Dealing with ADHD

He resisted at first but with the support and encouragement became expert repeated to complete the contracts. Once he understood he was not just a “bad boy” as he had said many times, but had been struggling with a brain that was extremely creative when working with clients, but simply not designed to work administration. To his surprise and joy, was able to relax at home. He had never realized how to end business run out of energy and made him irritable. While customers found stimulating, with colleagues and family members who had relationship problems, which are typical of people with ADHD. At first Huffy Roger, “People should take as I am!” But after dominating their contracts, he felt more relaxed and I saw that could be helpful to have a new vision of his colleagues.

Roger took stock of their social skills and decided she needed to work on listening skills. Soon he was on a roll. Recognition of your colleagues at work for the “new Roger” made all the difference. For most people the duties Roger was having difficulty with something trivial and obvious, but are typical of what makes life more difficult for people with ADHD. If you feel that your career could be in jeopardy because of problems such as Roger, here are three steps for you.

1. Recognize the problem. Admit to yourself that things are not working is often difficult for people with ADHD. Listen to your friends and family. 2. Get help. If you can do it yourself, you would not be where it is today. 3. Preparing for change. Need to rethink their world view and way of doing things. Start today. Sarah Jane Keyser worked for many years with computers as programmer, analyst and user trainer, but his struggle with ADD keep an eye on the road to their plans and dreams.