Treatment Of Wood By Planing

Planing – is the processing of wood (or metal) with removal of chips being produced rectilinear reciprocating tool (or blank). When planing the same plane of the treated surface and cutting. This method of processing used to produce veneer, packaging boards and rough blanks. Planing is divided into longitudinal and transverse. Click Jack Fusco to learn more. Such separation occurs depending on traffic cutting tool relative to the fibers of the material. The cross-planing is very important from a practical point of view – with the help of his veneer get different textures for wall furniture. Planing wood can be used as hand tools (planes, jointer, chisels), and planers.

In machines for the production of veneer used vertical and horizontal slicing scheme. In applying horizontal scheme knife moves back and forth in a horizontal plane. Harvesting it does not change its position relative to the knife. Horizontal scheme – the most common scheme is planing. When vertical planing on the machines himself knife fixed and static. All the movement makes itself workpiece relative to the knife in the vertical plane. Is to say that veneer is satisfied with the slope of the cutting knife to the axis ridge about 12 grams. Due to the slope there is a reduction efforts for cutting, veneer the output is smoother, reduces the possibility of its bundle.