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It fits to pontuar that verbal history in Brazil as well as in the remain of Latin America, mainly in the countries that ditatoriais governments had lived, had its incorporation associated with the redemocratizao process, what it differentiates the paper of the Latin American verbal history of the European or North American. Another difference enters, Brazilian verbal history and ' ' first verbal history mundista' ' , it was the fact not to be able to use the same used analytical criteria for the foreign authors to study, for example, the kept out of society and excluded slavery, miscegenation, groups (MEIHY, 2000, p17). The predominant version on the origin of the counted city in the streets of the city says that, the catequizado indian Vitorino came in middle of century XVII to inhabit to the edges of the river Ribeira that finished giving to beginning to the Good town Jesus of the Green Sugar cane of Ribeira. The wars, the expeditions for capture of slaves and, mainly, the epidemics and the hunger had brutally decimated the aboriginal populations. It has occupation vestiges more than human being of 5,000 years, but the official registers recognize the beginning of the occupation of the city in 1721, tell to Monsignor Luiz Chestnut of Almeida: ' ' these monges benedictines in 1693, had gotten the first one would sesmaria beyond the river Sarapu, in the way of Curitiba, opened the leg of cattle, tipped for immense sesmarias that went being granted, until in 1721, the Listener Rafael Pardinho Saucers determined that the river Itarar for limit of the two villages Sorocaba and Curitiba (…) in the side occidental person of the Paranapiacaba, the gold mines of Apiahy, town for some whites, that in 1728 had received sesmarias and many managed by indians, caboclos and slaves africanos' '. We leave of the general hypothesis of that the city despite small devoid e, was palco of important moments of the Brazilian Republic.

Build a toilet at the cottage with his own hands is not difficult, it is only necessary to observe some rules, and then this building will serve you long and reliable. Chalet toilets are rarely built inside houses, are more common street options. They are easier to install and do not require special equipment for cleaning. This paper will be given three options for giving toilets. Toilet with a cesspool most common variant of the restroom. First just for a toilet should dig a cesspool, and the need to observe some rules. If the groundwater at the site fit pretty close to the surface (3-3.5 meters), the sump do not generally recommended, and if you still decided to build this type of toilet, then it should have at least 25-30 meters from the nearest well and at 15 meters from the house.

Cesspool better to do with the seal the walls and bottom. To do this, it spread from the concrete and plaster with cement mortar, and then apply another thin layer of cement and wipe it. Then made of timber frame section of 100×100, and to take the bar seats 50-50. Standard the size of toilet: 150 cm long, 100 cm wide and 210 cm in height. Bars is cut in size and are connected to poldereva, then sanded and then check level and plumb compounds. To toilet in the country was stable, it deepened with piles – segments of the beam up to 90 cm stool constructed from a sheet of plywood, which cut a hole and bolted it to the frame.

Walls and floor toilet and sheathed with plywood or particleboard, and insulation can be glued to the foam. For convenience, sheathe toilet until the pit installation. The roof of a toilet constructed from cross beams, and they fit or slate roofing iron. Powders, toilet is another option cottage toilet – toilet-powders. This type of latrine can be combined with other outbuildings or bath. This toilet is set on a layer of compacted clay and gravel (10-15 cm). Caracas sheathe with plywood or boards, and the interior is divided into two equal parts. In constructing a toilet seat, which put a metal container and put in another part of the box with a lid for the sawdust, peat or dry land. Pretty convenient and hygienic WC powders to give a-closet. If it is properly equipped and carefully used, this may seem quite onerous toilet, cheap to operate and tidy. It can be combined with other outbuildings or bath. After the appearance of fresh waste, sawdust sprinkled on them. Peat or soil, and when the tank is filled, it is taken out through a side door and emptied into a compost pit. Luft-closet This option is a combination of home and the usual wooden toilet. This toilet is inside the house and sump constructed on the street. The figure shows a scheme of play-closet: 1 – chimney, 2 – play-channel, 3 – Wooden Cover 4 – Cast-iron exhaust, 5 – stretching, 6 – clay castle, 7 – brick. Putting a bathroom built of brick or concrete and the floor is made with reinforced concrete floor thickness of 100 mm. Cesspit dug rate of 0.5 cubic meters. m. per man. It is the size of 70×80 cm hatch with two covers. The first lid (cast iron) is mounted at ground level, while the second (wooden) – above the joists, the gap between them filled with insulation material. An important condition play-closet is a good exhaust ventilation.

