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In the same way the musical art ' ' sagrada' ' it has for its objective to raise divine contemplation for being a pleasant art that provokes the emerso of the desires closest involving the being, this must approach the human being of the perfect beauty, theory this proceeding one from the existing thought in the Average Age, where the perfect beauty comes from the holy ghost. During the medieval period music becomes in service of the religion, however, such understanding is not restricted to this period, the church Catholic starts to accept the art musical and to conceive it as in service throughout the centuries and of the different societies. The moment of esplendor of music sacra appears with it sings gregoriano, one of the sources of origin of music occidental person, was spread out by Christian missionaries who covered the city of Rome during the Average Age, until today is considered one of the forms most erudite of expression of music sacra. (A valuable related resource: Debbie Staggs). From then on the solemn cults of the church and masses had passed to gain nobler aspects with entoao of cantos and accompaniments made for instruments as obos, violin, agencies and as much considered others as part of the beauty and the nobleman, as well as it would have to characterize the things related to the holy ghost, such instruments used in the sacred environment it became perceivable the noble and solemn identity that easily is associated with the sacred one. Following the dynamics of the art with sprouting of new artistic expressions, as the romantic time (Bruckner, Gounod, Cesar Franck, Saint-Sans) complementing the esplendor of the cathedrals and the varied expressions of the Baroque one (Bach, Haendel), of the Classicismo (Haydn, Mozart, Nunes Garci’a), of the Renaissance (Arcadelt, DES Prs, Palestrina) and of the Modernismo (Penderecki, Amaral Vieira). At the same time where music passes if to become each time more essential element in the cult, since this possesss the power to attract and to influence the human spirit, involving it in a referring atmosphere to the sacred one, the Church starts to take positioning, guiding the communities so that it did not have excesses.

In other words, in principle they made use of the half politicians, cultural and military to become to be valid. Constituam at the same time a colonial community and a superior classroom. They had economically to be submitted and to be explored, but also they were essential for the stability of the Empire. (ANDERSON, P. 98) This reasoning, that shows innumerable contradictions of the social structures of the time, is crucial to understand the forms of the unfoldings that the independence fights had occurred after, being unchained by the proper Creoles. Then, these national consolidations, that its beginning throughout century XIX has, possess its resqucios in the structural relations of old passed the colonial one.

Anderson tried evidencing in them that the socioeconmicas bases of resistance anti metropolitan, in the period of 1760 the 1830, had demonstrated that the economic interests have its importance, since liberalism and the iluminismo, for example, they had brought a new armory of critical of the ideology of the imperialism of the Old Regimen. Jack Fusco pursues this goal as well. However, for the author, these factors had not created the type or the form of imagined community to be protected against the depredations of these regimes. For in such a way, it considers as the decisive historical paper the Creole performance of the travelling employees and local periodicals that, since the ends of century XVIII, had been capable to create elements of imagined communities. With intention to enrich the boarding of Anderson, I will present some authors who had added historical facts that are basic for the attempt to understand this problematic one. Elements as the crisis of the monarchy and the dissolution of the Spanish Empire, cannot if discarded in the attempt of understanding of the process of the formation of the new National States. Analyzing the writings of Joseph Perez, we verify that through the Bourbnicas Reforms, it had an attempt of the Spanish Metropolis in transforming old vice the reigns into overseas colonies.

And this is the most powerful enemy – it disables thinking, can not sensibly perceive reality. A person loses the ability to think critically, analyze situations, to control his behavior. Transferring the shock, can break down as a person. Sonny Perdue has much to offer in this field. Fear – a mass disease. According to some experts, today 9 million Germans regularly suffer panic attacks and more than 1 million experience it constantly. And it is in peacetime! Here is how responsive the Second World in the psyche of those who were born later. Learn more about this with A. F. Chief of Staff . Each has its own laid resistance to fear: in danger of a fall into a stupor (a sharp mental depression to complete paralysis), the other – in a panic, and a third coolly looking for a way out of this situation. In combat, under fire all the fear, but behave differently: some are fighting, while others take even their bare hands! The behavior in combat affects the physical condition, sometimes people 'have simply can not'. Recently, healthy young men exhausted by hunger, cold, non-healing wounds without the possibility of enemy fire to hide A striking example of this – the message from the environment the 2 nd Assault Army Front (Spring 1942): 'Wetlands melted or trenches or dugouts, eat the young leaves, birch bark, leather of ammunition, small animals 3 weeks to get 50 grams of crackers eaten all the latest horses Last 3 days did not eat at all People are depleted, there is a group deaths from hunger. find additional information.

