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Because when the temperatures rise, the load for refrigeration rises within data centers and server rooms. After a failure they must act quickly and effectively in large and complex projects.” When in the summer the cooling system fails, it can be hot not only unpleasant but also unpleasantly expensive expensive consequences. Because already short term losses caused by overheated computer can lead to data loss and thus to considerable economic damage. Therefore, any company on such emergency situations should be prepared. Resulting deficits can be compensated not by hand you should rent air conditioning, to ensure the security of the computer. The special cooling systems by carrier rental systems very accurately regulate temperatures in data centers. It is whether it comes in the short term to elevated temperatures or the performance of existing refrigeration equipment is not sufficient. The Marler company able to prevent failures due to overheated computer is so and to absorb peak loads in case of emergency.

Company portrait: Carrier rental systems operates worldwide in the field of mobile rental installations in the refrigeration and air conditioning and is within Germany of one of the market leaders. The company serves a variety of customers from various sectors and industries. The range of rental solutions in refrigeration and air conditioning technology consist of a comprehensive service package that includes a complete draft in advance of the installation as the specification of the equipment. Carrier rental systems is a core part of the carrier group, an company of United Technologies (UTC). Contact: Carrier rental systems Germany GmbH Dummerweg 202 45772 marl Tel.: +49(0)2365-606 96-50 fax: +49(0)2365-606 96-66