Cleaning a cleaning robot robot is a domestic robot whose main function is to facilitate the cleanliness of the home. Basically there are two types of cleaning robot, intelligent robots that clean up or scrub the floor completely autonomously, as the robot vacuum cleaner and scrub, and the steam cleaning robot that can work as a cleaner to steam, vacuum cleaner and iron, which require the active intervention of the user to perform their duties. Cleaning robot types is one of appliances of most recent appearance on the market and its popularity is growing rapidly thanks to its good performance. Let’s look at the different types of cleaning robot existing: intelligent Robot: is a cleaning robot whose function is vacuuming or mopping floors. It works autonomously without human interaction, crosses the room wiping the floor, automatically calculates the dimensions of rooms and ensures go through all the points. It adapts to any type of surface, carpet, carpet, wood or marble and detects walls, obstacles and steps to not fall down the stairs.

Works with rechargeable battery and when this runs by itself again the recharge base.The robot vacuum cleaner have rotating brushes and a vacuum system to carry out its mission, while the robot scrub incorporate Additionally a wet cleaning system and drying. Intelligent cleaning robot is presented as a complement to the conventional vacuum cleaner, not as a replacement, and is oriented to daily maintenance cleaning, allowing to reduce the frequency of deep cleaning done with traditional appliance. Steam cleaning robot: a robot for cleaning to steam or vaporeta is an electrical appliance that facilitates the household cleaning using only steam, without cleaning products. The heat of the steam dissolves and gives off the dirt, which is picked up by cloths and accessories. Water consumption, reduces greatly what is compounded savings in cleaning products, since they only use water. In addition to models with wheels there are other laptops whose small size makes them very comfortable to operate and move.They usually have different accessories as pressure spray gun to clean bathroom, oven or the joints of tiles, bar extension to clean crystals or steamer, that provides an accurate and fast ironing. Some models of steam cleaners, in addition to its basic function of cleaning, robot include aspiration function, allowing sucking both solids and liquids, filter and purify the air as well as dry surfaces. Steam cleaning robot is oriented towards cleanliness in depth since water vapor starts all the dirt in the form of grease, dust, germs, bacteria and mites, allowing disinfect and sanitize the entire House. Source: Cleaning Robot

The colic in the general population of horses is estimated at 11% annually. Symptoms of colic in horses include abdominal pain, frequent urination, attempts at biting or pinching in the area of the stomach, restless step, scrape, bedtime and repeated lifting, roll, excess salivation and loss of appetite. The causes most common of the colic are gastrointestinal in nature and are they relieved with proper treatment, however some causes of the colic can prove fatal without surgical intervention. The natural way is penso once feeding a horse after exercise (and not before) may reduce the risk of colic. However, recent research suggests that it can be beneficial to horses if they are fed a small amount before exercise. It is recommended that a horse receive up to 18 hours to graze each day.

The feeding of carbohydrates restricted to a horse, making sure that food and water are drinking clean and preventing the ingestion of dirt or sand using a surface of high power, may decrease the risk of colic. Horses follow a schedule of diet and regular dental checkups. A regular diet that does not substantially change in content (or ratio) and the prevention of heat stroke can also serve to promote easy digestion and gastrointestinal harmony. There are homeopathic natural remedies known for its ability to provide short-term relief of symptoms of acute in horse colic. Taken internally, they treat acute symptoms such as stomach pain, cramps and wind helps your horse experience gastrointestinal calm. * Chamomilla (6 c) is frequently used to treat infant colic. It is gentle, calm and helps to relieve the pain and discomfort of stomach while that supports digestion. * Aconitum nap (6 c) is used to soothe gastrointestinal disturbances when the symptoms occur suddenly and tend to quickly subside with treatment.

