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Russian dress. People sundress. Children dress in a folk style. People's children's clothing. Material – dyed linen, decoration – decorative braid. LEN – vegetable fiber, known in antiquity.

Linen fabric are made of linen yarn. They are produced as far back as ancient Egypt, who was famous for the production and dressing of flax. He was highly valued, pure and white linen, served as an emblem of innocence and moral purity. Graceful samples of linen in Egyptian mummies and is still surprised the researchers. In what county was spread in Greece and Rome, where he produced out of clothing such as coats, bedding, etc.

In of linen canvas was used as material for writing, painting (funerary portraits). Len – the material is very strong in Russia and now can be seen not only in museums but also in the families of fine embroidered linen towels, decorated with lace, made in the late 19th – early 20th centuries. At present, produced a variety of linen fabrics such as satin, batiste, Boston, volts, etc. Our children lead dance and play fun games in the fresh air. We we refer to the experience of the past and give them an easy and convenient odezhu linen, specially designed by our designers for outdoor games and outdoor activities. children dress, sundress pattern, women's sundresses make a sundress, sundress girl sundress folk, pattern sundress, sundresses model, Russian sundresses, sundress style, photos sundresses, sundresses summer dresses, trendy tunics, folk costume for your child, dress Russian pattern, Russian folk dress, shops sundresses summer sundresses 2012, Patterns of summer sundresses, sundress clothing, red tunics, sundresses summer sundress scheme, dress spring, dress pattern Russian, Sarafan TV fancy dress, 2011, Russian Children's Folk sundresses sundress buy

Dreaming impressive look and pass for fashionistas, but now that you are only able to be the 'gray mouse'? Maybe you're just afraid of bright colors and improvisation? Then you have to start to improvise to the example of harmless accessories. How do you manage this? How to look charming, not spending on these transformation lot of money? Begin by selecting handbags, hats and shoes. do not care what color your suit, a business he or beach at any time would be good to improve your image bag, hat and shoes (or sandals) a hue, or the same color. This is not the same. Suppose bag may be blue, cap – a tone blue shoes – blue and blue. It suffices to look beautiful in the fashion season Spring-Summer 2010 suits a darker color than all the accessories in the image. If all add-ons – white, the dress – milk or cream, if dress silk, dark turquoise, the additions have the right to be blue, or light turquoise.

Stylish harmony even just two specks in the clothes: belt and handbag, handbag and shoes, sandals and a hat, scarf and belt, and etc. However, as it defiantly does not seem quite harmonious look with accessories than flowers, which can be combined. This, for example, a yellow hat and handbag green or blue, red combined with yellow and white with black. There is an opportunity to play tones and semitones jewelry: beads, clips, bracelets. Every minor detail will be the 'shtrishkom', which essentially emphasize your exclusivity. This trend can be seen as the summer season and the season of Autumn-winter 2010-2011. Unfortunately, we can not always qualified to evaluate your personal style and wardrobe. If you find it hard to pick up something from these accessories due to insensitivity to color, talk to your friends and family or go to the salon for a stylist.

It will be the image that is more suited to your heart: Miss-romance business lady or sporty. Consider what you like, listen to – and more! In order to look like before it did not look, do with me what to do not. For example otbrositvse doubts or watch a fashion show this season, read a fashion magazine, watch a good European film. Sometimes the decision will come unexpectedly, and you'll be surprised at yourself compliments colleagues, associates, friends, and maybe even and strangers. All well-known fashion designers have translated more than a dozen killometrov tissue, in order to create a unique image that distinguishes them from all other players in the fashion market, do not be afraid to experiment, but not much carried away by them. Any, even a very good idea can be reduced to an absurdity. Remember that the experiment is only a means towards an attractive vniminie impeccable form, but certainly not the goal itself. Improvise with flowers and selection, change the image, evaluate their own status in it – it will help you not only change his own appearance, but also his own inner world, turning from the 'gray mouse' in the brightest flower.

