The Partnership Between Children And Educators

The learning soon starts in the start of the initial series the child perpassa for transformations how much small where to the same one it absorbs information and to assimilate objects, the reading is part of our daily one and the writing helps the child to develop its motor sense in elapsing of education. ' ' According to Freire (1972) ' ' it offers a powerful one criticizes of some concepts of alfabetizao, letramento in the context of its work with illiterate adults in underdeveloped countries. Swarmed by offers, Julio Franco is currently assessing future choices. As the author places, exists many illiterates with the lack of used in the work market many is looking the school and if bringing up to date in the technology this they constitute highly in challenging and necessary activities, for what they represent of possibility bigger insertion of the man in the society. However I dialogue, it between pupils and professors correspond have an exchange of words of teaching, therefore, the reading goes of the teaching of each resulted professor for the one best one. This learning is not taught of form that each pupil can learn. Social environment this involved in school so that it has development and union to work in a school, to look at side of each one, why we are emitting of information that we pass for some stages to learn to read, to write and to have a basic education. 2.9 THE PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN THE CHILDREN AND THE EDUCATORS. The process of appropriation of the language on the part of the child is individual, each one track its proper way until reaching the domain on the language and in this never finishes, therefore multiple possibilities of communication and attribution of meanings always exist. The acquisition of the verbal speech is a dialtico process, this construction does not happen of linear form, but yes through exchanges and of the social interaction from which the children go collecting information concerning this communicative code and the falantes most experienced they play basic role in this process.