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When does self-installation of wooden windows – there is a lot of problems at each stage of work which may lead to loss of quality selected option window and a bad result. Blame the manufacturer of the master self-taught he can not, because any flaws in the installation – this is his handiwork. Let's look at why the issue of installation of windows so demand professional services? Maybe you can just consider some points and do all yourself? No matter how much we wanted to be self-reliant, as in Casco calculator, you should be able to face the truth. Imagine that removing the old window, you will experience the roughness of the walls, which, unfortunately, very often found in modern and old buildings? If you leave the problem unsolved, somehow vpihnuv new wooden box and sealed seams foam, you get not only the poor quality of the installation, but drafts mildew in the joints of windows and walls, and a host of other problems. In these cases the professionals do? They use special technology assessment of the window aperture, consider all the details, and install window so as to avoid any penetration of wind or water. Most of it seems very simple process of sealing joints of foam, it would seem, nothing could be simpler. But in fact this way of strengthening the window is not enough. Specialists may use special locking plates, guides, and other devices.

All technology professionals install windows you do not know, but the result will meet your best expectations. Experience shows that when self-installation of windows there is a lot of problems, the most serious of which is the need to repair a new window or full replacement. Agree, these expenses do not need anyone. And the desire to save money can result in ruin. Do not be afraid of a modest additional cost for a quality specialist installation of windows. It's worth it. Especially because many companies offer the services of professional installers are already included in the price window. Trust is important matter experts, then your windows will serve you faithfully for decades, delighting you with its reliability and beauty.

During this time, the breed becomes more friable and susceptible to treatment. Large parts of broken up, fine crumb, facilitating the process. After holding the slate is ready for further production. Grinder grinds raw materials mined in the powder, but that did not completely crush, re-enters the primary stage, forming a vicious cycle. Preparatory operations are completed and now you can easily create any shape and colors for the brick.

Initially formed slate powder, mixed with water to create yet shapeless brick paste. Then, using a press it is forced through the form, creating a brick block. At the same time cut off a layer of clay, which opens the top of the brick. All remains then again get into the press and re- used. If the received block have been roasted, you get the traditional red brick.

Further sintering at higher temperatures will give the clinker, which is more suitable for high strength and a sidewalks. Yet unbaked brick in the state, the designers give him relief by means of a roller and add pressed oxide minerals. The material is painted in desired color, you need to create various building masterpieces. Subsequently, the blocks are cut into bricks of standard size, and they formed the holes, making it easier to block. Once the form is created from a brick spontaneously begins to evaporate water. Material enters the dryer, and then baked. Binding technological step is quality control, which checks the manufacturer dimensions and fluid intake with a brick. Brick in necessarily have to absorb a certain amount of water to well absorb the mortar. This verification is performed by weighing a building material before and after placing it in a container with fluid. Once the check is, the party is packed into cubes and sent to consumers.

The creators of the cinema are the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere, Jean, they showed the world his first film 'motion picture of the Lumiere brothers' back in 1895, they later went with his film on global tour traveled to New York, London, Mumbai. Although the movie came first, the brothers publicly revealed all that is cinema, that's why they are considered the founders of the movie. In Russia, the first film appeared in 1984 at the Congress of Physicians and writers in Moscow, two years before the premiere of the Lumiere brothers, through the device designer Freudenberg. Today the film is strongly progressed, it began to use computer effects and 3D technology. For the first time 3D technology in the movie appeared in 1920, but then forgot about them for long. In the 1950s, Hollywood began to use three-dimensional technology to gain an audience. The first picture shot using 3D technology: "The Devil bwana" (1952) "House of Wax" (1953) "It was from outer space" (1953) "In the case of murder, dial M" (1954) 'Night of the Living Dead (1968), "Amityville" (1980), "Friday the 13th" (1980 ) Today you will be able to directly in 3D format of the Internet

Kiton was founded by Mark Paone Giro almost half a century ago in 1968 in the Italian city of Naples. To date, Kiton is considered one of the most exclusive and prestigious fashion houses around the world. The company annually produces about 18,000 men's suits, the cost of each of which varies from 5,000 to 15,000 dollars. Costumes can put an order on individual measures, or purchase one of the most exclusive boutiques in major cities around the world. Each season in these mono-brand stores clothing brand Kiton delivered few buyers. As a rule, to make one suit requires about 20 hours of manual labor, and at least 45 tailors have to pay their time and energy to every costume. The most famous model of the costume, released under the label Kiton, – K-50" – so named precisely because its production takes about 50 hours, and the price reaches U.S.

$ 30.000-50.000. These suits are sewn only major brand tailor Kiton, who personally makes the measurements and adjusts to suit client's figure. Kiton shirts are processed manually as well as silk ties, consisting of seven parts. Believer clothing Handmade Paone opened a school of tailor's skill at the factory Kiton, which is located in an industrial suburb of Naples. In 2004, the brand Kiton opened an office and showroom in New York, but soon, and store brand London. Like many other fashion labels, brand Kiton has been modified and expanded over the years: began the production of sportswear, footwear, fragrances, furnishings, moreover, began to create women's collections.