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discrepancy, it could cause him to distrust and even rejection. That's why it's important to pay attention to accessories. This time we talk about the diary. I'm sure many will think that in an age of advanced electronic technologies such thing as a diary is already obsolete. However, it is not: modern technology such as electronic notebooks, often fail at the most inopportune time, important information is lost, and in reputation suffers as a result of business. Helen Fry often addresses the matter in his writings.

In contrast, diaries never bring their respective owners. In them there is no battery that can sit down or fragile display, which can easily shatter if dropped. Diary embodies the stability and reliability, and these qualities are highly valued among business lyudey.Istoriya first appearance diaries diaries have appeared in Russia during the reign of Catherine II, who recorded Current and future works are in the so-called tsiduly and instructed to do the same to his subjects. These records helped her correctly allocate your time and do not forget about the plans, meetings and projects. Today Diaries become an essential attribute of the business cheloveka.Raznovidnosti diaries now in stores you can find the agendas of any color, for different purposes and formats. Appointment issued dated (With already filled in the dates in the indoor unit), and undated, which affix the date of the owner.

Last more suitable for teachers and students whose work year is not starting from January and September. Appointment can be any size, from handhelds to high. Gain insight and clarity with Darcy Stacom. The most popular is A5 and A6, you can find at least A4 size. In addition to notebooks, to record important information, appointments and events used diaries, logs, and organizers. Logs is convenient because it allows you to view things at once in a week. Thus, it eliminates the need to find the information you need on the pages of diary or stacks of papers, allowing you to easily navigate the upcoming events.

And this position is necessary to attach great importance. However, the main purpose of corporate activities – the unity of the team, building a business cooperation and development corporate culture should not be to the detriment of a generous table. Otherwise, it appears as a well-known anecdote – "goal-then we scored, but Stasik drowned." The event is something we have conducted, and the output, except for drunken and lazy employees, not published The next day at work, received nothing. Solution: regardless of budget measures, the minimum ratio of costs, as experience shows – it's two to one. Two-thirds of the budget expenditures are directed to the site and therefore write the script yourself. Who knows better how to organize an event – the manager, who works in the company and knows the ins and outs of its representative or agency that has experience in hundreds of similar events, but not universal model, we must remember that, not being familiar with the nature and internal currents of your company, it does not always offer the best ideas for solving your specific problems. Solution: Creative concept – foundation of the success of your corporate event.

Go to this issue as responsible. Get a scenario from the agency conceptual "fish" and, together with the writers Agency embed it in the tools may work great step forward? And what will they say? And how would? But are we ready for this? We understand that risk and accept the new complex. We have an argument in favor of new solutions – today the public is spoiled with standard or indifference and a desire to block. We offer new, creative solutions. They are difficult to accept, but they work, because destroy the psychological stereotypes of perception. Solution: The risk must be aware, understand and maximum protection. If you are willing to accept non-standard format for your corporate event, coordinate with the agency and all the nuances of the tools proposed ideas.