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All these are examples where the player goes acquiring as has a contact with determined sort of game, but aspect where all have in common is the possibility to learn a new language, in the case the English, who had to the great desenvolvedoras to focarem its games in the American market. We can notice that who plays obtains to assimilate with more easiness the English, even so either of one forms intuitiva, obtains to assimilate the action of words as.

Go, loading, Game Over, that is constant in the vocabulary of the players, even so some confuse its meanings, them know the referring actions to they. The practical one of learning of the English becomes more visible in the games of sort MMORPG (Massively or Massive Multiplayer Online Roll Game or Multi massive online Roll Game) or RPG on line where great part of the servers and games are North American, what it compels the players they will be adaptarem and they learned if to communicate to give development to the game. Although the English of this type of game has a proper and full language of slangs, the practical one contributes with the learning of the foreign language in schools or specific courses. (To see figure 4). Figure 4: Conquer On-line example of one of some MMORPGs For many, the electronic games are not practical healthful, had the players they will pass much time without if putting into motion or will be other people’s to the world and they will be fixed only in the games..

Even if you not possible to serve others, or are not willing to do so, at least, avoid harm. This is a form of good service. The man is the synthesis of all the feelings, emotions and reactions that arise in your mind. The mind is the seat of all the cravings, desires and thoughts. When the mind is clean, also the world recognizes will be clean. When the mind is murky and tarnished by the fear, the world appears as something miserable and depressed.

There are many people who blames the world, unaware that lack is in them mimes. To love and serve their homeland. Not hate or prejudice to the homeland of others if failure comes, take it as a challenge to greater efforts; analyse the reason by which they failed, and take advantage of the benefit of that experience. Learn how students of truth to have good success within the turbulence of life and to live without causing pain to others and feel you. To accept the world as it is. Never wait this will conform to your needs or standards. Do not despise your neighbor.

It encourages the signs of higher intelligence and creativity of others. Envy is the cause of ruin. The structure of creation is an amalgam of right and wrong, of joy and pain, cold and heat; Therefore, it is against nature expect only the good and happy, or just as bad and painful. It is not possible to uproot the good from the world completely, neither uproot nor entirely bad in any way. However, the burden of the bad and the agony of pain can be reduced in proportion to the loyalty the man offering the sublime ideals and efforts made to implement. When the world comes to vanish, when they feel Bliss or even live a fleeting joy situation, choose the State and save it, do not permit a relapse to the emotions or thoughts of ego every man comes from a series of spiritual rays whose quality is of delight and happiness.

The boliviano, or hand and Morales, real. The whip of the Rufus the boliviano, or hand and Morales, real by Ricardo Sanchez-serra * Bolivian rulers were given by them more where hurt and it was time that President Alan Garcia give them a quiet tate by its continual insolence and betrayals. Why we loved and more than that, had a taste of justice – saying that Bolivia does while resigned to an exit to the sea I have that impression because it has not become to treat that firm and clearly with Chile.Bolivia makes groupers called public, lyrical, its unjust Mediterranean the Peru did not cause – and their rulers increase them when they need silence their domestic problems, but does nothing concrete to retrieve its exit to the sea. And if not we talk about the military road, which would unfortunately be the last trail, but that for years and especially in the period of Evo Morales that lies occupied in destroy the nation and not build his country – the Bolivian Foreign Ministry seems tired, without brio, without ideas, without efforts to perform a diplomatic offensive that reverts his unjust enclosure.And not occurred to him better idea, how modern and repeated Judas, of the attention by intervening in a bilateral between Peru and Chile.No matter can understand why Bolivia points out that it is going to be harmed by the demand of Peruvian against Chile at the International Court of Justice in the Hague (ICJ), to retrieve 95,000 km2 of the Grau sea, over which Chile has domain currently hiding in an agreement merely fishing. or is that La Paz was negotiating secretly with Santiago a once more out to sea by former Peruvian territory from Arica, linked to the Peru eternally through the Treaty of 1929?Even more, the acme of despair, seeking publicity or demonstrating a supine ignorance the former President leading and Bolivian opposition Jorge Quiroga said the dispute between Peru and Chile to the ICJ is by Bolivian water.

Active restoration games began in 1946. In 1948. approved new rules that consolidated the handball called 'handball 7×7'. Federation handball was called the Soviet Union, too, in compliance with Russian names. Since then, there was discrepancy between the terms: handball playing handball. Since 1993. The federation has become called the Union of Russian handball players.

First All-Union competition combined men's and women's teams Soviet cities in 11×11 handball took place in Riga in 1955. Among women, the winner is a student of Kiev, among men – Riga. In the period from 1956 to 1961gg. was held 6 of the ussr championships in handball 11×11, played a role in the development of the game. It became obvious that the game loses its position in the country and abroad. Federation decides termination of the ussr championship in handball 11×11. Since 1962. held the championship of the ussr only in handball 7×7.

