You Tube

Taking into account the best proven way of learning is through vision and hearing, the best system to learn AutoCAD is, without any doubt, the audio-visual method developed through videos that go step-by-step teaching how to apply the programme, practical exercises, and including access to an expert instructor who is may ask questions at any time. A key aspect for optimal performance in the learning of this programme is the practical application through exercises. The first suggestion to those who want to learn AutoCAD is the search through You Tube. That way you can compare different systems and find that us easier to understand. According to the level that is required, whether it be basic, intermediate or advanced, you can choose the most appropriate tutorial and then contact, through the information provided there, those who they made these videos, to see if they offer courses on the subject with the methodology of the video. Full AutoCAD learning through video, has proven to be the most effective way. The practicality of the audio-visual method adds the fact that allows you to learn in a personalized way, according to the time available and the individual rhythm of each one, with the possibility to stop the video or view it anytime again as needed. Manual AutoCAD function is limited to accompany and support the learning process of this program through the audio-visual method.