* Belladonna (6 c) is often used to relieve stomach, this remedy is useful in treating spasmodic cramps during digestive disturbances. * Colocynth (6 c) has been used since ancient times for colic pains and digestive complaints. * Nux vom (6 c) 17TH century doctors discovered the stimulating effects of this homeopathic remedy on the digestive and nervous system. Original author and source of the article.

Besides the decorative sense of home or home waterfall fountain helps moisturize the air, which is extremely beneficial to the well-being during the heating season. Relaxing the meaning of falling water affects the mental stress. Device decorative waterfalls and home falls from a technical point of view is not very complicated. The composition of design elements include cumulative tanks, pumps, pipes for transporting water, nozzles for waterfalls and an obstacle to the waterfalls. Dimension desktop waterfalls and fountains desktop, usually no more than 40 cm in height and diameter 30 cm water decorative waterfalls sometimes add aromatic oils to flavor the air around a waterfall. To improve the entertainment waterfall and enter into the composition of light elements. In the process of waterfalls and fountains, it is necessary to monitor the water level in the tank, because in the process of the devices with an area of water surface 1-1,5 m2 evaporated to 3-4 liters of water per day. Particularly useful feature of this desktop waterfalls and fountains for indoor plants.

If the waterfall is among the house plants, it looks even more spectacular. For normal operation, the waterfalls and fountains require quality water. Better use of distilled water, it leaves the evaporation of dissolved salts, which eventually concentrate in the tank falls and can damage the heart – the pump. If the loss of salts has occurred then the whole fixable, we can clean surface of the pump with the help of detergents. To exclude the flowering of the water, it is necessary to change the water completely at least once every three months to complete cleaning the device.

Integer operations on topping up and cleaning can be carried out soon when off the mains plug pump. So it is prohibited to top up to a waterfall or fountain of hot water with temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. Have decorative waterfalls and fountains need in accordance with the design room. They are placed on window sills, tables, lockers, screw the shelves, plants, etc. Influence of the Falls of direct sunlight will lead to more rapid flowering of water. Look great advertising falls in bars and restaurants. Appearance of advertising pouring drinks cans attracts customers in these institutions and contributes to the emancipation of the situation at the bar. Waterfall, set the house will support distract from vain thoughts and relieve fatigue. Dry skin and nasopharynx will eliminate running waterfall. Put a desktop waterfall on his working table and can be at work enjoy the sound of streaming water and appearance of water overflows. Decorative waterfalls and fountains are a great gift to friends and associates.

You want to improve your quality of life and you do not know like? You need to increase your entrance monthly to improve your economy? Your present work limits to you because of the income and it does not allow you to advance in your projects? The debts oppress to you? , the basic needs of your home always are delayed? These tired of which the years happen and your economic situation always are the same? Surely you have asked yourself but of one you see that you prune to make to revert your situation. Normally one thinks about finding an extra job, or having two works and to thus spend all the day working and to be able to replace all the needs of the home, but from this situation also a question arises when I can have but time to pass with my family and my children? , or to enjoy but the life and not to be as much time in my work seeing as the years and the dreams and projects always go are delayed. Today it is the time in that you must put to him to the failures full stop, wing misery wing shortage, wings limitations wing monotony wing distress wing sadness and begin to construct a different future in abundance in all the senses, you do not leave your life continues being the same, from today in future it begins to walk with a mentality successful and triumphant man. Now as we can obtain the changes? In these times so difficult to achieve objectives with a conventional work it is made difficult more and more. You would like to have your own business your own company and of being a successful industralist? Surely your replacing is clear that I would like, and of insurance also you ask yourself of where you are going to remove the money to invest in rents, in the employees in the consumptions etc.