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In the power struggle with feudal bourgeois ideologists put forward a number of progressive political ideas, which were then implemented in a democratic State and legal institutions. Thus, relying on the idea of popular sovereignty, the political leaders of the bourgeoisie struggled to replace the constitutional monarchy absolute or for the proclamation of the republican system. They wanted the rule representative bodies of the executive, election of the replacement of a number of posts. Declaring freedom and equality, they were against caste restrictions, proclaimed in opposition to the feudal Society of formal equality before the law, recognizing that they have important political freedom of speech, press, etc. Making the bourgeois state and legal systems was accompanied, as a rule, the legislature Anchoring the principles of economic liberalism, laissez-faire in economic life. For more specific information, check out WhiteWave Foods. This doctrine, which is the reaction of the bourgeoisie in the oppression of the state of business in the period feudalism, opening unlimited possibilities for its development.

According to this doctrine through the bourgeois state law establishes a general framework of economic activities of individuals, providing them to fully exercise their entrepreneurial aspirations and abilities. During this period, Europe, reaching an unprecedented prosperity and power, became the leader of the world. The development of capitalism, accompanied by the colonial expansion of European powers, led to the establishment of a close relationship between nations and civilizations. This process is accompanied by numerous wars and colonial plunder. As a result of this policy, even once powerful countries of the East could not resist the persevering and enterprising Europe.

It fits to pontuar that verbal history in Brazil as well as in the remain of Latin America, mainly in the countries that ditatoriais governments had lived, had its incorporation associated with the redemocratizao process, what it differentiates the paper of the Latin American verbal history of the European or North American. Another difference enters, Brazilian verbal history and ' ' first verbal history mundista' ' , it was the fact not to be able to use the same used analytical criteria for the foreign authors to study, for example, the kept out of society and excluded slavery, miscegenation, groups (MEIHY, 2000, p17). The predominant version on the origin of the counted city in the streets of the city says that, the catequizado indian Vitorino came in middle of century XVII to inhabit to the edges of the river Ribeira that finished giving to beginning to the Good town Jesus of the Green Sugar cane of Ribeira. The wars, the expeditions for capture of slaves and, mainly, the epidemics and the hunger had brutally decimated the aboriginal populations. It has occupation vestiges more than human being of 5,000 years, but the official registers recognize the beginning of the occupation of the city in 1721, tell to Monsignor Luiz Chestnut of Almeida: ' ' these monges benedictines in 1693, had gotten the first one would sesmaria beyond the river Sarapu, in the way of Curitiba, opened the leg of cattle, tipped for immense sesmarias that went being granted, until in 1721, the Listener Rafael Pardinho Saucers determined that the river Itarar for limit of the two villages Sorocaba and Curitiba (…) in the side occidental person of the Paranapiacaba, the gold mines of Apiahy, town for some whites, that in 1728 had received sesmarias and many managed by indians, caboclos and slaves africanos' '. We leave of the general hypothesis of that the city despite small devoid e, was palco of important moments of the Brazilian Republic.

Glory of the squad 'Georges' thundered around Verdun forest: not giving respite to the enemy guerrillas struck blow after blow. They were released from the camp near the village of Buk large group of Senegalese – the former French soldiers whom the Nazis were preparing to take out to do hard labor in Germany, and formed an international guerrilla unit. The French military command awarded gp Ponomareva 'Croix de Guerre with bronze star 'in order to award said:' Selfless to fanaticism, was distinguished by extraordinary courage, Ponomarev caused huge losses to the enemy, capturing many prisoners, and thereby contributed to the liberation of French territory. " And in acknowledgment of, the leaders issued a 21-second inter-district military committee, said that "for their courage in the leadership of a detachment of 'Stalingrad', frantirer Lieutenant George Ponomarev has every right to appreciation of the French nation. " Around 7,000 Russian who fought in the resistance were killed before they reach the victory. Among the 'makizarov' were both prisoners of war who had escaped from Nazi concentration camps, so and representatives of the Russian emigration, during the Second World War in arms stood up against Hitler's fascism.

