Construction Slate

At a cost of roofing material slate roof is one of the cheapest. Slate – it's asbestos, often corrugated sheets. Now the slate is produced much better quality than before, and it painted a different color – It allows even low-cost roofing system in the construction of homes draw decently and with dignity. On average, the slate sheet weighs about 25 kg, and its area is about 2 square meters Slate roof device can be carried out on pitched roofs with attic roof, if the slope is not less than 14 degrees. Before you carry out installation of slate, is required to properly prepare the sheathing of the roof. Under asbestos roof sheathing step is not more than 55 cm tend to use a batten bars 50 x 50. You can also use the board 50h120.

if roof pitch is small, step must be reduced. The roof of slate should not be as wide eaves overhang more than 50 cm performed as a continuous overhang of the boards lathing. Slate roof device assumes that the sheets are in no case will not clinch, but only drill the holes for fastening. There is a special slate nails, which are corrosion resistant hat and a gasket of rubber or roofing felt. Slate fastened to the top of the wave, and the distance between the mounting plates can not do less than 6 cm and there are certain conditions, how far should address list and slate with some overlap it is placed.

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