Travel company is well-suited to notice the emergence of new “last minute” tickets. An interesting idea is also sending greetings to customers and partners. And maybe to congratulate them not only with national holidays like New Year, but, for example, on his birthday (date of birth is also often included in an application for a club card). Similar SMS campaign can be organized and employees. Individual attention to any agreeable, so you can take care of their customers or employees and, of course, to improve their relationship. There is also a combined the use of mobile technologies in marketing. For example, using SMS-mailing can notify subscribers about the sweepstakes or contests that are held also by SMS. In this case, the newsletter includes a description of actions and instructions for the party (sending messages with certain text to a specific number that is both expression of consent to participate in the quiz).

Subject quizzes can relate to, for example, the work area company or of its history, allowing you to stimulate the interest of users or employees to your organization. SMS distribution made by a special, very complex software. However, for Customer service is no longer a problem because there are many services that are professionally engaged in SMS-newsletters. All you need – base of phone numbers of your subscribers, some companies provide an opportunity to use your phone subscribers base and the idea of mailing. It remains an important issue – the choice of service, which will be implemented through action. First, despite the overall low cost of SMS-mailings, the prices in different Companies are also different. For large orders, all companies provide significant discounts, but for smaller businesses will be much higher prices.

So you should choose a service where the cost of SMS is low regardless of volumes. In this case, you will be offered various solutions that can help make your service more interesting to the user, and will also contribute to its promotion: SMS-Quizzes, polls, orders via SMS, etc. Additional mobile solutions can be selected for any field of business. So do not assume the use of SMS-SMS advertising and marketing only the prerogative of the companies working directly on the mobile market communications or the Internet. New technologies make it possible to realize almost any idea.

4. Take note of all the symbols that have appeared. Incorporated and close the circle. 5. With materials to choice (ceramics, cloths, paintings, stones of colors, paper, yarn, wool, etc.) draw up a personal shield with that protective sign. 6.

Then place the coat in a key location in your home where many people gather. The inner Animal: The animals are an essential part of the nature and live with human beings not only in the outside world. The shamans say that all individuals have withing the strength of nine animals: 1. which helps in the spiritual challenges. 2 One that provides protection. 3 Another that teaches trust in oneself.

4 Which shows the inner truth. 5 Which is advisable. 6. The developer of the secrets of the Earth. 7. The master of the enigma of the stars. 8 That connects with the male energy. 9 Which connects with the feminine energy. Why to contact one of them, we need to enter in the wheel of the defence in the same manner as before. Then it does not do the following: Lie on the surface relaxing the body. Inhale deep four times and also exhale in four times. Repeat three times until you feel completely relaxed. Close your eyes and visualize a forest with many trees and a clear light right in the Center. Walk in the direction to the light and when you arrive will appear before your eyes an infinite desert, from there you will see a row of animals that spend faced with their eyes. Among these will be your pet. When you see it call it aloud and ask for protection. Once it is gone back to back and recover the path through the forest and to the trees go spacing a green cloud around it. Gradually returns to become aware of your body.

For most people the word is synonymous RENTAL income, this is not the only meaning of the word. The information developed here could be useful to individuals and companies who wish to learn some investment and tax implications. In terms of taxes, plus a rent charged, income is all performance, capital gains and losses, regardless of the residence of the payer and, therefore, income taxes are charged on all income generated. For the purpose of collecting the taxes they have been classified into several large groups, which vary according to each country: For work. Included is this category of revenue for salaries, bonuses, long service awards, and unemployment benefits, pensions and receipts in kind. Is calculated by subtracting income deductions for fixed gross salary to performance. Return on their furniture.

