The Marriage Never Try To Dominate Your Wife Or Your Husband

DO NOT try to dominate your wife or your husband “Marriage is the greatest adventure in human relationships. It is certain that a successful marriage has to be motivated by love and a desire for mutual cooperation. No marriage can be happy unless each other as spouses loves himself. ” If you want to marry, you want to be a good wife rather than aspire to have a husband, or you want to be a good husband before achieving a wife. In marriage you will defeat yourself if what you want is to dominate someone. You do not want to be dominated, do you wish you? If you dominate someone, you will be dominated, if you, if you have attached to someone, you’re bound to that person.

And if you build in your marriage a wall around you, you stay away from others, these walls, is not it? If you want to get to my “dominate, control and own me-be that I ran. On the other hand can attract. The attraction that we can exercise depends on our attitude. In marriage, people associated with their unhappy marriage is par a partnership, a partnership in all departments of life. Work (creation); game (recreation), love (emotional expression of self), worship (intellectual and spiritual development). Two men can walk together hand in the business of creative (work). They are partners in their creative activity to society are that both may be more, have more and more as a result of their cooperation in your marriage. You can do office work and run deliveries, while the other goes out and gets the business.

By pooling its activities in this way, both will benefit. Neurotic Marriage In marriage two people enter a society for all life on all four fronts of expression. His greatest success comes when they join as completely as possible their activities when they work, play, love and pray in the closest harmony. Most people do not understand this is happening in their marriage, they often try to get everything but not give. There are very few people who have married for a just cause, most are married for some compensation. They try to harness the unconscious conscious individuality rather than society. Frustrated say, it was a mistake that union, they are different, can not live together, do not agree on anything. The answer is that both were insane in their attitudes and motives or they would have gotten together in the first place: each one was seeking compensation for a fault inside. We could honestly say that both were neurotic in their marriage. “Not only is it good to marry for love, but also need to know how to hold the wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, love, love. There are many testimonies of people who now have happy homes. They benefited from scientific research to retain and keep their partners. How did they do?.