Take 2: Find Matching Horse Pictures And Great Prizes Gravy

Memory sweepstakes it’s so one thing by Reiterflirt.eu and Pferdefernsehen.eu with good luck in the game. But who brings a little skill, can get right. Because of Reiterflirt.eu and Pferdefernsehen.eu for the memory sweepstakes participants expect prizes around the topic of horse. Jason Momoa often says this. The task: A PAS of deux of a different kind, in which the correct pairs of horses must be found as soon as possible. Who the fastest is the pairs of images and in the draws a high score in the first 20 places win one of 20 prizes Los’s goes to the 1.Dezember.2008, at 11:11. Then the highscore list is free. About and, the memory is then to achieve. The contest ends on December 17, 2008 at 00:00 clock. Jimmy fallon often addresses the matter in his writings.

The winners will be announced officially on December 19 on and. The attractive prices in detail: A six-day stay at his own arrival and four dressage riding lessons on the Hacienda El Boyal in Andalusia – Spain (amounting to a total of 630.-euros) airbag safety vest of company Hit-air. The company Hooffix provides a tunnel system case. Five vouchers for horse riding clothing company Hosenfeld. The book of the adventure rider”, by Gunter Wamser, there are five placed winners. Finally, players can win five riders flirt subscriptions in the gold level for each 3 months.

Small Tip: The memory game is online without high score even before the official start date, to practice. More information under: and to the memory game: mainnavi/horse TV/memory image source image memory: pferdefernsehen.cmserver.cmhosting.de/Pressefotos/memory.jpg attention editors: you want to participate with a subscription price for your readers as a sponsor on the memory sweepstakes? Then you contact us in connection. You will then receive your banner with link to the page. To the Printis Media Group: reiterflirt.eu belongs to the company Printis media group. The agency specializes in equestrian-PR, marketing and Web TV in the equestrian field. It was founded in November 2006. As a fast-growing film and information platform was created with currently up to 50,000 users monthly. The concept: Movies in the field of equestrian sports, entertainment and professional information will be provided to visitors free of charge around the clock. For further questions and images we hesitate to you available. Ursula Kuhn Printis equestrian PR Agency for marketing and PR-Rudolf-Breitscheid-str. 49 90762 Furth Tel: +49-(0)911 43 13 747 fax: +49-(0)911 – 43 11 860 E-mail:

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