The international arena for men national team came in 1960., Women in 1962. The first big success came to our rallying after a dozen years. Women's National Team won the world championships 1982. (Hungary), 1986. (The Netherlands), 1990. (South Korea). Olympic champions in the xxi and xxii Olympics, silver medals at the xxiv and xxv Olympics. The path to recognition of male handball was more complicated. Silver medals at the world championships in 1978 and 1990. and xxii Olympic Games. Gold medals at the 1982 world championships. and 1992. Olympic winners xxi, xxiv, xxv Olympiad. In Olympic Games 1984. Our team did not participate, and in 1992. by a combined team of the cis. At the xxvi Olympiad in Atlanta, 96g. men's team was among the finishers 4-6 persons. The United States has not won a single Olympic medals. Former world champion Hungary is considered to be the strongest team. It is followed by Denmark with an aggressive Aney Andersen and China. The biggest crop of medals collected champion France team (group B) and the team Croatia (group A). At the xxvi Olympiad in Atlanta-96 Croatia for the first time in Olympic history came under its own flag and won Olympic medals. Olympic medals and the women's team in Denmark. Since the inclusion of handball the Olympics its popularity in the world has increased dramatically. Great changes have brought changes to the rules of the game, which establishes the International Federation. Finally, in Atlanta put a break in the game. After the first half the team will stop at minute break, whereas before they simply changed the gate. Players throw the ball, which is slightly smaller than a football, the gate height of 198 cm and a width of 3 meters. In the women's handball the ball a little less. Currently, handball deservedly named athletic game is equally popular among men and women.

Quiet lagoons, jagged coastline has always attracted lovers diving and underwater hunting, riding on boards, water skiing and kayaking. The larger islands are interesting for its flora and fauna. The recently opened several national parks. The capital of Fiji is Suva, a city located on Viti Levu. Originally Suva was a small settlement, covered in dust in summer and mud in winter. Gradually, Suva became the largest city in Fiji, and then the liveliest place Southern Pacific after the cities of Australia and New Zealand.

In the town live 90 thousand people, still live along the 40 000 25-kilometer road leading from the Suva Nausori Airport. Suva is constantly changing, depending on the weather. It shines and sparkles in the sun and takes on a dull metallic hue during the rainy season and it rains here quite often. In Suva live Fijians, Indians, Chinese, natives of Tonga, Samoan, Rotumans, Europeans and many others. This kind of 'fruit salad', just as the locals call themselves Fijians. In and around the city built many Catholic churches, mosques, Hindu temples and sikskih, there is even an abandoned Jewish cemetery. Island of the oval.

The oval is the main island of the archipelago Lomaiviti. Its length – 13 km, width – 11 km. The origin of the volcanic island, it is covered with dense tropical vegetation. The main attraction of the oval can be regarded as an old colonial capital of Fiji – Levuka town. Currently, there live about 1500 people. The city has retained its old appearance, in the 19 century it was a center of whaling.

In the treatment of people with respect WINS trust and develop lasting relationships. This is what I do. 1) Arrive on time. In fact, arrive early to appointments and meetings. Spend some time to their daily schedule that tells you when to start transferring to an appointment. I.e.

to take into account when it fails to work on a task, will begin the collection of resource materials, and begin to travel. Give time to cover delays in travel, especially if you are driving. Consider the following: the fastest way to destroy the confidence of the people is wasting time. (2) Communicate with each other. Answer the phone and phone calls. Listen carefully and completely when people talk about you. Show interest in others before telling about himself. To make phone calls devote all your attention to what the other person is saying (rather than sharing time with other tasks, such as checking email or play computer games).

You can follow the conversation phone when you can devote all your attention to what the other person is saying. Consider the following: ignoring people is rude and unprofessional. (3) the Plan projects. For example, always prepare an agenda for the meetings. Does contact with the main participants prior to the meeting to hear their points of view, ask for suggestions for the agenda items, and a? l coach on how to prepare for the meeting. Send agendas it enough before the meeting so that people have time to prepare. Consider the following: bad meetings demonstrate an inability for the leadership. (4) Be courteous. Look for the good of all. Congratulate each other. Avoid anger outbursts or listen to gossip. Never ridicule, insult or mock other people. Use positive words, always talking about what you want and how you want things to be. Avoid suggest reasons or the allocation of trials of actions of other people and points of view. Consider the following: damages for discourtesy, break all relations. (5) Helping others. Be a mentor to newcomers. Share ideas. Teach people skills that will help them Excel. Work with a spirit of abundance. Look for win / win results. Let others speak first, even in matters in which you are an expert. Give first without attaching a receipt in exchange for favors. Consider the following: selfish people end up working harder. Original author and source of the article.