Visiting Sevilla: Things To Know

Seville is a city full of charm. A city with diverse cultures and civilizations throughout its rich history. In Seville it is easy to find monuments from different eras such as Arabic, the Renaissance, Baroque, Modernity. The Cathedral and the Giralda The entrance to the Cathedral and the Giralda usually not be cheap but worth it. The Seville is one of the few cathedrals in the world where private rooms open to the public.

La Giralda, the great Almohad tower attached to the Cathedral, which tower you can climb and enjoy the magnificent ancient city. The Giralda not climb stairs but by the same ramp used by Arabs with their horses. Plaza of Spain The Plaza of Spain was the Palace of Naboo in the last of the films of Star Wars. The square is beautiful, an example of modernist architecture. Learn more at this site: financial planner. The most amazing is that the entire Plaza is built with slabs and tiles, including the bridges over the canals that surround the square. Another curiosity.

Along the base of the square are various works in ceramics that illustrate scenes of all the Spanish provinces. Admission is free. La Torre del Oro Torre del Oro is a thirteenth century tower, the Almohad era, owes its name to the color of gold tiles that covered the entire surface. It now houses a naval museum. Alamillo Bridge Those who like modern architecture, the Puente del Alamillo is a good example. It is a massive bridge linking the island of La Cartuja, the site of Expo 92, with the old part of town. On the bridge go primarily cars, but there is room for cross on foot. Real Fabrica de Tabacos This former tobacco factory was built 500 years ago and became famous for its mention in the Opera Carmen de Biizet. To prevent thefts, the building was surrounded by moats which can still be seen. And even had a jail inside, for those who are caught in the attempt. To learn more, or if you come to Seville to visit the city in the most rapid and modern, try ours.