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Flanked by the two high-rise buildings with Office and serviced apartments, BIKINI BERLIN offers a special mixture of shopping, dining, and lifestyle. Vertical and horizontal connection axes can be merge the components. The penthouses on the roof crowned the building. The four glass cubes are multifunctional rooms, conceivably for gastronomy, representative showrooms or unusual offices. The complex of buildings at the Budapester Strasse is firmly anchored in the collective consciousness of just the Berlin. Created in the 1950s, is the ensemble its now a milestone in the revival of the City West.

Not only in urban planning terms. The introduction in today can be literally come out of the shadow of the Memorial Church BIKINI BERLIN. The buildings at the Budapester Strasse the Bikinihaus owes its name of the dichotomy of the floors are significant milestones for the period. “Designgenie Dieter Rams Mr. Brown” manifests itself as a witness: we were after the turmoil of the terrible war in the awakening and wanted to not only build but also change. “Good design has what to do clean up.” But how to built a new city? Not from the drawing board, but with singular, individual, urban planning meaningful highlights. Paul Schwebes and Hans Schoszberger have created a clean, transparent ensemble. A centre which was a milestone for the creative awakening of the Federal Republic and for economic recovery.

Designers, tailors, coordinators and other creative people from the textile sector settled here. For the renewed lust for life. In a city that wanted to be metropolis and was island. Paul Schwebes and Hans Schoszberger expressed this through a high degree of transparency in the facade design. With floor to ceiling They have created a building Windows in the ground floor and the portico, which did not rule the people, but have left. The architects approached the project with the proposed sensitivity. Thus in 1955 more than a pure commercial building was born.

Recompile informed: used construction equipment online buy and sell since November 15, 2009 the online building portal of ITO Germany online microblog has a new blog. The new installed microblog allows many users to place the offers and requests in the marketplace of the machine at the same time. Special features of this online trading platform is the possibility with a so-called OpenID to log in and register. The prospect with his Google Blogger account in the software can log in without that he must register himself, he uses the user name and the password of his blogger account. No personal data are stored or queried because all data in the corresponding OpenID Portal are stored. This building is so similar as users of YouTube are possible also on Google to login without having to register. The secondhand Portal allows the interested party or user the article that are not longer than 150 characters over a mobile receiving device – mobile, iPhone, etc. – online to make without having to use a PC.

The entered machines provided with a day so every user through an RSS feed the latest machinery can retrieve listings from his area of interest. The application allows to import listing directly into your existing Twitter account registered reports, articles or even an excavator. Thus, the inserted blog software replaces a construction forum. With a special access, videos can be embedded in the next version. Latest product developments and programming tools of the company recompile are used in the building portal of ITO. Under you will find many interesting used machines. Starting in January 2010, an extension to an import interface through XML files is planned. So that community that uses this tool, can get even more information about the Bauwelt the machinery.

Many sales outlets must meet has an international audience. Also the demands on the design of shopping malls and individual shops are accordingly high. What worries many people is that usually a lack of daylight complained the mood at a department store. For this reason therefore a so-called steel incorporated many architects in their design with glass roof. With the help of a such steel glass roof Gets the store a pleasant and who is in it, more detects almost no difference compared to a conventional shopping mall.

However, the shopping in a department store has the advantage that you neither nor heat is exposed to extreme cold and also not before rain in eight must take. Financial planner may not feel the same. Thanks to the now spacious parking areas usually also equipped glass roof due to the uniformity with a steel, comes the visitors of dry-shod shopping paradise. Especially popular in department stores are equipped with a steel, glass roof, the little ones Cafes are located directly under the roof. Here it can endure after an exhausting day of shopping very well in the Italian or Japanese. Also in the winter months, visitors have the opportunity to sit under a free sky thus. A steel of new shopping centres have increasingly also in Germany glass roof. A recent example is certainly the Zeilgalerie in the metropolis. Everywhere in this store, the visitor has the feeling, he’d stand up out there in the open air.

That this positive effect through the steel would affect glass roof on the shopping behavior, have factored the Builder with security. The P & C in Berlin glass roof impresses its visitors with a huge steel. Certainly, the future will show that many architects will use this possibility the facade in their construction planning for commercial buildings. This is also the absolute spirit.