They are related to revenue bills, bonds, deposits and liabilities, by the participation of the benefits of certain companies and insurance contracts disability or loss of life when not taxed in the work-related category. P or the various economic activities. They involve all business and professional activities and the sale of shares or participation in investment funds, and rental property. This income is calculated by subtracting operating expenses to gross output. Capital gains and losses.

Wealth produced by varying either gains or profits or losses and the disabled. Included in this group, the sale of buildings, land, forests, etc.. The tax calculation is done by subtracting the special deductions and operational costs to gross output. Revenue sporadic: for rewards, need for life insurance, for sweepstakes. The money received in this manner is highly taxable and the tax is generally calculated by deducting operating expenses and special deductions of up to 50% gross return. There are several fixed-income assets, rather hybrid between income variable and fixed income that can be exploited even make some profits. The most common in today’s market are the constraints, ie the aliquots of a broadcast by a company giving the holder the rights to payment of interest and repayment of principal on the redemption date, bonds, similar to but the medium-term obligations, and letters, which are short term securities in which the investor buys a letter with a nominal value but pay a lower price and receives the face value at maturity of it.

And here it is – Austria! The first thing that met us there – it's windmills. They are so many that at first it seems that is the subject of a sci-fi movie. Very impressive. Nowhere else will not have to see this. Vienna greeted us with sun and heat. Very fortunate that we arrived there on weekends. There's always at the center are allowed free parking.

On weekdays, it's entirely possible. We'll have to put the car away, but this will agree, quite exciting. If you are in Vienna, just a day, as we are, we immediately advised to sit on the circular tram ride around the center with a breeze. So you can look at everything and liked the place back foot. Passing a full circle, we went to one of the stops and began methodically to bypass all the sights of the old center.

Unforgettable! The impression is that these buildings and churches were doing is not made of stone, and wove a delicate lace. Also noteworthy is absolutely every building. If you have the desire and money to spare, you can ride in a carriage around the center. This is a very popular, but, frankly, the passengers of the coaches were deeply elderly Germans. As a result, we decided to walk on foot. And no sorry! Finally, having tried doroguschy (almost 50 USD. For 4 pieces), but very tasty, Viennese pastries, we have sent your car to the side of Prague. On the way, have filled 20 liters (28 euros) of gasoline. We decided to make a difference. It was quite significant. The car flew like a hurricane, while consuming 6.5 liters accidents. By the evening of that day, we have successfully drank beer in a beautiful bar in Prague, glad that everything is going according to plan. May 11-13, Remembering Prague, I can not even identify something one.

Japan continues to shake, the radiation level exceeds the limit, and the number of victims is growing. Oil spills, oil film and dirt Russian rivers. Pollution, emissions, waste: waste management in Russia, nitrogen pollution in Europe. Climate news: climate and plate tectonics, the whitewashing of the clouds for protection from solar activity. News of "green" technologies: wind power plants in England, electricity sidewalk in Brussels. World Animals: insomnia cave fish, pigeons and people, cultural exchanges, whales, crabs, birds, spiders and grasshoppers. Science News: Why large wasps smarter than small ones, that saved the ancient birds from extinction. Health: exhaust and health Vegetarianism and the heart.

Our food: blueberries from obesity to heart sour cherry, strawberry from esophageal cancer, low-calorie pistachios. This is interesting: the deepest point of Europe. The dates of the week: The International Day of Environmental knowledge, Days of protection against ecological danger. News of the legislation and the Ministries of wastewater treatment in Russia, the refusal to hunt a polar bear, social environmental monitoring. PHOTO of the week: "The most unusual and tails known animals "and" Fruit from the most exotic appearance. " Review of the week from 04.11.2011 to 04.17.2011. Japan continues to shake, the radiation level exceeds the limit, and the number of victims is growing seismic situation after March 11 remains extremely tense – regular aftershocks shake Japan. On the day of memory of victims of floods in Japan hit by new quake. In the north-east of Japan near the island of Honshu, was recorded a powerful new earthquake.