Polymer clay – a plastic that is easily molded – as clay, but unlike clay it firmly solidifies after heat treatment. Moreover, the need for such treatment is not special high-temperature oven, conventional oven! Polymer clay is a very popular material for creative work and hobbies. Polymer clay is a variety of colors and textures. At the core of polymer clay is PVC (PVC). Also in the polymer clay comprises various pigments. With regard to safety of polymer clay, then Boston's Institute of Materials for the Arts and Crafts conducted the survey the main producers of products polymer clay and concluded that the materials conform to ASTM D-4236 for materials for arts and crafts, established by the Committee on Safety of consumer products.

Polymer clay a versatile material, from She can sculpt anything. As the small details and large sculptures. Thanks to him, you can achieve phenomenal results and very beautiful jewelry with lots of medium-sized, almost jewelry, details. This may be cakes and pastries and other goodies. It could be flowers, animals, any theme decorations. Also, polymer clay figurines and handicrafts can be souvenirs, fridge magnets, dolls. To sculpt from polymer clay use special tools: awl, Prototype knife, roller, tweezers for fine detail. Although the modeling of polymer clay you can use any means at hand, which only come into your head. Apart from the fact that the products thanks to the able hands of masters, can purchase lyuboyu form, they can add almost any part of other materials, and they, in fact, be very firm hold on! On the frozen polymer clay easily draw absolutely any pictures with acrylic paints. Finished products can be used very long time. Working with polymer clay is a great pleasure, exactly as the final result! Huge experiencing pleasure and the man who would wear such jewelry.

Kiton was founded by Mark Paone Giro almost half a century ago in 1968 in the Italian city of Naples. To date, Kiton is considered one of the most exclusive and prestigious fashion houses around the world. The company annually produces about 18,000 men's suits, the cost of each of which varies from 5,000 to 15,000 dollars. Costumes can put an order on individual measures, or purchase one of the most exclusive boutiques in major cities around the world. Each season in these mono-brand stores clothing brand Kiton delivered few buyers. As a rule, to make one suit requires about 20 hours of manual labor, and at least 45 tailors have to pay their time and energy to every costume. The most famous model of the costume, released under the label Kiton, – K-50" – so named precisely because its production takes about 50 hours, and the price reaches U.S.

$ 30.000-50.000. These suits are sewn only major brand tailor Kiton, who personally makes the measurements and adjusts to suit client's figure. Kiton shirts are processed manually as well as silk ties, consisting of seven parts. Believer clothing Handmade Paone opened a school of tailor's skill at the factory Kiton, which is located in an industrial suburb of Naples. In 2004, the brand Kiton opened an office and showroom in New York, but soon, and store brand London. Like many other fashion labels, brand Kiton has been modified and expanded over the years: began the production of sportswear, footwear, fragrances, furnishings, moreover, began to create women's collections.

And this position is necessary to attach great importance. However, the main purpose of corporate activities – the unity of the team, building a business cooperation and development corporate culture should not be to the detriment of a generous table. Otherwise, it appears as a well-known anecdote – "goal-then we scored, but Stasik drowned." The event is something we have conducted, and the output, except for drunken and lazy employees, not published The next day at work, received nothing. Solution: regardless of budget measures, the minimum ratio of costs, as experience shows – it's two to one. Two-thirds of the budget expenditures are directed to the site and therefore write the script yourself. Who knows better how to organize an event – the manager, who works in the company and knows the ins and outs of its representative or agency that has experience in hundreds of similar events, but not universal model, we must remember that, not being familiar with the nature and internal currents of your company, it does not always offer the best ideas for solving your specific problems. Solution: Creative concept – foundation of the success of your corporate event.

Go to this issue as responsible. Get a scenario from the agency conceptual "fish" and, together with the writers Agency embed it in the tools may work great step forward? And what will they say? And how would? But are we ready for this? We understand that risk and accept the new complex. We have an argument in favor of new solutions – today the public is spoiled with standard or indifference and a desire to block. We offer new, creative solutions. They are difficult to accept, but they work, because destroy the psychological stereotypes of perception. Solution: The risk must be aware, understand and maximum protection. If you are willing to accept non-standard format for your corporate event, coordinate with the agency and all the nuances of the tools proposed ideas.