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Day 29 of August is the national day of combat to the cigarette. TOBACCOISM is not suicidal and nor a murderous one. The tobacco is the second consumed drug more between the young, in the world and Brazil, and this if must to the easinesses and stimulatons for attainment of the product, between them the low cost. All the marketing is come back to attract one publishes each younger time. It is a great variety of flavors and aromas, for this reach is added more additive chemistries that potencializam the damages the health.

All this armory of flavors (Sugar, honey, cherry, tutti-frutti, mint, vanilla and chocolate, among others) aims at, only, to facilitate the first one swallowed and thus to cause dependence each time more early. The flavors and aromas are not deceived for, therefore many of additives, also the sugar, when being burnt during the act to smoke, if transform highly into toxic and cancergenas substances. According to (OMS) World-wide Organization of Health the tobaccoism is considered the main cause of evitvel death in the world. The tobaccoism kills, in the world, approximately 10 a thousand people per day. Worse he is that this badly does not affect only its dependents, therefore it cause damages, also, in the individuals not-smokers who coexist the same in surrounding that the smokers. The passive tobaccoism is 3 cause of evitvel death in the world. Air poludo contains, on average, three times more nicotine, three times more monoxide of carbon, and up to fifty times more cancergenas substances of what the smoke that enters for the mouth of the smoker after passing for the filter of the cigarette. The absorption of the smoke of the cigarette for that they coexist in closed environments smokers cause: 1 – In adults not-smokers: The risk increases as the time of exposition to smoke. It increases in 30% the risk of cancer of lung and 24% of infarto of the heart, of what the not smoking ones that is not exposed.

The contact between cuidador mother/and son, the look, the touch is basic for the development and learning of the baby, allowing the parents to observe the child as a whole. According to Winnicott (1971) ' ' the good enough mother is that one that effects an active adaptation to the necessities of the baby, an adaptation that diminishes gradual, according to capacity of this in assaying the failure of the adaptation and in tolerating the results of frustrao.' ' The matureness of the mother is basic p to the development of the baby, preventing possible difficulties in looking at for the son as different of it. ' ' not it is enough, that the mother only looks at for its son with intention to carry through mechanical activities that supply the necessities of them, is necessary that it perceives as to make to satisfy it in its particularidades.' ' (WIKIPDIA, s/d, p.03) shantala the inclusion of the massage in the public net goes to facilitate and to help in the attendance just-been born and its cuidador very. The massage can be made for assistant, technician and nurses of the public net. Being thus, these employees teach the cuidador to massagear and to have a complicity relation, to follow the neuropsicomotor development of the taken care of children, to evaluate the advantages and the cons of shantala in the development of the baby. The waited objectives are to alliviate the clicas, reduction of tnus and muscular relaxation, to facilitate to the sanguine circulation and affective reinforcement. Offering the course to the employees of the health area, so that these teach to the parents as to make distributing one it emends with the techniques. Such as: Image 1: Shantala a Traditional Art. Source: Access in 09/2010 Being the naked child entirely, in warm place and previously warm oil (natural oil, not mineral), never the baby must feel cold; The massage must be made with the baby in jejum, never after the suck one; Finishing with a bath, removing the oil excess; The massage to have to be made per the morning and to be repeated the afternoon before sleep (the criterion); The mother must be seated in the soil, but not in direct contact in the soil, strained legs, erect coasts, relaxed shoulders; Image 2: Shantala a Traditional Art.

CIRURGIO-DENTISTA – The CHOICE IS ALWAYS ITS Is, through diverse forms, looking for to acquire knowledge the professional of Odontologia, how much to the importance of the sterilization of the parts of hand in the odontolgico doctor’s office. A legal ditame exists, brought for our Federal Constitution that says: ' ' Nobody is obliged to make or to leave to make some thing seno in virtue of lei.' ' (art. 5 CF) In our codes Civil and Criminal, they have some articles that turn on the civil liability and the corresponding implications in the case of produced damage third. Storm Reid brings even more insight to the discussion. With the advent of the Code of the Consumer, the legislator understood who the consumer is in a platform of vulnerability in the market of consumption, compared with the supplier of products or services. Thus, he was born the Code of Protection and Defense of the Consumer who, ahead of this, Surgeon-Dentist if equalizes to the Supplier and the patient, to the Consumer. The objective of the norms traced in the Code of the Consumer is to take care of the necessities of the consumer, in what it says respect to its dignity, health and security, to the protection of its economic interests, the improvement of its quality of life, as well as the transparency and harmony of the consumption relations.