That suggestion or voice, remembered this now to it to still leave it tenser. If the cellular one touched at that moment, was its end. It could to be demascarado or to be considered as fara ressucitado, for the gallows of the conjunct of ' ' great chefe' '. In this second hypothesis could not nor imagine what those fanatic ones could make with it. After a long time of meditation, finally ' ' great chefe' ' if it moves away again, giving to it plus a time to be able to breathe more tranquilamente. Again it starts the tambores and the dances. Now much more to the will. Without those formalities all.

The ritual then arrives at its climax. Until ' ' great chefe' ' already its hat enters in the dance, taking off and dancing as it wanted. Migrantino already knew well this very. All party was thus. Certinho started everything, but when all more were empolgados by the drink, they lost that air of formality all.

In that height already they were doides. They must already have until forgotten what they had come to make there. For the opening, it of the one olhadinha through the mirror in the ceiling and completely sees the head with a drum in the hand, giving beaten already is of the rhythm. Now at least it not running more in such a way risk. They were alone to wait to get tired themselves and to finish soon with that torture. Finally, they go to the few leaving the great hall and it she remains immovable inside of sarcfago, not seeing the hour to open that cover pra to be able to leave. But still she had to wait at least one hour until she could have certainty of that she would not have plus nobody in that building. When at last she left that one caixote, nor believed that everything had survived to that. When earning the street can again breathe pure oxygen. This everything left to it half traumatizado. Beyond the sounds of siriene that it had terror when it listened, now joined to this also the sounds of tambores. Finally it was again in return to century XXI.

A new online service designed to provide Alzheimer’s patients to clinical trials can help solve a great bottleneck in the development of new medicines: the lack of people who try them, said a group of researchers, the 12 July 2010. The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that launched more than 100 clinical trials of medicines for Alzheimer’s and dementia, and dozens of more experimental substances that soon will be ready to test. But there are very few people who accept to undergo trials. We will need more than 10,000 patients of Alzheimer’s during the next five years to join the tests that are already planned, said Dr. Reisa Sperling of the Brigham and Women s Hospital and the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston in an interview at the meeting of the Alzheimer’s Association in Honolulu. Sperling said that pharmacological companies take between one and two years to gather enough patients median and elderly for clinical trials.

If it takes 18 months to recruitment and the tests take another 18 months, this means three years for each medication, he said. That is simply too long. That means that at this pace, we will not be able to prove all the substances until 2030 when there will be three times as many people with Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that from 2010 to 2050, the cost of caring for persons of 65 or more years with Alzheimer’s in U.S. will increase more than six times until the 1.08 billion dollars a year. Current medicines help deal with the symptoms but treatment can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, which can start with a slight confusion and memory loss before progressing way to disability and death. Many medical centers and pharmaceutical companies and universities around the world are trying to develop therapies that modify the disease, said Dr. Ronald Petersen of the Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota clinic. The biggest obstacle is the recruitment of an adequate number of subjects, he said at a Conference of Press. Continue reading By Leonel Morales.

more sarcastically," answered Natasha yet – not even a year are married! These energies are not lost so easily. They are independent of fatigue. "Wait and you'll see that you're miserable state when you start residency," said Ruth with a tone of anger, seeing that her friend did not believe him .- and how you feel at the end of each day. And do not tell the end of the week! And when that week and not just because you're continuing to do the press on Sunday and have to wait until next Sunday to have your first day off! and I'll tell. On Saturday afternoon is the only time you'll have most of the time, they will use to prepare the class has to give on Monday. The life of a resident is really something that could be considered, without fear of falling into a mistake, a Oeun crazy -. "You're not scared," Natasha replied "It is not easy, but I do not think that is so very heavy as you are painting at the moment.

a "Again I repeat this time," said Ruth eagerly, "You'll see .- At the time I can rebatirte, now I have the necessary experience," said Natasha to see that her friend was getting impatient for your answers – I also go to the sea. My parents have booked a small house in St. Bernard .- "I'm not going anywhere a " Gladys said with some sadness .- My parents can not afford to go on vacation.