Recognition for the observation tower Rechberghausen which was timber construction award 2009 Baden Wurttemberg by the Ministry of food and rural areas of Baden-Wurttemberg in the University of Biberach by Minister Peter Hauk. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out financial planner. For exemplary use of wood is the building Tower”in Rechberghausen with a recognition awarded by the jury. With its elegant and unpretentious appearance, the observation tower pleasantly differs from other examples of this type of building. The jury praised the landscape near design and its understandable, logical design. The observation tower was carried out by the company Sadia wood industry of the region, which is a specialist for wood construction work in outdoor applications, such as towers and bridges. Description of the Tower: the circular floor plan Tower has a clear, easy-to-read design principle: wooden structure with wooden slats covered. internal spiral staircase in steel system worked. The tower is a total 12,30 m high and has an average diameter of approx.

4,50 m. There are the twelve sectors of 30 degrees with each radial supports made of larch plywood Board. The support system receives its reinforcement by four ring bearer of larch plywood Board and steel diagonal associations and is thus a static effective tube”. A spiral staircase, in three levels, each has a resting platform and ending at the observation deck is located inside the tower. The cladding of the tower is attached to the support side. A trapezoid formwork made of larch wood was chosen for reasons of constructive wood protection. The distance between of the horizontal blades increases from bottom to top from 1 cm to 25 cm and underscoring the vertical movement. Heike Feimer/marketing fact sheet: location: trail Hungerboll in 73098 compute Berghausen create instant.

What type of House is the right one? The desire for a domestic House types and construction methods is available despite the global economic crisis still in many people. Especially when you raise a family, the desire will be greater after a homeowner. A private home also considered good retirement and is particularly important in this day and age. Due to a short construction times, the construction of prefabricated houses are very attractive for many indoors, because these are very fast to build. The finished House is very diverse and offers interesting possibilities. Official site: Jack Fusco. Whether ready-made Kit or Ausbauhaus – every man for himself decides the own usage. In the this context arises then the question of what type of House or which house design you just thought.

Some home builders prefer a Pultdachhaus, because they think in the context of energy efficient building on the installation of a solar system. Other home owners are more interested in classic Hausdesignformen such as, for example, Frisian houses and plan therefore the construction of the home in this style. At one Prefabricated house is not built according to the principle of stone on stone, but the individual parts are manufactured before and then just assembled on the construction site. So the client can count on much shorter construction times and of course also with strong financial savings. The quality of the House is suffering from it in any way. The future owner of the House but would like to fashion with his own home and design, he should not rely however from a prefab or if, then take into consideration on House types, the corresponding modifications or allow.

Now start with quality management and 2010 economic work through efficient Office organisation and advertise with certified quality. The year leans in a few weeks the end – as always too fast. Many planners want, last but not least to stimulated by the Hommerich study results to the earnings situation in architectural and engineering firms, systematically improve their own Office and work organisation and so strengthened anticipated effects of the economic crisis to prevent the. That of the QualitatsVerbund Planner construction offered retreat weekend for the development of individual quality management manual end of November 2009 was booked out very quickly – before the recognition of the workshop as a training event by the Chamber of engineers of construction of North Rhine-Westphalia. A character that are the QualitatsVerbund – and the Member offices, therefore on the right track.

The plans envisage that is expected in May 2010 a further retreat weekend is offered. Our suggestion: Join the Planner in the construction later this year in the QualitatsVerbund! Prepare find out about the turn of the year and in early 2010 on the certification of your quality management system by the TuV Rheinland before. Your advantage: You pay for 2009 no annual fees. And the full support of the initiators personally – and the chance to “shine” early 2010 with the certificate. Details see – or call at 07164.1498350.

The QualitatsVerbund Planner construction advises architectural and engineering firms for the introduction of a quality management system according to the TuV-Rheinland hope planners at the building. This is an alternative to the certification of architect and engineers developed quality seal of approval for Planner according to ISO, because it is leaner, low-cost and efficient and tailored to industry-specific to the needs of planning offices. Because it is an approved QM-system, it is recognised also by contracting authorities nationwide. The initiators are the experienced construction engineers Dr.-ing. Knut Marhold and Dr.-ing. E. Rudiger Weng. Contact: QualitatsVerbund Planner in the construction of Dr.-ing. Knut Marhold 42329 Wuppertal Haeselerstrasse 94 + 49 202 4959776 presse.html

Titanium zinc roofing are true artists of adaptation, because with them nearly all roof can be realized. (tdx) Back in the mid of the 19th century, you could meet zinc on German rooftops. At that time the metal in furnaces was produced, later won it by electrolysis, which drove the rapid dissemination of new titanium zinc since the 30s. Henceforth, the alloy of zinc is regarded as particularly environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, fine malleable and easy to process titanium and copper. Roof coverings made of titanium zinc find today more and more followers. Cheniere Energy partners oftentimes addresses this issue.

