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Many people suffer from fatigue and tiredness, sometimes caused by the stress generated by the concerns of everyday both work and personal life. The best advice to avoid feeling so exhausted is increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables and reduce consumption of stimulant products. The response to the physical and mental fatigue is related to the daily diet. The body needs energy. The blood sugar begins to descend after 4 or 5 hours after eating. Here we will mention a list of foods that are recommended to improve the fatigue and other food not recommended in people with fatigue. Foods recommended to combat fatigue: dairy products: skim milk, low-fat yogurt equally low in fat cheeses.

These are foods that will help you with the intake of calcium. 60 Percent of the needed calcium must come from dairy products since their calcium is better absorbed by the body. Take at least three times a day, a portion of these foods. Carbohydrates: cereals integrals, wheat germ (immune support), pasta, legumes, bread (if it is black, better), brown rice. These are digested quickly and also provide constant energy and maintain it for a long time. Meat, fish or eggs: priority given to meat with high content of iron (lean beef).

Fish is rich in vitamin and selenium. Fruits: every day. Give priority to oranges, clementines (Tangerine), pineapple, pomelo (grapefruit), grapes and kiwis, these are important for its content at antioxidant vitamins. Also fruits with high-energy as banana, banana, etc. Take orange juice at breakfast, remember that vitamin C helps iron absorption. Vegetables: cooked or raw at every meal. Vegetables are rich in vitamin C and folic acid. Try to give priority to the pepper and cauliflower. Broccoli is one of the foods richest in vitamin C. magnesium-rich foods: spinach, sunflower kernels, lentils, peas Parties, Sesame, walnuts, hazelnuts, cocoa almonds: the energizing cacaoes and also prevents depression.

Honey: It relaxes the nervous system. Pollen: protector of the immune system. Grains of Sesame, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts (peanuts): these provide carbohydrates, vitamins E, B, unsaturated fatty acids and proteins. Honey: It relaxes the nervous system. Pollen: protector of the immune system. There are three nutrients that help with energy input needed to be in shape all day: vitamin C, calcium and iron foods not recommended Alcohol caffeine (coffee, tea, soda) energizing drinks junk food general recommendations: try to sleep well (daily 8 h) perform any physical activity regularly avoid have disordered eating habits (skip meals, eat at any timesnack between meals) eat every 3 hours, accustomed to eating small portions and you can thus maintain a more or less constant level of blood sugar. Maintain constant power prevents fatigue, because does not lower your blood glucose (blood sugar).