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Miguel and its angels had fought against the dragon. Also the dragon and its angels had fought; However, they had not prevailed; nor more it was found in the sky place of them. was banishes the great dragon, the old serpent, that if call devil and the Satan, the seducer of the world, yes, was shot for the land and, with it, its angels ' ' For that they believe the estria of the Satan to have been Lucifer, this stretch complements the stretch analyzed in the previous sub-chapter, that is, later that God discovered the iniquity in the heart of the Satan would have happened this fight, above described, for it banishes it of the sky. Soon, what it bases this stretch are accurately the baseless conclusions that they take off of the stretch of the previous sub-chapter. Nothing more illogical! One more time an analysis of a Biblical stretch without the necessary attention to the analysis of the context is made which, truily bases, it. To be considered point, in this in case that, it is: Yes, it is fight is in the sky and against the Satan; however, it not yet happened. However, Apocalypse are a predictive book, that is, a book of prophecies that, according to any dictionary, it means: ' ' Prediction made for one profeta.' ' prophet means: ' ' Individual that predicts futuro' '.

Has some cabimento the fact of a prophet to make prophecies of occured things already? Proper apstolo Joo, writer of the Apocalypse, says the intention of the book: ' ' To show to its servants the things that soon must happen ' ' (AP 1:1) Soon, things will be told that still will go to happen and not occurred facts already. It has not felt in if auguring the past; in this in case that, the adjusted term more would be ' ' relembrar' ' or ' ' rever' ' not ' ' profetizar' '. If this fight really happened in the principle, why absolutely nothing is told in Gneses? Mainly when the serpent, the Satan, make the man to transgress in the paradise? No indication of fight some, nothing! The described fight will happen when if it will have fulfilled to the prophecy on the Woman and the Dragon (AP 12:1 – 6). In summary, what really it will happen, according to bible is (in this analysis did not have any concern in if arguing the meaning of the symbology concerning the woman, only telling the fact): ' ' The woman is pregnant and points of home the light; however, the dragon wants to devorar the son of it (that he is Jesus). However, to the rising, the fil