Tatyana’s Day

Gaudeamus igitur or Tatyana's Day? Among the red calendar days has been 255 years flaunts a frosty January figure of 25. This day is special not only because it merged two old national holiday. In Tatiana's Day, or Day of the Russian Students usually end up all session meal students, and they are sent to the well-deserved vacation. Also on this day heroes of the occasion – Tatiana, celebrating his birthday. In rscu learns many wonderful owners of that name, for which the name-match fun with the student. In anticipation of the Student Day, we asked Tatyana, any component of the holiday they attach greater importance. On his attitude to this day Tatiana told us Minaylov, student 2 courses Faculty of Social Work, Pedagogy and and Tatiana Yashpatrova, a student at 4-year social and humanities faculty.

Reporter: How do you celebrate January 25? What does it mean for you? Tatiana Minaylov: When I was little, this festival was of great importance in my eyes. Congratulated me, gave gifts, be treated as a full-fledged birthday girl – it was my second birthday. Now for me it normal weekday – the same as everyone else. Just glad that he bears the name of Tatiana, and there are no more such women's names that would be called red days on the calendar. Tatiana Yashpatrova: On this day, I congratulate the friends and mates with the day of the student. I never emphasize that this is my holiday. I think that this day of all students, and congratulate you can not only me but all who attended and learns.