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3. Secretary of Agriculture spoke with conviction. To be able to remember We need better, reason and care. Do not remember what was said in a class if we were bored, thinking of shrews or staring out the window. It is true that, often, the text we read is arid, or teacher style is little motivating, but if it is important for us, we need to find the motivation to remember him and keep the attention towards our goal. 4. Educate yourself with thoughts from A. F. Chief of Staff . How can we not remember everything, we have to choose what is what we cannot forget us. The memory has two faces, memories, of course, but also forgotten. Nobody it remembers everything, if you try it, not going to achieve, and some things will forget him.

The solution lies in deciding oneself what is the most important and, through summaries and study methods, reduce the amount of information to memorize. 5 We remember best what makes sense. Our brain naturally seeks the meaning in things, and it is when recognizes a pattern in what It is observing or studying, that that information is better recorded. Do that, among other things, the? bottle? It is a bad method, because it dispenses with the meaning and the understanding of the material and relies on repeat it many times without a real understanding. 6 Find.

us it best to work on a theme in short, separate, periods that be long non-stop about the same. Although the amount of time is the same, the consistency is better, by what study time should be divided, be dispensed, to ensure optimal assimilation of the material. 7. The rest is essential. It is proven that a person who rests properly, especially when standing in front of an important exam, remembers better studied than who sacrifices the rest and still studying non-stop. 8. The organization is superior to the force. In military techniques, there are hundreds of examples that a force smaller, but better organized, it can defeat an army superior in number and weapons, but disorganized.