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The best businesses are those than they happen unnoticed although they are very profitable. The human being characterizes itself not to see microscopic nor neither the macrocospic thing. It seems paradoxical, but he is thus. When something is too great, he is invisible. At some time somebody realized of which the best thing than can happen to him to the internal gross product (PBI) of a country, is that people live the greater possible amount of years.

The advantages are: 1. – Everybody is going to agree. (Who does not want to be longevo) 2. – The people when they also cling to the life grasp to the money because they know that the last sickly, short years are of low productivity, since they will be tired, of view, deaf people, slow. 3.

– The foresighted austerity of the young adult includes great laboriosidad (they are motivated, rendidores, reliable, afraid workers of a dismissal, obedient) and also includes the hiring of life insurances, the contribution to previsual institutes, services of medicine are pleased and deposits in the banks that these will know to render with important gains. 4. – Old frail and longevo is somebody that only consumes, preferably in the area of the health, which contract much manpower directly (services of company, doctors, nurses, office staff) and indirectly (locomotion, domestic service, plus all the consumptions of those who they work in already mentioned direct attention). Perhaps the person who realized this phenomenon understood that as well as the prematuridad of the human species is profitable since the boy and the young person are great consumers because they are weak, fragile, dependent and full of desires and needs, also is profitable the sobrelife, by more artificial and of low quality that is, because a person, the more employee is, the more consumes, or because has a very gasping body (like the one of the children and young people) or very vulnerable (like the one of the old ones). It is probable that many think that the increase in the average of life is a profit of medical sciences that work very indefatigably by well-being of the species, when in fact it is a profit of economic sciences that work very indefatigably to maximize the yield of the capitals. We agree upon which anyway it is a profit that deserves applause.

All the life we have enjoyed traveling. Thanks to God, we could do it from very young. When we began to walk by the world, we discovered that the pasties were not exclusive feature of our country, but are a very ingrained tradition anywhere in the world. So this week we will write of the pasties of Suramrica. The Argentine pasties, are world-wide famous; here in Miami in mozzarella Grazes Factory do one of spinach with cheese that is really excellent.

The mass is made with flour of wheat and bovine fat, generally. The filling varies of province in province; one is based mainly on chicken or head of cattle meats, accompanied with onion, egg, olive, raisins of grape and in some provinces even Pope or peas. In order to differentiate the filling or – pebre or message – from each pasty, &quot is closed; tapa" of the pasty with " repulgo" or " simba" characteristic for each filling. Between its main variants they are: those of meat, the one of chicken, those of humita and those of ham and cheese. The meat pasty sometimes adds &quot to them; pella" that is to say, fine fat – an authentic Argentine pasty does not take its sofrito vegetal oil filling -. Seasoned strongly, spices like: sweet cumin, pimentn and worn out red pepper. The pasty of ham and cheese also usually takes perforated tomatos. In Argentina the famous pasties more are salteas and the tucumanas; The pasty according to the salteos: it is characterized by the Pope use, of bovine meat, chicken, onion, olive and red pepper. Of so many " secretos" of the diverse Argentine pasties a spoonful of vinegar to the preparation of the filling is to add to the filling a day before – keeping to him in the refrigerator – of the preparation of the pasties, in this way the homogeniza filling and it becomes consistent.