Monthly archive of September, 2013

If there is a question of what kind of tape recorder best buy, you should not focus solely on the basis of price. The first thing to consider what types of formats and audio playback should support radio, you need a remote control, there will be no unnecessary extras, such as a USB connector and connect using Bluetooth. Today, car radio is gradually losing its former popularity – they are actively replacing CD and DVD receivers, which are entirely new generation of automotive acoustics. They are of high quality sound and, moreover, are approximately the same price range as the classic tape. And yet, some buyers still prefer the classic solution: audio-cassette player plus FM-radio. Such a conservative choice is explained proven reliability of the system for years and its quite low price. But at the same time, current models of tape recorders can play well and Audio CD and MP3.

In addition to "perceived" format, there are other important details. One of them – the type of connection for radio and speaker wire power supply. There are two ways to connect. First, a classic – with the help of wires and a second, more sophisticated – with ISO connectors. I must say that the second option is more reliable and simple because it does not require soldering wires, and connection is made directly.

The next important detail – this line outs, which allow complement the external amplifiers, and this in turn will greatly improve not only the volume but the sound quality. In addition, line outputs are used to connect the equalizer and crossover. On the back panel Radios can also be located and connectors to connect a CD changer. But here it must be remembered that the connection must be purchased changer of the same brand as the system. In addition, the radio can be fitted with a connector for an external antenna, which is a prerequisite for the use of FM-tuner.