Polymer clay – a plastic that is easily molded – as clay, but unlike clay it firmly solidifies after heat treatment. Moreover, the need for such treatment is not special high-temperature oven, conventional oven! Polymer clay is a very popular material for creative work and hobbies. Polymer clay is a variety of colors and textures. At the core of polymer clay is PVC (PVC). Also in the polymer clay comprises various pigments. With regard to safety of polymer clay, then Boston's Institute of Materials for the Arts and Crafts conducted the survey the main producers of products polymer clay and concluded that the materials conform to ASTM D-4236 for materials for arts and crafts, established by the Committee on Safety of consumer products.

Polymer clay a versatile material, from She can sculpt anything. As the small details and large sculptures. Thanks to him, you can achieve phenomenal results and very beautiful jewelry with lots of medium-sized, almost jewelry, details. This may be cakes and pastries and other goodies. It could be flowers, animals, any theme decorations. Also, polymer clay figurines and handicrafts can be souvenirs, fridge magnets, dolls. To sculpt from polymer clay use special tools: awl, Prototype knife, roller, tweezers for fine detail. Although the modeling of polymer clay you can use any means at hand, which only come into your head. Apart from the fact that the products thanks to the able hands of masters, can purchase lyuboyu form, they can add almost any part of other materials, and they, in fact, be very firm hold on! On the frozen polymer clay easily draw absolutely any pictures with acrylic paints. Finished products can be used very long time. Working with polymer clay is a great pleasure, exactly as the final result! Huge experiencing pleasure and the man who would wear such jewelry.

Keep your car in perfect condition we know that your car is one of the most precious values within your heritage, this is why we offer the following tips to keep it in perfect condition. Remember that your care depends on your well-being and that of your family. Whether you’re a rental car or own you should care, since to be income if something happens you will have to pay an extra at the rate that they charge you monthly. In the second situation, you will have to find someone that you can fix the malfunction and make calculations of money. ONE.

Make regular visits to the gas station or to your trusted shop so that you must check the engine oil. Change every 5,000 miles or every three months. You must also change the filter. TWO. Check shock absorbers every three months.

3. It examines the level of antifreeze frequently. If you’re in a place with low temperatures do it every week. FOUR. If you have a car with transparent fuel tank, fill it up to the mark with half water and half antifreeze. FIVE. It monitors the battery levels every time that you change your oil. If the cells levels are low, a quick solution is filled with purified water, but the best thing is to use liquid to battery. 6. Check the filter of air every two months, as well as the windshield wipers before the rains begin. Change them if they are broken or brittle, but put a few new each year. SEVEN. Check the power steering fluid. You have to fill out when you are low level and check the pump as well as the hoses for leaks. 8. It examines once per month brake fluid, windshield wipers and transmission. Take care that the engine is warm, with the hand brake. NINE. It monitors the tire pressure is in good condition. This can be done at any gas station. Tires should be inflated to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, and be without cracks, bumps, or wear. Change them every 15,000 miles.

Time synchronization is very important for modern computer networks. In some sectors the time synchronization is absolutely vital, especially when it’s technologies as control air traffic and maritime navigation, where hundreds of lives it could put at risk due to lack of precise time. Even in the financial world, the correct time synchronization is vital since millions of sums of money can be increased or deleted in the prices of shares every second. For this reason, everyone adheres to a schedule known as coordinated universal time (UTC). However, adhere to the UTC and keep the UTC accurately are two different things.

