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But never seen any real income, nor speed, nor the cost. And banks will only accept a clean profits. Therefore, before turning to the bank, think about how you will confirm your income. Income from lease of property. Typically, such income includes rental property, but may be any technique. Let us until the real estate. In order for such income into account, it is necessary that the property was in your possession or in the long-term lease (but this is a big minus). Your relationship with the tenant must be documented, ie, agreements have been signed, it is desirable that they have been registered in the judiciary.

Better if the payments for the lease held by the bank, ie transferred to the account, as well as you to confirm payment taxes from this type of income. Also, the bank will likely be asked to confirm that the rent you rent the room for over a specified period (1-2 years). Ie the fact that this source of income you have been in existence for quite a long time. Of course, not all banks impose such stringent requirements, but a written contract and a record of payment on the reverse side of the contract likely will not accept any bank. I also want to Note that if this source of income is the primary, ie more than 50% of total family income, the bank will also apply reduction factor. This amendment is made to the various fluctuations in the price of rent in the market.