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Front of the altar is still standing chair of the dictator. The church was destroyed by the cyclone "David" in 1979 and then rebuilt. Church of Santo Cerro is located just 6 km from La Vega in the direction of Santiago. Narrow street leads to the top of the hill where stands the church built 1886, and before her cross and a tree. It is believed that this tree-scion of the one that Columbus first cut here cross. Be sure to walk through the church to admire the view over the valley, called Columbus "Royal Valley" next church is located not far from Santo Cerro – 30km. Apostolic Cathedral of Santiago rises in Duarte Park and is easily recognizable by the two Twin Towers.

It was built in 1868, 1895, in the spirit of mixing Gothic and Neo-Classicism. Very nice mahogany altar and magnificent stained glass windows of the Dominican artist Rincon Mory.Pyataya account church is located at La Isabela-Templo de Las Americas, built in the early colonial stile.K Unfortunately, it is now difficult to sort out what remains of that first church of the first European settlement in a new light, but feel special, elusive, from which you want to lay my knees, a feeling of eternity and boundless expanse! Nowhere have I seen such icons! Like a painting of the galleries of Impressionist, they chained our surprised looks, though holding, still holding us. In the Church of Puerto Plata-Cathedral San Felipe we go often. And though the interior is nothing special about it, and we usually do not stay inside more than a quarter of an hour, but the exterior design, in which both unusually combines elements of Art Deco and Spanish colonial culture can not remain indifferent. And, of course, is the church of Santo Domingo, but not those that are located in the heart of the Colonial Zone and where the silence of the church now and then violates the hubbub of tourist and camera flashes. Look for the church, in the names that confuse even the guidebooks: the Dominican Monastery (Convento de los Dominicanos), built in the 1510g and raised from the school of preachers, the church of Santa Barbara, built in the 1578g, which was christened Juan Pablo Duarte; mersedariev Collegiate Church, where he lived in 1616-1618g.g. Spanish writer Tirso de Molina and many others

Why replace glass in the windows? First of all, if it is broken. It's simple – to live with the broken glass as you uncomfortable – you need to change. Second, and here is not so obvious if you are constantly misted glass, with severe frosts frost formed on the glass, the flowers wither, and in general as something cold. Third, if the street was noisy and the windows do not provide sufficient sound insulation. Well, why change windows were defined, now we have understand what to put in his place? What are the windows? To begin with, the glass – is a construction of several glasses. Glasses come in different thickness, with a different cover, respectively, serve different purposes.

To be warmer to put windows with lots of cameras, or use glass with a special coating. That is, a two-chamber, or from I-crystal. To the room became quieter need a package with glass of varying thickness and ideally with double chamber. That is, for example, 6mm – 4mm – 5mm. Different thickness of glass to prevent the phenomenon of resonance and the sound will not work. What you need to order replacement glass? To do this you need to know its size. Width, length and thickness. The thickness of the glass is particularly important because, for each thickness of the core systems using different window glazing beads to secure the package in the frame.

So if you want to change the windows and lower costs financial or time – you can use the old glazing beads. Like most windows replaced? Ordered, delivered, and now you have a new double pane windows. How to replace him? First you need to remove the old windows. Carefully pry something sharp longest bead in the middle and pull it out, other glazing beads to remove it easier. Remove the glass and in its place insert the new one. Pay attention to the inner ear, after replacing glass must be in the same places. In reverse order, set glazing beads, the latter carefully drive a mallet. Double pane windows installed! And if you do not have time to deal with these issues on their own to call us – phone (812) 715-94-93. Our specialists will perform the replacement of glass in the shortest possible time accurately and efficiently.