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There is a general cleanness in administration and in the economy. But its pssimo government disliked all having that to renounce seven months later. Goulart assuming the power, got worse the situation still more. Everything this lode to culminate with the military blow of 1964 that it dived the country in one ferrenha dictatorship, only finishing in 1979. The dictatorship brought a series of horrors to the country, but for the culture the worse one of all was the censorship. Thus the periodicals, reviewed, theater, cinema, music e> television had that to pass for a previous censorship before being led to the public.

Exactly thus much good thing appeared. In Brazil the cinema appears new, abandoning the models of Hollywood, it appears the new theater, appear the festivals of TV and with this it appears the famous group of bossa new. What more it was saved of this time it was music. We had the sprouting of the Tropicalismo where the production poetical it was divulged. The first poetical movement also appears: the Concretismo. CONCRETISMO: The Exposition of Art was launched officially Concrete carried through in Museum of Art Contemporary of So Paulo in 1956. The group was formed for Haroldo De Campos, Augustus De Campos Dcio Pignatari that already was formed since 1952. Its works were launched in the magazine created for they themselves call of Noigrandres.

Its creators wanted to produce a literature to the height of society of the time, at which the signs of the technique were valued in critical way. They considered the end of the lyric and intimista poetry, substituted for a conception of poetry established in the concretude of the word, that is in its verbal aspect, sonorous appearance. Visa in such a way, the poetry is changedded into object, that not it represents feelings or emotions, but become gift the reality in itself of the poem.

If in them to attempt against sconsideraes of this paragraph, we will see characteristic there of thought conceptistaque, in my opinion, translates with perfection the human baroque thought. The man of today baroque to how much that one of the past ‘ ‘ polarizadopor contradictory forces and inspired by the dither of the mystery religioso’ ‘ , sedento for the mystery the holy ghost to justify its existence and placing nooposto of ideas and words the formula of its soul: one to be that it lives we dosextremos, that it breathes the good and the evil, that walks between madness and sensatezpara if to carry through and to changed themselves into this being that lives in search of answers. When we take otexto of the Foot. Vieira for this optics, we see that the sermon speaks to this current, full man of doubts and searching orientation divine or, restricting more the field deorientao, religious. I go, however, to try to consider the reason of the Pe.Vieira to use the fish in this metaphor to the attitudes of the men, being led emconsiderao the baroque thought.

I do not go, however, to try to justify the grandemetfora. I will make hypotheses from the baroque knowledge and of experinciade here cabvel world. First, it seems me that to speak to the fish he serves of revolt, if to consider that a man saint has the incumbency to bring ‘ ‘ words deDeus’ ‘ to the lost men. In this manner, Foot. Antonio Vieira discloses to its revoltacom the situation where the men if found and turns the coasts they to parafalar with the fish. As to look at, if to lead in consideration that the fish are the men to who the Priest speak, in send to the situation of the fish/men to them. Where they are the fish, seno dentrod’ water to listen to the message of the representative of God? As well as the fish they nopodem to leave the water total to listen to such message, they emerge of time emquando for ouviz it with more clarity.

"It is useless animal" In his time on earth was a single country, not knowing about the goats. Goats in this country did not deliver, but on hearing they were at all. On goats all said and spoke everywhere. (Copyright – ) The interesting thing was that the lack of information in This area was compensated by fantasies and speculations of scientists, additives and disposal of certain assumptions or rumors. People who are fond of "thought" the existence of goats in this country called "believers". And since study the goats were not the object of study, then not seeing the error of his theories, people imagined themselves to be real experts in . Some thought that the last word in a mysterious area of knowledge about this animal has to "talk".

One morning a lady crossed the borders of this country. A man came not alone – with him was a goat. – This animal – our! – Without the slightest pretensions have . – The goat should be given to us – it is necessary study it! – Said the researchers. – The goat will be eaten by us – it is ours! – They shouted all the others. The owner of a goat on it said: – The animal, which I brought with me – my own and with what you have, it is yours? Kohl much she likes you, you can buy it from me and do with it whatever pleases.

In response, someone in the crowd shouted: – Where we roll, people! How can you sell for money is a rare animal! Thus, found plenty of reasons not to be considered provided pet goat. Fraud, in turn, was found the owner of the animal. The animal was very similar to the assumptions on the goat, but people have come to believe that "it's" certainly "fake." The Man with the goat ", it was decided to give a custody. For all to see the animal was placed on a pedestal, which was to be held after the study of the various extraordinary properties of the goat. The poor animal did not give her food so she podohla from hunger. Death animal evoked in people a confidence and joy that they were not mistaken about the fact that the goat was not present – otherwise she would not die. Do not become the animal useful for people in this country is absolutely in any capacity. In addition to the parables of Leonardo, this site and such: What drinks rather buy a date with a girl.