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JOSE BRECHNER of fears that infuses the Islamist terrorism, the worst is that of nuclear bombs. Not only that Ahmadinejad wants to manufacture, but for those that already exist and you can put in a Briefcase. The new book by investigative reporter and former consultant to the FBI, Paul Williams: the day of Islam: the annihilation of America and the Western world, shows a terrifying vision of Al Qaeda and their destructive ambitions. The Director of the FBI Robert Mueller, was endorsed by the revelations of Williams and confirmed that the central objective of Al Qaeda is to detonate a nuclear bomb that kill the largest possible amount of Americans. The threat is so serious, Mueller said that it stays whole nights awake, thinking about the matter. Data below based exclusively on proven facts. The terrorist intent is not only exploit a pump, but several at the same time: in New York, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Miami, Boston, Houston and Los Angeles. A plan that dates back to 1990, long before 9/11, that would put humanity under the throne wing and would put the great Satan’s knees.

The delay in its implementation is characteristic of the meticulousness of Al Qaeda who plans its operations with precision and time. There is evidence of purchase in Sudan by Bin Laden, of enriched uranium and nuclear equipment from the Chechen and the Russian mafia. Studies of pakistanis scientists of the center of research a. q. Khan who arrived in terrorist hands were also found.

The saudi intelligence service declared that Bin Laden possesses an arsenal of 40 to 70 tactical nuclear weapons. The Russians claim that 12 to 15 fully assembled nuclear weapons he bought from the Chechen. Bin Laden told a pakistani journalist two months before 9/11 that was not difficult to acquire nuclear weapons, that were achieved in Russia by 10 to 20 million dollars.

Behind the creation of each great brand of cosmetics, as a general rule, there is usually always a captivating story. And the Bobbi Brown is not no doubt. In the 1970s, after earning a BFA in theatrical make-up at Emerson College in Boston, he moved to New York for further training as professional makeup. When she was ready, he took his portfolio presentation and visited the majority of journals specializing in fashion and beauty. He started from scratch and ended up conquering the most prestigious publications and the prettiest girls in the world, despite the fact that these were not exactly his main objective. And it is that Bobbi Brown always showed to have character, personality and a perception of makeup that Calo with force in society precisely for being a revolutionary concept.

As an infinite number of times she explained: my goal is to help women to appreciate their individuality, not those of a supermodel or a beautiful actress. The key of your success? Bobbi products reinvented the color palette from your skin tones and offered new more streamlined textures. It all started with a lipstick that had no odor, was not dry or greasy, and resembled the lips, only that better, he declared. In 1991, its 10 bars of lips debuted at Bergdorf Goodman stores, under the name of Bobbi Brown Essentials. He expected to sell 100 in a month, and sold 100 the first day. From that day, bobbi brown makeup would be in most chic brands throughout the West. Latest news from Bobbi Brown twenty years later, Bobbi Brown lip bars still currently represent a certain value and a classic quality. Their latest releases include Rich Lip Color, with a new lighter and intense in colour formula created on a colorless base.

Rich Lip Color shows the true color of its pigments since what you see, do not have trap, is what you really get on your lips. Also, this creamy and emollient lip bar moisturizes and conditions your lips offering a Sunscreen SPF 12 (available in 12 shades, costs 24). The ideal companion for this Rich Lip Color, constitutes it the very complete and natural range of Pretty Powerful palettes that Bobbi Brown introduces herself: I have always loved a natural look, but that doesn’t mean that it is absent of color. Pretty Powerful palettes contain shades of pink soft and intense, as well as a touch of brightness to create a healthy look, because there is nothing more flattering than a healthy appearance, says Bobbi. Available in two shades and designed for all kinds of faces, each palette contains four eyeshadows in neutral colors, as well as different shades of Pink for lips and cheeks (its price is 58). Always thinking a healthy beauty and the prevention of damage, the expert created Extra Repair Serum for those women who seek hydration and repair at the same time. The new Extra Repair Serum of Bobbi Brown is the ultimate solution for dry skin. This nutritive serum works with the time to help improve the texture of the skin as well as the hydration barrier. It contains ingredients anti-aging that help soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles while it provides firmness, leaving skin more smooth (100).

