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However, it is not. Each user himself determines what information about himself he wants to place and what categories of users, this information may be available. It is this amount of 'hidden' user information in terms of the law falls under the category of 'sensitive personal data'. I'm sure many can remember an incident several months ago in one of the largest social networks in Russia, which resulted in the theft accounts for more than 130 thousand users. And such cases are not isolated. Experts confirm the growing number of attacks on social networks not only in Russia but also worldwide. Apart from the purely technical problems inherent in all web-resources, for social networks is also characterized by the presence of large opportunities for the realization of socio-oriented ways of cheating.

Spam, phishing and pharming attacks – All these techniques have long been used by cyber criminals and could eventually lead to identity theft particularly gullible or inattentive users. To combat this phenomenon requires permanent administrative control. Internet banking and payment systems of Internet banking is gaining popularity in recent years, however, from more than a thousand of Russian banks are only a few tens of provide this service in full. In part, this is due to lack of automation of most of the banks and the lack of a unified integration platform. Internet banking system, as well as payment systems, as usually based on the same client-server architecture as the usual web-application. In this case, the weakest link in the system itself is the client and the means by which it gets access to your account.