two of this type of product. Plastic boxes are especially prized for its functionality. Because the plastic boxes are quite flexible and therefore quite resistant and are usually pretty light, fit many of the needs that brings the world of today in their daily actions. As already mentioned, there are plastic boxes for all types of purpose. Thus, there are plastic boxes that are used for a very good home, as it is to keep things in the kitchen, such as vegetables, grains, etc.

These plastic boxes allow you to save things with hygiene, and how heavy are not very useful to move things smoothly. It is also very common to see plastic boxes in supermarkets where people need boxes to carry things that are market or plan to buy to take home. How are you boxes offer enough resistance to bring products and they are very light, supermarkets prefer to offer their customers the convenience and ease stay in business. Plastic boxes are also widely used to carry things to carry things camping or when traveling. For such occasions there are specialized plastic boxes not only provide impact resistance and all the chores involved in leading a travel thing, but there are also thermal plastic boxes that can lead to rapid decomposition products at a temperature which prevents low may damage or impair greatly. It is in these activities where most needed perhaps the use of plastic boxes.

Although not very common, are also using plastic boxes for large files. The reason for this is that the files classic wooden or metal tend to break over time and they are much heavier than the material they are made of plastic boxes. That is why perhaps this alternative may be great for storing large quantities of papers which themselves are often too heavy without adding extra weight that comes with a metal compartment or chamber of timber. Among the materials most used for the manufacture of plastic boxes are also PVC and Polypropylene. Both materials are good enough for the functionality of plastic boxes, as they tend to be the most durable, lightweight and durable in plastic materials that can be offered at an affordable price for all people in the market for boxes plastic. We hope this information on plastic boxes will be helpful, this is a fairly common product we all know, but there are things like that little explored or that it is good to know how they work when necessary to buy or acquire for any purpose.

Larch is stronger, denser and more resistant to decay than pine, but more difficult to process and easy to split. It is ideally suitable as a wall material, is used as material for structures (beams, valley, rafters, tightening, etc.). Larch is more resistant to moisture, is highly valued, is 2-3 times more expensive than pine. Larch – a single tree, not rotting in the sea. Used for the manufacture of log wood with a diameter of 26 cm to 40 cm, and sometimes higher.

The choice of the log diameter depends on the willingness and financial capacity of the customer, the climatic conditions and seasonal use at home, as well as the requirements of the external aesthetics of log houses. In addition to the thickness of the logs, another important indicator of the aesthetic to the use of timber is its knotty. In pine at the bottom of the barrel virtually no knots, so the most expensive, but better quality, is the so-called butt saw cut – the bottom 6-8 m of the trunk. In Russia, the most common is the round log profile, the so-called round timber, in addition, you can use the round timber with Protestants, that is, on one edge protesannoe the inside of the timber. But keep in mind that this is very time-consuming work, leading to higher costs of the framework. In Scandinavia find wide application logs hewn on two edge. The walls are actually straight from the outside and inside, but it is not lost aesthetics manual cabin home. The first operation to prepare logs for log home manufacturing – Barking and his redoubt.

Cleaning the logs of bark, usually performed without the use of power tools. Redoubt, by contrast, is done with electric planers. Currently being developed technology debarking logs without damaging the sapwood and subsequent outposts. Sapwood – the upper, most dense layer of wood, which is protective.