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Modifying habits and beliefs is a task for the brave, the force of habit seeks to impose at all times and usually we do not perceive it, that’s the hardest part, because the single identification of the strength of our beliefs is not so obvious for the majority of people. One of the great secrets of mental programming is that it typically generates an area of mobility, this you can be called our area of security, while we keep performing actions within those boundaries then everything happens without major difficulties, in reality this area every day is extended, but it is so slow that it becomes little perceptible growth, just as a person does it, is only noticeable when compared over a longer period. The great disadvantage of slow growth is that you can go to places that we don’t want, also dare to expect circumstances that probably never arrive, this requirement becomes unbearable for a person who aspires to much larger than goals right now is experiencing, the acceptance is the first step to have a life full of satisfactions. It is emphasize that each merchandise has a different price, WINS life has a price and it is necessary to pay for it then have the right to the entrance to a different world, the question we must ask ourselves is this do are really willing / ACE to pay the price of change? If the answer is yes then it is necessary to know the terrain where we are getting into. Take a look at, do you think that the excuses arise? They arise mainly for two reasons: 1. our fear of internal change and 2. Our lack of determination in what we’re doing, salvageable of the two previous points is that both fall under our responsibility, the first from an unconscious point of view and the second from the conscious actions.