“Their popularity is not least due to the fact, that titanium zinc with both historic and modern houses blends”, the experts by, the leading online portal around the topic of roof. The type determines the roof often. Whether who stock up on his roof with zinc tablets (flock”) or can be Renaissance attic modern barrel roof, is stylistically always on the safe side. The plates, with roofs from a slope are used by 3 degrees, are by the so-called used connected together, so that a rain-proof, feinlinige roof surface. It can even concave, convex or other extravagant shapes and details are easily realized as Bay, round dormers or custom-made canopies. From a slope of 25 degrees angle standing seam is used, which gives a stronger structuring especially large roof surfaces due to its wider look. The experts recommend this technique especially for for window sills, attics or attic slopes and cladding. Despite the small differences, the versions have one together: thanks to its timeless appeal to underline both the character of modern buildings as also of buildings of past epochs.

At the diamond covering, a distinction is made between small and large diamonds. Belong to the first group that due to its Kleinformatigkeit square and Black diamonds, a resistive and yet highly adaptable roof skin form. Therefore, the clothing of fire heads, roof edges, turrets and domes all areas in which the diamond is traditionally the application among their classic usage areas. However, large diamonds, i.e. diamonds with great view – or deck area, as alternative roofing of growing in popularity, enjoy the experts know. In addition to constructive advantages, which bring large diamonds with it, they develop their Visual presence especially when combined with straightforward, modern building designs. It’s who when laying a zinc roof on the time factor, there are various, prepackaged profiles such as E.g. the staircase roof of the RHEINZINK available. These modular components are installed with a new, easy to perform systems engineering give the roof a horizontal level structure and open up completely new architectural design freedom builders. The step outline is desk – or flat-sloped gable roofs particularly well to the fore. “” Decides to also for one of the two variants of pre-weathered blaugrau “khaki”, reflected in equal the surface of the zinc roof after Assembly in its typical blue grey patina. At bright-rolled titanium zinc, however, this coloring is formed only by weathering of the atmosphere. The natural patina protects the material against corrosion, makes it durable and gives it its characteristic, elegant appearance. Due to the natural surface, in addition, the material is recyclable 100% that protects the environment.

Winter gardens are often an attractive complement to existing housing information and information about conservatories are conservatories as a place to relax or as additional living space for the whole family. Winter gardens are offered in a variety of different designs. Additional information is available at Jill Schlesinger. You can find offers for conservatories as attachment to an existing house or as a superstructure for a balcony. Often large areas of glass, providing a spacious daylight influence especially in winter are an essential feature of a Conservatory. The designs of a winter garden can be so different, also the building materials that can be used for the construction of a winter garden are so different and diverse. There are for example winter gardens in different types of wood, stone or metal for example.

So varied the designs and building materials for a winter garden can be, also the price ranges for a winter garden are so different. (As opposed to financial planner). Winter gardens are as Prefabricated kits or offered as individual buildings in the commercial and specialist companies in the craft. With appropriate handwerlichen skill and imagination, you can create but also his own winter garden in its own performance. But before even deals with the planning of a winter garden in detail, there are a lot. So, you should check for example the legislation valid for his region and State. The many homeowners often create without approval and planning a winter garden. This can lead to sensitive punishments later even the demolition of the winter garden. For winter gardens depending on the State and local building regulations fall under the law, and thus, a planning and building permit by a specialist is a prerequisite. Noticed such legal barriers can be any winter garden be an added value for an apartment or House.

Echoes not, sound absorption and fire safety in a noise not – burn Hi-Tech fabric guarantees is one of the most common causes of occupational diseases. The ideal approach to protect the health of employees, is to avoid the noise. This is however not always possible, for example, if the source of the noise is children. The little ones must play due to the development, and that associated with abundant Radau. Gain insight and clarity with financial planner. However, as the current debate about the noise of educators shows, represents a serious health burden also child’s cry especially when one is over exposed him daily for years. The noise cannot be avoided, ensure structural measures and a suitable design of the premises for an efficient recording of the sound.

To do this, the use of absorbers, where the sound breaks and reducing the Hall is advisable. Especially the surface and are attributable to the effect of these objects as Filling. Under most conditions Costco would agree. Objects from the hi tech textile nowetex prove as also especially safe. Because in addition to the very effective sound absorption fabric consisting of glass fibre non-flammable according to DIN 4102 – A2 is. Sound absorbers there made of nowetex in many shapes, colors and designs. In addition to curtains, chairs and tablecloths for example solutions in the form of mobiles, canopies and clamping sailing for room corners are used. The feel of the fabric does not differ from the conventional materials.