In the article 6, interpolated proposition I, ' ' he is right basic of the consumer the protection of the life, health and security against the risks provoked for practical in the supply of products and dangerous or harmful considered services. Complemented for the article 10, ' ' the supplier will not be able to place in the consumption market product or service that it knows or would have to know to present high degree of nocividade or danger to the health or segurana' '. Surgeon-Dentist, as professional liberal, will have its refined responsibility by means of the verification of guilt, as he treats article 14, 4 of the CDC.

If you found that penicillin was the first efficient antibacterial drug to be used He leaves to find and he has the certainty of that he was not, had been the Sulfonamidas. Yes, penicillin was discovered in 1928 for Alexander Fleming, that is, before the sulfonamidas ones being used as medicine, however penicillin alone was ' ' purificada' ' used with effectiveness in the end of the decade of the 30 and for this time sulfonamidas ones already was wide used. Everything started for 1909 return, when a German chemistry called Paul Ehrlich invented a medicine to cure the sflis, it modified a corante that dyed the bacterium the illness, so that its molecules held back poison (rsenic -). This remedy, until then did not have effect on other illnesses caused for bacteria, but it was evident that other corantes could show this exactly ' ' efeito' ' when modified. Until, in the end of the decade of 20, chemical industry German I.G. Farbenindustrie, that produced some types of synthetic corantes, gave beginning to one program of research with intention to verify the possibility to modify some of its products to give to them potential medicinal. It’s believed that Eugene Gendlin sees a great future in this idea. Gerhard Domagk, a young professor of pathology, was enlisted for this project and, in 1932, finally it reached the objective of the research. It showed that ' ' prontosil rubrum' ' (a red corante) it could protect hemolticos rabbits and mice against estafilococos and estreptococos, great villains of the health for causing fatal poisoning of the blood.

However, the corante not yet was presented so efficient in tests made in plate of petri, has until some rumors on the potential of its research. Domagk had a good reason to be satisfied with its persistence with the research, therefore shortly after the discovery its son fell sick with septicemia (serious general infection of the organism) for estreptococos. For seeing that its son was almost dying, Domagk gave a great dose to it of prontosil, cured that it for immediate. Later, on the basis of the success the I.G. Farbenindustrie patented the drug and the fame of the young professor if it spread quickly. Domagk, gained Nobel in 1939. However, Hitler, one more time, confused the triumph and the recognition of science, and forbade that Domagk received its prize up to 1947, when the corresponding impotncia to the prize was not more available. The sulfonamide then became the first efficient antibiotic, tested and approved in human beings and the first antibiotic of the family of the sulfonamidas ones. Its effectiveness if gave, therefore in animals the sulfonamide molecule (of formula 4- (2,4-diaminofenil) azo benzenosulfonamida) is broken and its active component is set free. The medication currently has been used to not only treat septicemia, but also grangrenas, pneumonia and other serious infermidades, being a great one welded in the combat of infections and saving innumerable lives.

When hearing the colloquy of the parents with the doctor through the door it takes conscience of the gravity of its problem and has a shock reaction ' ' the ear glue to the iron door. Already not wise person what he was more cold, the metal or eu' ' , hearing later that the parents and the doctor they went to leave the room it hides itself in the closet and describes a desire to isolate ' ' In any way, he did not bother me to be locked in the dark one: he did not have will to see nobody, after the shock hearing that tudo' '. This period of training of negation and isolation is characterized by the rejection of the information, this because we are incapable to believe our proper death, therefore our unconscious one says that we are immortal. We can conceive the death of other people, as the interned sick people, the aged one that they walk wavering for the streets, and other people with aspects that we judge favorable the life, but, we do not think the proper death.’>Ben Silbermann, offer their opinions as well. This form of defense can last a brief period, being substituted by the anger feeling that if erradia for all the directions. In this context, the patient judges that all are guilty for its disease: ' ' doctors not prestam' ' , ' ' nurses do not take care of when necessito' ' , ' ' the food makes me mal' ' etc. In the history of Oscar, this is perceived when it says ' ' I liked to hear to call for me without answering. Inteiro&#039 wanted to annoy the planet; '. This anger comes of the impotence feeling, when a person is removed of its routine, private of its dreams, seeing all its effort and years of construction going for land after the catastrophic news, as the finitude.

