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For most people the word is synonymous RENTAL income, this is not the only meaning of the word. The information developed here could be useful to individuals and companies who wish to learn some investment and tax implications. In terms of taxes, plus a rent charged, income is all performance, capital gains and losses, regardless of the residence of the payer and, therefore, income taxes are charged on all income generated. For the purpose of collecting the taxes they have been classified into several large groups, which vary according to each country: For work. Included is this category of revenue for salaries, bonuses, long service awards, and unemployment benefits, pensions and receipts in kind. Is calculated by subtracting income deductions for fixed gross salary to performance. Return on their furniture.

They are related to revenue bills, bonds, deposits and liabilities, by the participation of the benefits of certain companies and insurance contracts disability or loss of life when not taxed in the work-related category. P or the various economic activities. They involve all business and professional activities and the sale of shares or participation in investment funds, and rental property. This income is calculated by subtracting operating expenses to gross output. Capital gains and losses.

Wealth produced by varying either gains or profits or losses and the disabled. Included in this group, the sale of buildings, land, forests, etc.. The tax calculation is done by subtracting the special deductions and operational costs to gross output. Revenue sporadic: for rewards, need for life insurance, for sweepstakes. The money received in this manner is highly taxable and the tax is generally calculated by deducting operating expenses and special deductions of up to 50% gross return. There are several fixed-income assets, rather hybrid between income variable and fixed income that can be exploited even make some profits. The most common in today’s market are the constraints, ie the aliquots of a broadcast by a company giving the holder the rights to payment of interest and repayment of principal on the redemption date, bonds, similar to but the medium-term obligations, and letters, which are short term securities in which the investor buys a letter with a nominal value but pay a lower price and receives the face value at maturity of it.