Inspect the magnet on the bottom of the tube for congestion metal chastits.Esli new motor, there may be a small amount of metal chastits.Esli motor is not new, but the metal particles found many, pour fresh oil in the gear, let the motor to work up to 10 hours and check again maslo.Esli chips continues to appear, you should contact the seller of your motor. A similar operation should be performed in case of detection of the oil from the gearbox muddy spots: if they look like cocoa-with-milk, it could mean a leak of water through .Zapah burning is also a sign problem.Cherez lower opening to fill the crankcase with fresh gear oil. When the oil begins to flow through the upper hole, plug the bottom hole with your finger, and above all, replace the upper probku.Esli engine leans-rises slowly, or if it spontaneously falls, jolts or moves, you must completely lift motor, locked in a position to check the fluid level in the hydraulic actuator descent-ascent motora.Uroven liquid should reach the bottom of the sight hole. If necessary, must be supplemented its special type Dextron atf fluid for hydraulic .Na four engines when changing engine oil should be changed and oil filter. Spark plugs. Before you check your spark plugs, first of all, pay attention to which wires go to what klemmam.Vse contacts usually looks exactly the same (although the lower contact in the package usually look darker). All motors are equipped with tables diagnostics that help detect arising problemy.Esli were significant differences in the characteristics of the passport, you should check the compression in the cylinder outboard. .