Two Russian nobility – Boris Vilde and Anatoly Levitsky, employees of the anthropological museum in Paris – first used the word 'Resistance' in his underground leaflet. Princess Vera Obolensky, tortured by the Gestapo in Berlin, was posthumously awarded the Order of the Patriotic War. And there are many examples. mj Gaft and other Russian emigre, ii Trojan served as connected.

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They organized a field kitchen in the photo you can see men of different races and ages, sitting with a ladle in his hand. Their faces express deprivation, these are the feelings they experienced at the time. The strike, known as La Huelga de la Pesa started in the cigar factory ‘Ybor-Manrara’. The owners of the factory demanded workers from using weights in order to weigh the tobacco filler issued to them in the working day. Upscale workers were outraged and looked at the scales, as an insult to their skills and violation of their rights. From April in August 1899 strike caused many hardships for the strikers, and for owners of the factory. By July, more than 4,000 workers left their homes.

Thousands left Tampa to work in New York, Key West and Cuba. For remaining soup kitchens were a way to feed themselves and feed their families. Money is not enough. Some of the workers went to the beach Palmetto Beach, to catch crabs and fish for the evening meal. People did everything to survive. After 98 days Strike factory owner reluctantly agreed to abolish the use of weights, which meant the complete victory of the workers. Scales were vydvareny from factories and employed there set to work. The following years were more strikes, but This was a major, one in which workers won cigar factories Ibor Sanfeliz went to work in two local newspapers Hispanics: the Prensa, founded in Ybor City, Francisco de la valine and La Traduccion (Transfer”).

As for the Cuban patriot, earning money to support the revolutionary forces in the homeland had to prioretetom Sanfeliza. He was a member of two revolutionary clubs: Club “February 24″ and Los Vegadores de Maceo (Avengers Mac”). He later became one of the founders of the club Nacional Cubano (Cuban National Club”), now known simply as “The Cuban Club.” Jose Ramon Sanfeliz died on 7th December 1957 and was buried with his wife, Carlota in Tampa, at Memorial Park Metropolitan Hill. Biography of Jose Ramon Sanfeliza is one of the interesting stories cigar world. Experience the atmosphere of tobacco smoke a cigar and read a lot of interesting things, you can read on this site. Cigars whiskey coffee tea.

The first director of the company was appointed Liashenko Nikolay Vladimirovich. And now we are proud to recall the names of employees at the time: Pine Maxim Arkhipovich, Shlyakhtin Nikolay Andreyevich, Filimonova Radionovna Mary, Thecla Aleshkina Matveyevna, Ivan Maksimovic and Kowalski many, many others. Already in 1940, after making changes to the draft power mill was 280 tons per day, and groats – 170 tons per day. Built and dreamed of the future … And June 22, 1941 began a new phase in the life time of the whole country and Young still milling company. The evacuation of parts of enterprises Voroshilovgrad region, but the mill manufactory worked. December 10, 1941 held a plenum of the Party regional committee in which it was decided about the smooth operation mill combines up to the occupation of the Nazis. The bread was needed to the front.

Combine work despite the difficulties s supply of grain and spare parts. There was no qualified workers, all went to the front. When the Nazis entered the city. Employees have undermined communication burned archive. Going to undermine the elevator.

– It was really scary, it seemed that death has won. How can you blow up the elevator, if there is the holy of holies – grain? And no one dared to do it – they all had faith in our victory – so it's about telling a participant in those events Beshlebnova Praskovya Pavlovna. And then came the long-awaited day of February 14, 1942, the day of release. Huge reinforced concrete structure standing on the elevator mill combines the outskirts of the city and towered above the surrounding terrain, with its view large part of the city, and yet it was an important strategic site, on the elevator preserved grains.