Princess Vera Obolensky

Glory of the squad 'Georges' thundered around Verdun forest: not giving respite to the enemy guerrillas struck blow after blow. They were released from the camp near the village of Buk large group of Senegalese – the former French soldiers whom the Nazis were preparing to take out to do hard labor in Germany, and formed an international guerrilla unit. The French military command awarded gp Ponomareva 'Croix de Guerre with bronze star 'in order to award said:' Selfless to fanaticism, was distinguished by extraordinary courage, Ponomarev caused huge losses to the enemy, capturing many prisoners, and thereby contributed to the liberation of French territory. " And in acknowledgment of, the leaders issued a 21-second inter-district military committee, said that "for their courage in the leadership of a detachment of 'Stalingrad', frantirer Lieutenant George Ponomarev has every right to appreciation of the French nation. " Around 7,000 Russian who fought in the resistance were killed before they reach the victory. Among the 'makizarov' were both prisoners of war who had escaped from Nazi concentration camps, so and representatives of the Russian emigration, during the Second World War in arms stood up against Hitler's fascism.

Two Russian nobility – Boris Vilde and Anatoly Levitsky, employees of the anthropological museum in Paris – first used the word 'Resistance' in his underground leaflet. Princess Vera Obolensky, tortured by the Gestapo in Berlin, was posthumously awarded the Order of the Patriotic War. And there are many examples. mj Gaft and other Russian emigre, ii Trojan served as connected.