Tracksuit Primitive

Tracksuit in a broad sense of the word existed since our ancestors as primitive realized the need to work out certain body movements in advance, before there is a real situation of their application, otherwise speaking, since he started training, there was a jogging suit and then there are some protective coverings of the body to help that body to act productively in difficult situations. Cover the skin of dead animals specially processed tree bark, clay, raw land, natural dyes (the people smeared in order to escape from insect bites, from the scorching sun, to bring down body odor and deceive predators to masquerade). Training primitive hunters or warriors were in the form of ritual dance. Every dance was a statement of certain events and pursued a specific objective. For example, the hunting of bison was played out with weapons and skins. Hung with amulets were hunters in loincloths, to the knee and elbow pads.

A similar exercise was designed to conquer fear, to instill confidence and develop stamina. What is not a sport? Applied. A gear hunters – is not a tracksuit? Ritual dances were thoroughly religious, you might say. Of course. But is the modern athlete is free from blind faith? What else can you explain his dedication? Uncertainty knowledge people have always managed to secure the certainty of faith. During that just do not believe the people for all time of existence on the planet. As a result, the rite of ritual undressing dressing changed. That's all.

And let this conclusion seems to be sketchy and biased, the dance continues to be the liberation from the many fears that are generated by the same uncertainty of knowledge. Today's strip is not less ritual than a dance of primitive hunters with dressing skins. Modern sports fight for a medal no less primitive than the struggle of ancient hunters for the right to wear the necklace winner. But in today's struggle is not just used natural materials, and high-tech synthetic. Sportswear is not just warm and soften the fall, she also serves as ventilation for a hot body athlete, she rescues from overheating, from hypothermia, from a mere dampness. In contemporary sportswear are not afraid to sweat in the cold wind or frost. Pot neatly displayed on the surface of the laminated suit and evaporates almost completely.