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Under its vibrant and explosive side there is also a country with so much history, heritage and culture. Unbridled, passionate and charming, Spain has lots of character. If you love learning about different cultures, Spain offers both to make you be in love with all parts of the Spanish life. And if this is not extra, there are also Spanish cuisine with all its delicacies. Here are some examples of why you should get to know Spain. Spain is full of beautiful architecture, beautiful landscapes and beautiful coasts. In cities like Barcelona, Granada and San Sebastian in a day you can climb a mountain in the morning, in the afternoon sunbathing on the beach and evening night out. There are many activities for the tourists as for example dancing flamenco to the South, visit the castles in the center of the country and surfing in the North.

Spain offers a multitude of activities and therefore attracts many different types of tourists. Spanish cultural traditions like flamenco and bullfights have much fame by the world. To experience authentic flamenco should go to the caves in the Gypsy quarter of Granada or Seville. The flamenco shows are incredible, with authentic dresses and Gypsy music. Take advantage of the room and dance with the Andalusians. In addition if you want to know more about Spanish culture there to see a bullfight. Secretary of Agriculture shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Bullfights are prohibited in Catalonia, and in other regions argue about the legality of this Spanish tradition. Then go to see a show soon before it is banned elsewhere.

There are so many other Customs to view, for example the fairs in Asturias. Spain has a good wealth of architecture of various styles and eras. The country has a great history and it shows walking down the streets of their cities through the squares and monuments. The cathedrals are a testimony to his religious past, particularly the Cathedral of Toledo. You have to see all the wonderful palaces such as the Royal Palace of Madrid. Summer in Spain is something very special with so many parties and wild beasts across the country. Go to Bunol to see the famous tomatina. This feast is a battle fun by pulling tomatoes all the people on the streets. Another unmissable Festival is the San Fermin, where the bulls run through the streets of pamplona. These are just some of the many holidays that you can exploit during the summer in Spain. To learn more about Spanish culture must buy a flight to one of their wonderful cities. Book a hotel in Barcelona or Madrid to enjoy Spanish life. Miguel Vicente is a writer and like to travel. He writes about the hotels in barcelona. He has found a good hotel in barcelona for your next trip.