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The data suggests that in fact we are not satisfied with the first option we offer. 20% of users buy the first click. There are several reasons for this: 1. They know the web, inspires confidence and does not need to surf more. 2. Do not have time, have to buy at the first site that offers availability, the need to purchase is greater than the ability to compare.

3. Buy direct from airlines, hotels, car hire, are frequent travelers and prefer this option. But there is still 80% of users who do not buy his journeying. These users browse, search, compare, and re-start. The majority are Internet experts who know they can find better deals than they first appear. Visit the website of the agency online, then visit the website of the airline, re-enter for an ad that promises a bargain price .. end among such search has trained about 10 days.

The purchase decision also depends on the product: it is not the same as buying a flight to London that hotel room in London. The choice of flight is marked by the price and schedule, however the choice of the hotel come into play more subjective factors. They are important location, value for money and then room type, services included in the price such as breakfast, etc. Choose the hotel for the getaway, vacation, weekend or for the meeting is definitely more complicated. In this election personal tastes are very important. For a meeting the user probably will want to be sure to have wifi, near the meeting area and offices, or failing that is well connected. In addition, for this type of travel is also significant that the hotel has a gym, you have the possibility to check in early, have international press. For a weekend, however the location and appearance of the rooms are essential. For this type of detail the choice of hotel can carry about 10 days. In these cases it is advisable to enter a price comparison flights, hotels, flight + hotel, car rental. Instead of navigating through the entire network by comparing our own, the comparator gives the job done. The comparator keeps track of all the travel sites and offers all the fares available in less than 1 minute.