Time Server

Time synchronization is very important for modern computer networks. In some sectors the time synchronization is absolutely vital, especially when it’s technologies as control air traffic and maritime navigation, where hundreds of lives it could put at risk due to lack of precise time. Even in the financial world, the correct time synchronization is vital since millions of sums of money can be increased or deleted in the prices of shares every second. For this reason, everyone adheres to a schedule known as coordinated universal time (UTC). However, adhere to the UTC and keep the UTC accurately are two different things.

Most computer clocks are simple oscillators that slowly deviate either faster or more slowly. Unfortunately this means that no matter how accurate are set on Monday, Friday already has will be diverted. This offset can be only a fraction of a second, but it will not take long for the original time UTC is over a second outside. In many industries, this is not a matter of life or death in the loss of millions in shares and participations, but lack of time synchronization can have unintended consequences, such as leaving a less protected against fraud company. However, the reception and the maintenance of the actual UTC time is quite simple. The dedicated network time servers are available, which use the NTP (Network Time Protocol) Protocol to continuously verify a network time against a source of UTC time. These devices are often referred to as a time server or network time server, NTP server. NTP server constantly adjusts all devices on a network to ensure that the machines are not diverted from the UTC.

The UTC is available from several sources including the GPS network. This is an ideal time UTC source, since it is safe, reliable and available everywhere in the planet. UTC is also available through radio transmissions national specialists that are disseminated by the national physics laboratories, although they are not available everywhere.