Most computer clocks are simple oscillators that slowly deviate either faster or more slowly. Unfortunately this means that no matter how accurate are set on Monday, Friday already has will be diverted. This offset can be only a fraction of a second, but it will not take long for the original time UTC is over a second outside. In many industries, this is not a matter of life or death in the loss of millions in shares and participations, but lack of time synchronization can have unintended consequences, such as leaving a less protected against fraud company. However, the reception and the maintenance of the actual UTC time is quite simple. The dedicated network time servers are available, which use the NTP (Network Time Protocol) Protocol to continuously verify a network time against a source of UTC time. These devices are often referred to as a time server or network time server, NTP server. NTP server constantly adjusts all devices on a network to ensure that the machines are not diverted from the UTC.

The UTC is available from several sources including the GPS network. This is an ideal time UTC source, since it is safe, reliable and available everywhere in the planet. UTC is also available through radio transmissions national specialists that are disseminated by the national physics laboratories, although they are not available everywhere.

It knows what it is necessary to reach your dream It does not give up! I believe and mainly I trust you that he is part of my life with its unconditional friendship Exactly that through imaginable lines that they separate in them for the meshes of the Internet. I will choose the way and I go to the meeting of it Only this A decision yours. It goes in front. It does not give up! It does not give attention to this voice that is now in a your head saying that it is all bobagem, valley the penalty nor not to read this, that is all bobagem and lie. I do not listen to this voice, you I ask for. You are capable.

You deserve to be happy He does not give up your dreams, are they which will be Restoration of your family; To conclude your studies and to reach the cultural and professional formation that it desires; To find the company ideal in accordance with to live your style of life and its peculiarities; Children, go to have the blessed children and that you they will give great joys, they are they natural yours or adopted by you. It creates them with security, love, dignity and wisdom; To have peace and happiness in your life; To usufruct of the corporeal properties and spirituals that long for; To pay your debts, they are many, is not, but who does not have them? That job that as much waits, this chance goes to arrive; To have a healthful and worthy social life with your friends, colleagues and family; Health. To have it is a blessing, either in the body or in the soul, you will have the cure that it asks for you or for somebody in special; Ah! To reach most important, in my humble opinion, the Wisdom the Happiness Be that as it may it does not give up, you you are so close to having what it desires! That already it can feel in your hands It waits, trusts God! You deserve, I know of this, and I have the dignity.

Just as it is fatal to not answer the phone, same thing happens when you don’t respond to a message in social networks. 5.Manten updated your address book contacts. Social networks can make the times of agendas of contacts hosted in the cloud. If you keep organized and updated your agenda of profiles you can access it anywhere where you have access to the Internet, without carrying your computer. It can be very useful. 6.Realiza shares exclusive social networks.

Do not think of social networks as an afterthought, but as a real extension of your business and a very special channel. Perform exclusive promotions via social networks will increase your popularity among those who are followers of your products or services. Dales to know that by being there they also can get benefits. 7.Utiliza events. Get use of calendars of events on social networks to publicize your campaigns and actions.

You can invite your target audience to those appointments you consider key to promote your products and services. It is free, easy to use and accessible to any user that is connected to social networks. 8.Aprende to accept criticism. One of the main features of social networks is that they are Live platforms. Users can and should say at all times, it will not be less in your interactions with them. Tolerates criticism, addressing them with the utmost respect and be receptive to all the comments that you leave. Education is everything. 9.Nunca’re a spamer (under any circumstances). The spamer word defines those who are dedicated to send advertising messages at close range. Your mission as your SME Community Manager will consist of promoting products and services, but do it with style, without falling into the dark side. For example, when you send messages or events to invite, do mass invitations and selected guests. Sure it is more laborious, but the picture you take it when you’re a spamer isn’t the best. 10.Arriesga on social networks. You have nothing to lose, only need to invest time. If you preach to communicate with your consumers from social networks, you can do without spending money, unless you notes to advertising by words of Facebook or make your premium in the various social networks that give that option. There is nothing better than risk when most of the promotional actions that you can perform an SME in a social network are completely free.