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They organized a field kitchen in the photo you can see men of different races and ages, sitting with a ladle in his hand. Their faces express deprivation, these are the feelings they experienced at the time. The strike, known as La Huelga de la Pesa started in the cigar factory ‘Ybor-Manrara’. The owners of the factory demanded workers from using weights in order to weigh the tobacco filler issued to them in the working day. Upscale workers were outraged and looked at the scales, as an insult to their skills and violation of their rights. From April in August 1899 strike caused many hardships for the strikers, and for owners of the factory. By July, more than 4,000 workers left their homes.

Thousands left Tampa to work in New York, Key West and Cuba. For remaining soup kitchens were a way to feed themselves and feed their families. Money is not enough. Some of the workers went to the beach Palmetto Beach, to catch crabs and fish for the evening meal. People did everything to survive. After 98 days Strike factory owner reluctantly agreed to abolish the use of weights, which meant the complete victory of the workers. Scales were vydvareny from factories and employed there set to work. The following years were more strikes, but This was a major, one in which workers won cigar factories Ibor Sanfeliz went to work in two local newspapers Hispanics: the Prensa, founded in Ybor City, Francisco de la valine and La Traduccion (Transfer”).

As for the Cuban patriot, earning money to support the revolutionary forces in the homeland had to prioretetom Sanfeliza. He was a member of two revolutionary clubs: Club “February 24″ and Los Vegadores de Maceo (Avengers Mac”). He later became one of the founders of the club Nacional Cubano (Cuban National Club”), now known simply as “The Cuban Club.” Jose Ramon Sanfeliz died on 7th December 1957 and was buried with his wife, Carlota in Tampa, at Memorial Park Metropolitan Hill. Biography of Jose Ramon Sanfeliza is one of the interesting stories cigar world. Experience the atmosphere of tobacco smoke a cigar and read a lot of interesting things, you can read on this site. Cigars whiskey coffee tea.