Shortterm Accommodation

From the series: 'Notebook traveler to the Czech Republic dedicated. " A detailed explanation for the continued publication "Short-term tourist accommodation in the Czech Republic" Much time has passed since I wrote and posted on the Internet and on site of the first version of an analytical article on short-term tourist accommodation in the Czech Republic. Since this article was not one time correction and, of course, changes were made for each type of accommodation, especially, As for the cost of accommodation. People write to be interested are asked to clarify some issues that prompted me to collect their explanations for each type of accommodation in a single text and, by doing some part-to explanation in the form of continuation, called "How to choose a short-term accommodation in the Czech Republic and what to expect from their choice." Here's what happened. Hotels in Czech Republic, and specifically in Prague can be divided without regard to stardom, divided into three categories: 1. Expensive. These hotels are expensive for several reasons. The first reason is the name of the hotel, or rather his reputation.

Second, and perhaps the main reason – location. The closer to the center – the more expensive and the third reason – its atmosphere, more interior, while many hoteliers suffer near-sightedness, they forgot that the interior should be kept in good condition. That sometimes turns out that the price of hotel rooms exceeds the limit, and on Maintaining interior without spending a crown for many years and the hotel withers, is in decline, and now the glittering past splendor, this hotel is only visible in the eyes of its owner.