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Various types of coloring. There are four main types of coloring: Using foil, neon coloring, "torn," the selection of individual strands and strands of blackout. Dye your hair yourself or go to a beauty salon? Over the past few years for home dyeing kits are much improved. They ideal for business women who find it difficult to find a spare moment in a tight work schedule, and those who can not afford services of a professional stylist (by the way, some editors of glossy magazines hair color yourself at home!). Secrets of hair coloring at home: before application of paints a hairline rub petroleum jelly – it protects your hair perfectly.

And it's very easy to remove – for this you need only apply a small amount on top of cream cleanser and wipe with a cotton swab. With hair color do not forget to wear gloves and throw on the shoulders of an old towel to avoid staining clothing. Thoroughly flush eyes with contact with the paint. If you do not use petroleum jelly, and now do not know how to get rid of the nasty spots on your skin, wipe the skin with a swab dipped in the tonic. Do not like the resulting color? Do not be afraid to go to a beauty salon and frank talk with the stylist. There are many ways to fix a failed painting.

If you dyed your hair a natural color in the home, you'll have some time to enjoy restorative shampoo for weakened hair to get rid of the rather unfortunate shade. Care for colored hair. To freshen the familiar color, you can use koloriruyuschego shampoo and conditioner (once a week). In this case, the hair remains tiny particles of color pigments. Touching up the roots. On average, the roots of the hair grow back within 6 – 8 weeks after coloring. Once coloring hair, you have to constantly touch up the roots of the hair itself or in the cabin beauty. Kits for coloring hair (eg, Clairol Nice and Easy Root Touch Ups) can be purchased at the store. Be sure to check the color of the paint before applying it to the hair. When coloring, you can ask a stylist beauty not handle all the hair, and only a few strands in front or behind. Warning: when coloring with foil to pinpoint exactly which strand you wish to paint. Moreover, in this case, the roots-growth paint is almost impossible, so pay attention to other, more convenient care, coloring techniques.