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Specialists advertising online agency 'Voleks' (St. Petersburg) attended the first meeting after the summer holidays the Club Advertisers St. Petersburg on such topical themes as "The Internet as a tool PR-solving tasks. The effectiveness of participation in blogs, forums and social networks "and" Intellectual Property. Rules of the Game: What's new? ". The meeting was held on September 28, 2010 at the Association of Banks of the Northwest. Opened the meeting PR-director of advertising online agency "Voleks" Natalia Buyarov. Under most conditions Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA would agree. In the first part of his speech, she told about the features of Internet-PR and how it can impact on an audience of consumers.

During his speech, Natalia Buyarov revealed the basic tools of PR and online versions of their use: 1. Interaction on the forums 1.1. Sponsorship Category 1.2. On-line consultations 2. Blogging 2.1. Corporate Blog 2.2. Blog Expert 2.3.

Stocks for bloggers 2.4. Announcement activities in the Communities of 2.5. Creating a thematic community so the meeting learned about the mechanisms of the category for a thematic portal, corporate design features branches discuss how way by sponsorship, and what advantages it gives the advertiser. On-line consultations, according to the speaker, can be an effective way of getting feedback. In contrast to a single location information characteristic of the traditional media channels, communication forums suggests rapid communication between the representative and an interested audience. During the opening theme of the report also covered various Aspects of monitoring forums and blogs. In the second part of his speech highlighted the theme of Natalia Buyarov blogging, in particular the creation of blogs on public blogohstingah, thematic online resources, as well as in corporate website. Were considered the advantages and disadvantages of a corporate blog on LiveJournal, and on the website on the corporate website. In view of the relevance and extent of the theme of peculiarities in social networks, it was decided to consider separately the next meeting. Participants in the October meeting of the Club will hear an interesting story to move in such popular social networks such as:, and others continued the meeting head of law firm "Uskov and Partners' Vadim Uskov. Since most of the audience were representatives of banks, the report highlights issues of copyright relevant to your area. For example, given that bank "East Express" protected name contributions "Christmas", "New" and "Holiday," these words in the titles of contributions can now be used only as an oxymoron, for example, "Christmas summer." In Vadim Uskov his speech spoke about the risks of the companies who bought the logo and design of various promotional materials. He paid special attention contracts with advertising agencies (RA). As noted speaker, there are situations in which the company can be held hostage to the customer, "stocks" of Advertising Agencies. To protect yourself advertiser may take such measures of protection, such as: Requiring the copies of contracts with RA performers; Documented evidence of the independent Republic of Armenia in the settlement of claims should they arise; provision in the contract of authors' names and numbers and dates of delivery of the project to the bank. According to the speaker, in agreement should also prescribe the sanctions imposed on the Executive in the event of a breach of any provision of the contract. Press Service of the RIA 'Voleks'

Advertising greatly expand your offer serve advertising to carry a company’s advertising message. The classic advertising media such as newspaper advertisements or radio spots can be used of course, but also freebies are always popular as giveaways. The scope of available advertising is doing almost daily. Could some years ago primarily pen and keychain ordered, the range of advertising media today also on umbrellas, textiles and mobile phone holders and ice scraper has grown. Beth Israel Lung Transplant contributes greatly to this topic. The products are very different price categories, so that probably every company finds advertising suitable for. Each of these advertising material, or the small Notepad, the coffee cup but the umbrella, provide space for the individual advertising message. By the same author: Helen Fry. Often the company logo is printed here, to make this known. This is ideal especially for young companies, because they are little known and can so new customers for your Attract businesses.

Companies are, however, some time in the market, your logo through the use of advertising media in the memories of customers can consolidate further. Finally even big banks and big insurance companies use advertising and giveaways, which are gladly accepted and also used by the customers as before. A giveaway is suitable for everyday use it, the more it is used, and the advertising effect achieved is higher. The costs, which are invested for advertising material may be tax asserted by the company as operating expenses. To do this, it is of course necessary to pick up the Bills for the orders and handing the tax advisor in the preparation of the annual accounts. Gareth Parkin is co-founder of Ideasbynet. Ideasbynet delivers high-quality printed promotional items, promotional products, business gifts, Firmengeschanke and giveaways.

In the age of environmental responsibility of any company (not least, this is already a very important selling point), the way of marketing must be generally covered and modernized in many places. The sending of bulk newspaper inserts is long outdated – the publishers / producers of printing industry clearly – remember this also very clearly and wide buyers / customers is more upset than pleased about the paperwork, the daily mail boxes and Mailboxes “storms”. The “throw-away factor” is probably correctly located today about relative 90:10. What does this number for the marketing budget (item: print advertising)? This is unique and sad at the same time! 90% of the Central talk money bet goes in the trash can! Frightening, alarming and pointless. For more information see this site: Viking Range Corporation. Especially also in ecology and efficiency. No company can at the present time more afford to put 90% of its investment,”CONSCIOUSLY or UNCONSCIOUSLY” in the sand let alone knowing that practically the entire marketing effort in the area of print advertising is an idle. If you are not convinced, visit Beth Israel Lung Transplant. This is no “black paintings” – this is a fact which can be more than to demonstrate with numbers today, in the age of the Internet.

So is this obsolete form of “advertising” still so prevalent? This is a simple question – which once again holding the mirror to us all. We are comfortable, we are inflexible and we are accustomed to do familiar. Moreover, that new media say new avenues such as the Internet, again More investments, more time, more knowledge appropriated and brings “we” have already enough to do with day-to-day operations. How should we deal there with new marketing issues and ways. Don’t worry – companies that this development be sleepy sooner or later have enough time to ask these questions, when they don’t work, say no more customers have – just because they have overslept this development. It is well aware me some statements are as provocative and “angriffig” as the author of this article.

Travel company is well-suited to notice the emergence of new “last minute” tickets. An interesting idea is also sending greetings to customers and partners. And maybe to congratulate them not only with national holidays like New Year, but, for example, on his birthday (date of birth is also often included in an application for a club card). Similar SMS campaign can be organized and employees. Individual attention to any agreeable, so you can take care of their customers or employees and, of course, to improve their relationship. There is also a combined the use of mobile technologies in marketing. For example, using SMS-mailing can notify subscribers about the sweepstakes or contests that are held also by SMS. In this case, the newsletter includes a description of actions and instructions for the party (sending messages with certain text to a specific number that is both expression of consent to participate in the quiz).

Subject quizzes can relate to, for example, the work area company or of its history, allowing you to stimulate the interest of users or employees to your organization. SMS distribution made by a special, very complex software. However, for Customer service is no longer a problem because there are many services that are professionally engaged in SMS-newsletters. All you need – base of phone numbers of your subscribers, some companies provide an opportunity to use your phone subscribers base and the idea of mailing. It remains an important issue – the choice of service, which will be implemented through action. First, despite the overall low cost of SMS-mailings, the prices in different Companies are also different. For large orders, all companies provide significant discounts, but for smaller businesses will be much higher prices.

So you should choose a service where the cost of SMS is low regardless of volumes. In this case, you will be offered various solutions that can help make your service more interesting to the user, and will also contribute to its promotion: SMS-Quizzes, polls, orders via SMS, etc. Additional mobile solutions can be selected for any field of business. So do not assume the use of SMS-SMS advertising and marketing only the prerogative of the companies working directly on the mobile market communications or the Internet. New technologies make it possible to realize almost any idea.