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This form must, in turn, exchanged at the Veterinary Service at any internal customs (airport and the city of a lot, and at the border can not be blank or something else, and can begin to send pay slips to the bank, and the nearest bank may be far away It is better to do it advance) to the international wet. certificate (about 10 hryvnia). There will also be a plus if you print Evrospravku (on the Internet have a link), fill in and ask your veterinarian endorse it. May be asked in Austria. Also Some countries require the date of treatment for parasites (fleas, ticks, worms) – such as Finland. To enter there you must also fill out a form, which offers them the Ministry of Agriculture. Fibi04 I am my cat a month ago Germany brought.

Did just as Elena wrote A lot of money and hassle spent (or rather my parents because they were engaged in these issues). Well, nobody at customs in the side of my Phoebe and looked! As if it was not! A guy who's on Nearest sitting, said that he had a dozen cats in Germany from Ukraine brought and no one ever asked and did not check. From customs all depends. Watching where the border. Marmusha And you went by bus or car? Many times I heard stories about how people are cats transported in a bus without any documents. Plane of course did not happen. Fibi04 I rode the bus because worried that the flight for my favorite would be a huge stress.

The Acropolis of Athens is a place where one can not visit, being Afinah.Posetit Acropolis can be as a tour, or independently, only need to consider a visit. As one of the highest points in Athens Acropolis deprived of every shelter from the sun and in summer months it is best to visit the Acropolis or the early morning or late vecherom.Ulitsy around the Acropolis are a pedestrian zone with lots of restaurants and cafe, so Climbing to the Acropolis, not difficult since in any of these places you can relax over a cup of good kofe.Vhodom the Acropolis are famous propylene (the term propylene in the ancient Greek language meant the entrance to the Temple), which were built in the 5 th century bc architect Mnisiklom. On the left side of propylene in antiquity was Pinakothek, which exhibited paintings by famous artists, and the right side is a small and graceful temple Nike, which was erected to commemorate the victory of Greece over Persiey.Glavnym structure of the Acropolis is the Parthenon (Temple of Athena Parfen), which, like other structure was built strategist, Pericles as a symbol of power Afin.Arhitektorami Parthenon were Iktin and Kalekratis, but work was performed under the supervision of the great Phidias, who was responsible for the overall 'decoration' .Samym sacred temple of ancient Athens was considered Erechtheion – Temple dedicated to several gods, and the first kings Afin.Na place Erechtheion occurred the famous dispute between Poseidon and Athena for the right to possession of the city. The gods offered the Athenians different gifts. Poseidon source of water, and Athena olive tree. The Athenians chose the olive, but not to offend Poseidon temple dedicated to him a part of Erechtheion. Another part is devoted to , one of the first kings Afin.Na the southern slope of the Acropolis is a few theaters.

Theatre Herod of Attica was built in 161, and is a fine example of Roman architecture in Athens. He is in good condition and serves as a venue for summer theater festivaley.Teatr Dionysus – the birthplace world theater. It is in the Theater of Dionysus to apply the first tragedies and comedies of Sophocles, Aeschylus and Aristogana. The current theater made its appearance after the reconstruction of the Romans in the second century ad. Its decoration are friezes with scenes from the life of legend Dionisa.Akropol open from 8 am to 6:30 pm. The entrance ticket costs 12 euros, but on this ticket, you can also visit the Agora and the Temple of Zeus.

From the series: 'Notebook traveler to the Czech Republic dedicated. " A detailed explanation for the continued publication "Short-term tourist accommodation in the Czech Republic" Much time has passed since I wrote and posted on the Internet and on site of the first version of an analytical article on short-term tourist accommodation in the Czech Republic. Since this article was not one time correction and, of course, changes were made for each type of accommodation, especially, As for the cost of accommodation. People write to be interested are asked to clarify some issues that prompted me to collect their explanations for each type of accommodation in a single text and, by doing some part-to explanation in the form of continuation, called "How to choose a short-term accommodation in the Czech Republic and what to expect from their choice." Here's what happened. Hotels in Czech Republic, and specifically in Prague can be divided without regard to stardom, divided into three categories: 1. Expensive. These hotels are expensive for several reasons. The first reason is the name of the hotel, or rather his reputation.

