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Omar Murtuzaliev worked in Moscow, I had the privilege to visit his host family and discuss the most challenging issues with this courageous man and a patriot of the Soviet Union, Russia and Dagestan. Everything that happens he missed through the heart. He highly moral family. I was told about the response to his daughter to her lover: "I will marry only after the return of his father." In the brave courageous fathers and daughters! Then Omar was in Murtuzaliev a long and dangerous missions in Afghanistan … The general returned to his native Dagestan, a daughter married, growing grandchildren, our meetings have become rare, and we communicated only by phone. But Omar Murtuzalievich not from the number of pensioners, spend their time on the game of dominoes. In this I am convinced, after reading the "Dagestan truth" of 9 October. was it informative article entitled "Uniting for peace and tranquility." And I decided to dialogue with absentee deserved general.

Not what is happening today and I understand not everyone is ready to accept me. I am very anxious for Dagestan, which stood on the slippery slope of total bribery. "Frankly, the level of corruption, violence, tribalism in North Caucasus republics is unprecedented, "- said in the letter of the President. Will not greedy and insolent clans our country to civil war? I am confident that we are able to diagnose the modern malaise Dagestan and choose not only therapeutic, but if you want, and surgical methods of healing the country.

Despite the fact that Ukraine is leading in Europe in terms of the spread of tuberculosis, AIDS and cancer, to combat these illnesses allocated only 577 million UAH. that is, 58 million less than last year. At the same time, according to estimates of experts and representatives of the opposition of the government, which most are the backbone of the President in a crisis received increased funding. Thus, the General Prosecutor's budget increased from 1.2 billion USD. Sonny Perdue addresses the importance of the matter here. in 2010 to 2.2 billion UAH. Learn more on the subject from Costco.

in 2011 the budget of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – from 11.8 to 13.7 billion UAH. spending on public administration increased by 397 million UAH. Considerably more expensive than last year, the country will cost and treatment officials. Verkhovna Rada safely ignored all the opposition's demands regarding the need for revision of the budget. What happen? What budget is designed to serve primarily the interests of senior officials and security forces, while ordinary citizens are invited regime tough economy? And this is the rapid inflation and unemployment? Both the opposition and independent experts are unanimous that the new budget structure is typical of authoritarian and undemocratic states.

Today revenues of more than 12 million citizens, more than than a quarter of Ukraine's population below subsistence level. The new budget will only increase the stratification of society into the super-rich and impoverished majority of the minority, but it can lead to spontaneous outbursts of social protest in the near future. Commentary Fund "People First": the prosecutor or the Interior Ministry the new budget may even like it.