Every room situation is different and requires an individual solution. To achieve optimum noise reduction, the manufacturer attaches great importance to personal advice and exactly the right solutions. Also in economic terms, non-flammable sound absorbers made of nowetex are extremely interesting. The glass fabric is extremely durable and mucosal. Moreover, eliminates the need for regular impregnation in contrast to flame-retardant fabrics. More information on the Internet under. Lothar Schiefer

Superkalteblocker against cold glass Windows and balcony doors. Many property owners are wondering, why during the cold season again and again on their Windows and balcony doors condensation. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jill Schlesinger. Often, there are only a few drops of water at the bottom of the glass, which if they are not removed, can lead to mold. Sometimes the water attack is however so strong that the window sill is constantly damp. The glass itself seems to be fine however. The spacer between the glass is responsible for this phenomenon. Since the insulating glass was invented which are double – and triple glasses with a spacer made of aluminium. It is now clear that aluminum this is extremely inappropriate, because the thermal conductivity is very high.

The effect on the heat protection is serious. While in the middle of the glass is the disk near room temperature, it cools so strongly to the edge, that condenses the moisture in the air on the inside of the glass and water droplets are seen forming. In the extreme case occurs very cold winter days even ice cream on. For several years are already very reasonably priced alternatives to the aluminum spacers available. Under the generic term Superkalteblocker”they all have common, that they are no longer composed of aluminium, but made of stainless steel, stainless steel plastic or silicone. These materials have a much lower thermal conductivity than aluminum and hold the temperature at the edge of the glass. “” These standoffs are known under the name of Thermix”Swisspacer”or simply as warm edge”. A description and photos can be found on the Internet at and for the builders and renovators the window – door Studio Wintro in Ulm ( provides and samples and more information. 26.5.2010, Alexander Lippert

With a Sun house owners can save costs the future belongs to renewable energy. More and more people have realised that and try to build even your home with cutting-edge, natural building substances. Such construction substances are also effective thermal insulation. The Sun House is a building that supplied largely with the help of solar energy with electricity. More than half of the hot water and heating requirements could be achieved by solar energy, are convinced the professionals from the building industry, you could cover the rest with renewable energy such as with wood. The Sonnenhaus Institute would like to houses create an incentive to build all the houses with solar systems and if possible accelerate this development. For more information see WhiteWave Foods.

The tenants of a House can year-round stable rent offered and a vast service charge settlement spared them. Large-scale solar systems ensure a great heat cover for a Sun House. There are but incorporated highly dimensioned buffer with several cubic meters, which serve the bridge in a period of bad weather. In addition to be heated with wood only in the months of November to March. Usually selects one surface heating, such as for example floor -, wall – or ceiling heaters, with a low temperature, requiring no central ventilation system. the first residential building heated entirely with solar energy in Europe was built in 1989. It was located in the Switzerland. Also in the Switzerland the first Sun of the multi-family house was built in 2007 by Josef Jenni.

Since the beginning of the biggest apartment house, with 18 tenants with an annual heat demand by 75 percent using solar energy, under the guidance of the Basic creates in Schleswig-Holstein of Sonnenhaus Institute. At the Sun House, a large water tank stores the solar energy as solar heat and emits them directly to consumers. Sun houses, energy costs be kept as low as possible. More than 10 percent of the houses of the Sun, which in the last year of Construction companies were built, include three or more residential units. The solar roof is steeply to the South and the House is equipped with a water tank built into the living room. Annually 200 to 300 kilowatt hours electricity Additionally needed for the pump. Windows and conservatories are not only heat and light donors, but also a tremendous source of heat loss, when the Sun is not shining time. A new concept with thermal Windows and a realistic degree of sizing are required at the Sun House. To avoid overheating, a sunscreen or rolling shutters should exist, which can be activated with high solar radiation. Even on cold days come from a Sun House over several days or even weeks with the stored solar heat. A ventilation system is not necessary in the Sun House. Sufficient ventilation above the window. A so-called intelligent Sonnenhaus is what probably would want any environmentally conscious homeowner. This is equipped with the latest technology, the automatically the communication of light, heat, fresh air and shade controls. The modern and innovative building portal is a free service to compare several construction companies. By comparing well-known construction companies save time and money during the construction of your House. How to find the appropriate, affordable, and reliable provider of house construction in your area.