Second, and perhaps the main reason – location. The closer to the center – the more expensive and the third reason – its atmosphere, more interior, while many hoteliers suffer near-sightedness, they forgot that the interior should be kept in good condition. That sometimes turns out that the price of hotel rooms exceeds the limit, and on Maintaining interior without spending a crown for many years and the hotel withers, is in decline, and now the glittering past splendor, this hotel is only visible in the eyes of its owner.

Travel abroad – an integral part of life in any modern humans. Travel can be both entertaining and working. A well-planned trip abroad usually gives a lot of bright emotions and memories, but there are bad situations. It happens that you can steal the most that neither is important to travel abroad – cash and key documents. What to do in this case? Where to go and who can help? If this happened in an entertaining trip, you can assume that just got lucky, because with this surprise you are unlikely to be left alone. All questions will seek a firm that organizes your vacation. If you prefer to travel alone, or reside abroad to plan a business meeting, not to get upset. You should go to the consulate of your native state in the country where you are now.

Almost any European country, there are embassies of these states, former members of the cis, Belarus, Ukraine, etc. Well, you to have their exact address and phone number in advance. This requires thinking out the most overseas trip. You will definitely be easier to work on the restoration of the required documents, if you flew abroad for a long period and managed to register with the department. Thus, when the purpose of your trip – work abroad, we strongly encourage you to register upon arrival. And do not try to get a job illegally. Trafficking in human beings – this is one of the most recent negative trends in our society.

In the most common situation when you contact the embassy, where you'll be told what to do and where to run, need to bring any additional papers. If you carry on the trip had only a passport, likely to require evidence a person who can verify your persona. Then you get a certain dock, which will give you the right to leave the host country. Go somewhere else with this document you do not able, but to get to the house, where to solve the problem with stolen papers easier – is quite real. In the course of organizing the event and it is worth reflecting on the precarious situation where you suddenly run out of funds to existence. You will be able to protect his person from a lot of problems if you take with a credit card or, for example, record a separate phone numbers of parents and friends. Because the consulate you can help are minimized. For example, give a little money on the photo for replacing a passport or suggest how best to transfer money from their parents. Count will most likely only on yourself. Therefore, to start planning a trip is with great responsibility.

2. Rixos Tekirova 5 * hotel participates in the top 100 Best Hotels of the World for 2008. The hotel was founded in 1990, is located directly beside the village of Tekirova, 70 km from the airport. On the vast territory of the hotel, turned into a garden, put two buildings with 503 rooms, me and 96 villas. Category rooms – standard, superior and suites. The hotel has one main restaurant for 1000 people, six restaurants and a la carte, four bars, six conference rooms, two swimming pools – indoor and outdoor swimming, water park with 4 slides. Upscale hotel staff speaks German, Russian and English.

Also at the hotel the guests massages, various, including water, sports, diving center. For tourists with children a full range of high quality services. Dining at the hotel via the 'ol ultra inclusive. The hotel, standing on the first line to your own pebble-sand beach about 700 meters long. 3.

Rixos Hotel Bodrum & Premium Villas 5 * hotel is located 25 kilometers from the airport and 10 from the town of Bodrum. Built the hotel – in 2003, the date of restoration – 2008. On a very green area hotel is located the main building and 9 separate villas and 29 two-storey cottages. The hotel is a full range of categories of rooms: from standard to suites and royal and VIP-villas. There is also a specially equipped rooms for disabled guests. Half of all the rooms have sea views. The hotel own sand and pebble beach, as well as an artificial island off the coast with 10 piers with tents.