In 1967 obtained Awards Nacional of Peru novel, the Spanish critics Prize and Romulo Gallegos for his novel the Green House. In 1977 he was appointed member of the Academia Peruana de la Lengua and occupies the Simon Bolivar Chair at the University of Cambridge. In 1982 he received the award of the Instituto Italo Latinoamericano Rome. In 1985 he won the Ritz Paris Hemingway Award for his novel the war of the end of the world. In 1986 he won the Prince of Asturias Award for literature. In 1988 he received the freedom prize (Switzerland), awarded by the Max Schmidheiny Foundation.

In 1989 he received the Scanno Prize (Italy) for his novel El hablador. In 1990 win prize Castiglione of Sicily (Italy) to merit his novelistic work and he is named Professor Honoris cause from the Florida International University in Miami. He is also Doctor Honoris cause from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, from Connecticut College in United States, of Queen Mary College, London University and Boston University. 1993 Gets the Planeta Prize for his novel death in the Andes. E1 24 March 1994 is elected member of the Royal Spanish Academy of language. In 1994 Lituma in the Andes was awarded the prize literary Archbishop San Clemente de Santiago de Compostela. In 1995 he was awarded the Jerusalem prize.

In 1996 the German booksellers Guild gives you the peace prize. In April 1997 was granted the Premio Mariano de Cavia, which granted the newspaper ABC, by its immigrants article, published in El Pais in August 1996. Illustrious visitor of the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Lima (Peru). Golden pen granted by the writing Club, Madrid (Spain). Doctor Honoris Causa of the Universidad Nacional de San Agustin de Arequipa (Peru).

If you are interested in starting on a courtyard experience, NFL Snapback Hats you should consider purchasing outdoor camping cushions as these products are regarded to be important when it comes to improving the stage of relaxation that you get while on your journey. Doctors have performed many studies, tests, and levels of research on relaxation throughout history. It has been established that relaxation is a necessary component to each person s success. Every element of our body system intensely Depende del relax. If you are outdoor camping, you should make sure that you are aware during getting a chance to be able to focus on your success in the outside as well as looking after everybody s primary needs that are on the journey as well. While sleeping-bags and protection are also important to Boston Red Sox Snapback Hats proper relax in outdoor adventuring, journey cushions are starting to become widely approved as a necessity as well.The Results of Sleep DeprivationWhen we go outdoor camping, it is typical to include a covering, sleeping-bags and bedding.

However, it was not until recently that people started included outdoor camping cushions as well. It is not at all unusual for people to discover that they are unpleasant when adventuring in the outside. This often wherewithal from the fact that many remember to bring along every equipment needed for a sound night of sleep, except for a journey pillow case. Since most people are acquainted to getting to sleep with a pillow case at night, many suffer from the consequences of lack of relaxation when they do not have one available. When these effects are experienced in the outside, it could confirm to be highly damaging to an person s health. The following features the most typical Tisa Snapback Hats results of lack of relaxation that may be prevented when using outdoor camping pillows: Reduced Body Temperature? Reduced Performance of the Defense System? It is composed by xiemeng 2012-08-29 Low Energy Levels? Intellectual Impairments? Feelings Swings? Improved Opportunity for Injury? Improved Potential for SicknessSleep BasicsIf you are planning to outdoor camping journey, you should make sure that you have outdoor camping cushions available for each individual that will be doing the journey. Sleep is regarded to be a subconscious state that is important for the primary body s ability to maintain and maintain itself.

When we are Buffalo Bills Snapback Hats relaxing, our bodies involves in many projects. It maintenance the muscles, cells and muscle, concentrates on providing a period of relaxation to the organs, joint parts, and other elements of our bodies. On average, a person needs at least six to eight duration of relaxation that is regarded to be solid to be able to enjoy the highest stage of benefits associated with our bodies.When outdoor camping, you are constantly using our bodies to prepare the place that you will live, gathering food, and other Florida Marlins Snapback Hats requirements for success. In addition to this, your human is going through a natural process of modification to your environment. You must make sure that when it s about a chance to relax that you are getting the best relaxation possible. By bringing along a journey pillow case or various types of outside camping cushions, you will succeed in this element of your outdoor adventuring.