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By Giselle Rodriguez Los Cayos de Villa Clara, they provide excellent lodging options, where hotel establishments are equipped with proper amenities and a wide range of services, amenities and facilities. In its design and construction criteria of environmental sustainability continued to not affect the environment, main attraction of the target, so are integrated harmoniously into the landscape. Then, what are the accommodation options? Royal Hideway Ensenachos is an amazing resort with category 5 stars luxury and unique hotel located in Cayo Ensenachos, which gives a stamp of exclusivity. Enjoys a strip of 2.6 km of fine sand and clear waters which are distributed among Ensenachos and the Megano beaches. It is the second Resort all inclusive of unlimited luxury Western hotels operating in the world.

It has a successful design and refined style, with the use of 48000 m 2 of marble, within a pleasant environment of natural vegetation and gardens. It is a complex consisting of a main building and three products differentiated: Royal Hideway, Royal Spa and Royal Villas. It is an ideal shelter for honeymoons, weddings, incentive trips and business meetings. Designed for guests from 14 years of age. On the other hand we have to Melia Cayo Santa Maria, a successful combination of luxury and simplicity, especially renowned for its spacious and generous vegetation. East all included 5 star hotel operates only for adults and it is highly recommended for couples. Its architectural design takes up the most unique elements of remedies, one of the first villages founded in Cuba at the beginning of the 16th century and famous for its traditional partying. Its architecture reproduces other elements of its keys, because your Jazz Bar, accent sailor, recreates the interior of the ship San Pascual, also known as pontoon, authentic relic of the naval engineering, stranded since 1933 to a mile in the nearby Cayo Frances.

6 Th students will visit the local airport to check their level of integration of skilled workers content. To do this, there may be a game of treasure hunt where every pupil and student have to solve a series of tests using the English language. 7 The students will perform a small individual test using Moodle to check the actual level of acquisition of skilled workers content. 8 Th students will review the initial questionnaire to self-assess their progress and establish a dialogue among all the class to talk about the changes in their perceptions and powers which, after the didactic experience, they do towards learning the foreign language. Language to develop student skills: * implement Metacognitive self-assessment and evaluation strategies to learn from mistakes. Use cognitive strategies such as taking notes, organization of ideas and the autonomous practice of the skill. To acquire strategies affective as relaxation and concentration on the task.

* Practice social strategies such as interaction with English people to organize, evaluate and practice development in the use of different skills. It is important to note that this type of methodology requires a high level of preparation by the teacher, so do not be discouraged if the first experiments that are conducted with the students aren’t as planned. The path of Constructivism is made like everything, working continuously and collaborative, relying both on our own experience and observations that both students and fellow teachers make us.