Understands Knowledge

This sends in them to a necessary reflection on ambient education that must be seen as a process of constant learning that values the diverse forms of knowledge and form citizens with planetary local conscience and. Moraes C. Ana, periodical of the education. Inf.br ‘ ‘ This article deals with an activity to interdisciplinar resultant of the study on the importance of the arborization in the cities. In agreement agreement with law n 9,795, of 27 of April of 1999 of the ambient Education, says that: Art. 1o Understands for ambient education the processes by means of which the individual and the collective construct to social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities directed toward the conservation of the environment, public easement of the people, essential to the healthy quality of life and its support. Art.

2o ambient education is an essential and permanent component of the national education, having to be present, of articulated form, in all the levels and modalities of the educative process, in formal character and not-deed of division. Agenda 21 also in them evidences the importance of the ambient education. ‘ ‘ To develop a population that conscientious and is worried about the environment and with the problems that it is associates and that it has knowledge, abilities, attitudes, motivations and commitments to work collectively individual and, in the brainstorming for the existing problems and the preservation of novo’ ‘. (CNUMA, 2001) – used Methodologies the project involves the pupils of the State School Wild Arlindo, children between six the fourteen years of age, that frequent the school of the family in the week ends.