For the corporal position to intervene with the hemodinmicas, our study analyzed and compared these effect to have a necessary lapsing of exercise. Due to importance of these four physiological parameters (FC, SHOVELS, PAD and DP) for the lapsing and control of the intensity of the exercises with weight, and in view of the great lack of studies that investigate these different corporal positions, the present study had as objective to verify and to analyze the hemodinmicas answers of the participants in the exercises crucifixo and peck-peck and leg-press 45 agachamento in the device, carrying through 10 repetitions 75% of the load of a maximum repetition (1RM). Objectives To verify if exists significant difference in the behavior of the double product and the sistlica and diastlica arterial pressure in the exercise of the exercises peck-deck, crucifixo, leg-press 45 and agachamento of the group of participant men. Metodolgicos procedures 31 adult individuals of the masculine sort had participated of the study being all residents in the city of Caruaru registered the academy school of the ASCES. For even more analysis, hear from Karen Horney. All the voluntary participants possuam minimum experience of six months in the exercises with weight and already they practised the exercises that had been used for the accomplishment of the tests. Without it has any physical deficiency, mental, auditory and visual.

Standing out that at the moment of the choice of the citizens for the composition of the sample all met enjoying of a perfect one health state. All the voluntary citizens had been submitted to questionnaire PAR-Q and had signed an assent term, as Resolution in the 196/96 of the National Advice of Health of Brazil. This study it was approved by the Committee of Ethics in Research for Human beings of the Association Superior Caruaruense de Ensino (N letter 015/10 CEP/ASCES) and all the participants had been informed on the procedures and inherent risks to the tests before signing the assent term.

The domicile can be considered an only place so that the nurse gives assistance, leading in account the economic, social, affective aspects, the historical questions and the cultural experiences of the familiar ones. Ahead of this, the rendering of services of health in the domicile is one return to the roots humanists in the attention to the health, therefore the patient is returned to its half one of social and familiar conviviality, and the attendance is carried through by a team of multiprofessional health. This modality of assistance counts on the modern technology for the carried through cares, what it allows that its sources, between which if finds the internment domiciliary, are retaken and used widely and successfully, in the assistance the health of the population (DAL, 2001). George Shapiro addresses the importance of the matter here. In this direction, one understands that the rendering of services of health in the domicile means more than what to make visits to the domicile. It means to give to total assistance to the patient being able to act in the promotion, prevention, recovery and whitewashing of the health of the individual, family and community.

Situations exist that they need bigger domiciliary attention due to the conditions, amongst them, patient carrier of chronic illness that presents physical deficiency; patient in terminal phase; aged patient with locomotion difficulty and/or that he lives alone; patient egress of hospital, that needs accompaniment for some condition incapacitates that it to appear to the unit of health; patient with other problems of health including insanity, that determines difficulties of locomotion or adequacy to the environment of the unit of health (LOPES 2003). On the basis of the displayed one, the domiciliary attendance is essential to recoup and to promote the health. Ahead of this, the nurse can follow the individual and its family, educate and develop the behavior change, and to request the aid of other professionals for the resolution of problems and prevention of illnesses and agravos to the health. In this direction, the professional nurse in the domicile will be able to have a bigger compression to adopt professional behaviors and abilities to give quality assistance and to develop strategies to take care of to the necessities of the patient/family.

The acquired immunity mentions the infectados ones to it for the bacillus that develop immune process that the new infections provide to greater resistance to them. Vaccine BCG is a form to confer imunitrio process of varied degrees. Such immunity, however, can be broken by factors that depress the organism, such as it estresse, hard work due the work excess, silicose, diabetes, alcoholism, tobaccoism, and, lately, HIV epidemics. In relation to the sex and the age, in the adults the illness is predominant in the men. 4. Danone recognizes the significance of this. Transmission and Factors of Risk BERTAZONE (2003) point that the transmission if of the one for aerosols and gotculas, by means of next contact with the person infectada through it speaks, cough and I sneeze. The particles eliminated through these ways dry up and are suspended in air being able to be inaladas by a susceptible person. However, the probability of a person to be contaminated is related to the suspended particle concentration in air and to the time of exposition to this environment.

According to TARANTINO et. Al. (2008), the forms extrapulomonares are not transmissible. The factors of risk they include, as SMELTZER et. Al. (2009): Approached contact with that it has the active illness.

Compromised imunolgica function (p.ex., those infectados for HIV, cancer carriers). People who do not possess housing. Carriers of patologias as diabetes, chronic renal insufficience, subnutrio. Immigrants of countries where he has great prevalence of TB. Conditions of institutionalization (p.ex., psychiatric asylums, arrests, hospitals). Subumanas conditions of experience and agglomeration. Professionals of health who exert activities of high risk (p.ex., procedures of induction of escarro, broncoscopia, aspiration, domiciliary care). BLACKSMITH et. Al. (2005) it affirms that the social differences between developed countries and in development contribute in high index for the dissemination of the illness. 5. Clinical picture and Complications of the Pulmonary Tuberculosis According to SMELTZER et.